Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 5 begins!

I have not been writing a daily post because you would be bored out of your mind! I am sparing you the details but I am keeping a daily journal for me. This is keeping me focused on the goal or at least that is what I tell myself.

Week 5 began on Sunday! Yes I am still excited and now a little nervous on what this all will look like. Can you say tough! Three sports one right after the other! Oh what have I gotten myself into? John says to me last night "thanks for getting me involved in this" I had to laugh and I replied simply "don't thank me yet"!

Last week John and I sucked at following the schedule for workouts. It being the week of Christmas and us being the procrastinator's that we are, there was little time for workouts. So this week I feel like we are going to have to play catch-up. I have several weeks before my first indoor tri but John only has till Jan 11th.

Staying on the program is key and I know that. I learned this week why they say swimming is all about practice. I didn't swim at all last week and on Sunday I felt like I was learning it for the first time. However, our little group of "Chicken of the Sea" are coming along quite well. You should see the progress we have made. Pam especially is showing us all up in the water. She might need to work with me! It is amazing to see people go from not knowing anything about swimming to finally making it down to the end. Now we just have to make it back to the other end.

Last night on our schedule was 45-60 min of cycle or cycle class plus a 15-20 min walk/run. At first I thought no problem, then I got started and was saying no way! That makes your legs very tired! But it was done and we were laughing and smiling at the end. I honestly right now cannot imagine what swim, bike, run looks like all in one day! Should be interesting.......

As the year draws to an end, yes I like everyone else am working on my 2009 resolutions. I am sticking to realistic goals and a plan on how to execute it! More to come before Jan 1st! Stay tuned for what should be interesting. I have some big things to work on next year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.

Thank you for being such great friends and readers. I know most of what I write about, you could probably care less, so for your loyalty, I thank you. This really started out as a way for me to look back on the journey and remember times that would be special only to me. All of you who follow have made it fun and made me accountable for my progress. Progress is definitely being made I promise!

I hope that you and your families have a great Christmas and safe holiday season.
Love and God Bless you all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Important Things

I thought I was an educated runner and knew about the important things. You know like your outfit matching your shoes, layering if it is cold, not increasing your mileage too quickly and oh yeah something about the right shoe. I guess I missed that whole thing. Running in a shoe that fits your foot I found out is very important! Stop saying "oh Amy you know you knew this". Yes I did. But obviously I am not a good judge in what is good for me.

I had my first physical therapy session today. Most of the time was used fitting for my orthotics. The second part was spent prodding at the points that hurt. The third part was a treatment of some sort that is done with electrical current. Now that was weird.

So he tells me to take my shoes and socks off and does his thing. I walk back and forth and he watches. Then he ask to see my running shoes if I have them with me. I was told to bring them so I did. He gets this contorted look about him and says "what group did you say you ran with". I proudly say Off N' Running, 2 years now. The conversation then goes something like "well who fit you for your shoes"? I couldn't remember if it was Scott or John but I know it was one of them. He ask me if they watched me walk or run in them. I said I am sure they did and he says "I am shocked"! That is so not the shoe for you. Then I remember back to when I first tried the New Balance 1223. It was a training run night and if you would wear a pair on your run then you get a free gift after you came back. Well for 6 miles those shoes felt good. Probably because there was a free gift and food afterwards. So guess what... the majority of my problems have come from weak ankles and poor shoes.

I feel like such a dumby! I never thought anything about those shoes not feeling good. I think I have just worn them for so long that I just assumed they were right. He showed me what they make my foot do and that is to make my ankles roll to the outside. Unless I run totally different than I walk, this poor guy is in amazement that I haven't hurt myself sooner.

So due to a bad shoe choice, I get to spend the next 3 weeks 3 days a week being a science project. That electrical shock treatment won't cure plantar facitis, but I should see a 75% improvement. I should be stronger in my ankles and well stretched.

Runners, my plea to you is to take the time to go stop by the shop and have Scott, John or Emily check to make sure the shoe you are wearing is right for you. I thank you, your feet will thank you and I am sure Off N Running will thank you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

You gotta love the little things

We all have those moments when we are learning something new and it just clicks. The excitement you get out of hearing someone say good job, you got it! Last night during swim clinic I got it. I actually swam one length of the pool without stopping. To those of you who know how to swim, yeah you can laugh. I will take whatever small improvement I get. Oh and no nose clip. I forgot it last night so I was forced to do it without one. I did ok. I think I feel safer with it on, so next time I will have it. Our little group, is looking better with every class we take. We sure do have alot of fun if nothing else. But really, we have come a long way since Swim Clinic #1.

In three weeks I have gone from being scared to death of water to now swimming (yes my face in the water) one length of the pool. I have a long way to go but I will take this victory and rejoice! I actually would like to stand on top of a mountain and scream but I will refrain from all that until I can swim 2 lengths! LOL!

We have homework and that is to work on laps. I am looking forward to getting to the pool tomorrow and working on laps.

I cannot thank the people enough who encouraged me to not quit in the beginning. Thanks for having faith in me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Negative Nelly

As if I didn't already know how negative I can be.... Our wonderful Tri Training Coach Suzanne Duncan called me out on it yesterday in a nicely worded email. Thanks to her my hands now hurt from being tapped with her ruler! Disclaimer: She was warned earlier that she could be subject to the blog!

Every two weeks we get our training calendars. With this comes a log that we are to keep and turn in to her. One so she can track our progress and how we feel and two for a prize drawing at the end. You know a prize at the end makes us all want to keep up with it up better. So I being that person who has never won anything will do whatever I can to try and win. Like saying I want to win the lottery but never buying a ticket. I turn my logs in a day early! I thought I was doing a great job of logging how I felt. You know my sarcastic humor and all. I hate a treadmill. I actually call it the dreadmill that is how bad I hate it. I would so much rather run outside in the cold freezing rain than get on that big black machine that takes me nowhere. I love the outdoors! So I explain on my dreadmill days how bad I hate it then on days I ran with my friends I put down how much I loved it. I made a comment about running people down on the expresso bike was hard. I didn't think of any of this as negative thoughts. Well the dreadmill maybe! Mrs. Duncan didn't see any of it that way. Let me share most of the email with you. "I would caution you to stop using the word "dreadmill" and getting bogged down in a little negativity about certain workouts. It's really interesting just reading your comments on the day you ran on the treadmill and the day you ran with your friends. It was like doom and gloom versus bright and cheery. Look at running people down on the Expresso bikes as a challenge versus something that's hard. I tend to do the same thing, even when I feel like I'm joking around. BUT, our minds are powerful, powerful, powerful20things. We are what our minds think we are. Think of yourself as a swimmer, and you will be a swimmer. Think of yourself as a strong cyclist, and you will be a strong cyclist. Think of treadmill running as a necessary part of training because that's where the race is going to be. You are always making yourself more mentally strong when you do a workout you don't necessarily like." Oh I did email her back and tell her how badly my hand hurt!

No really, I have always said I could be my own worst enemy. I think I sometimes try so had to succeed and when I don't feel like I did well, I bang myself up pretty badly. I will make an honest effort to not to do this, I promise.

The thing I am loving about all of this training is what I learn everyday. How I can push myself to limits I never thought of and how hard it is to be consistant with some things. Like my diet! That is for another day though. I am actually keeping a log of that as well. Should prove interesting. I told some family members last night, if I never ever cross a finish a line but learn to swim, it has all been worth it.

Thanks to everyone for your reminders that I can do anything I set my mind too. To my loyal groupies, thanks for following the blog. I LOVE GROUPIES... The more the merrier, so everyone sign up to follow me during this wonderful journey.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week 3 begins

Today starts week 3 of Tri Training. As I am sure your aware of by now, we have swim clinic on Sundays. I am slowly getting better. I have a longgggggggg way to go, but each time I make improvements. Which I am so totally excited about. I really never ever thought I would swim.

I am reading a book Triathlon 101. I got up early this morning and have made a commitment to finish this book. But in making that commitment, I made another one. I need to take this more seriously. That means that I need to get up and do my workouts in the morning. I need to stop putting it off until night when I am tired and don't give it the effort I should. So no more sleeping in for me. I have written down the schedule and I am gonna make myself do it. The added benefits are 1) I feel better after I workout in the mornings and 2) I can be at home at night to cook for my family. Now there are some nights, we have to be gone, but I need to be here as much as I can.

Marathon training will kick in soon as well. Which fits in well with the tri training we are doing as well. I will just do my long runs on Saturday. Of course that is if my foot holds up but we are not discussing that.

Just one little note on the foot. The dr. gave me a anti-inflammatory cream to use. I picked up the prescription yesterday. They hand us this huge bag of boxes, 5 to be exact. I thought how am I ever gonna use up all that cream. OK 4 oz. 4 times a day, I think I am gonna need alot. I used it yesterday and today and I think it actually works. Now it might all be in my head, but I did feel some relief. So now, I am off to lather up my feet! Yes I am using it on both. I will ward off any aches or pains before they start.

Good night blog world!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why do I get up early on Saturday

Saturday Dec 13th: 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off (hit snooze)
6:05 a.m. hit snooze again
6:10 a.m. hit snooze again (do I really want to do this)
6:15 a.m. I NEED COFFEE, I better get out of bed to get to McD's
before I meet my friends
6:45 a.m. leave the house, with the need for java
7:05 a.m. Coffee in hand, slowly enjoying it
7:30 a.m. Coffee down, friends arrive
7:35 a.m. Run begins......

That is how the morning looked.... I have not slept very well for 2 weeks now and this morning, I really wanted to just go back to sleep! It so helps knowing people are waiting on you. If not for that, I would sleep my Saturdays away. We got in almost 4 miles. It was cold. Took awhile to warm up but the layers came off 30 minutes into the run. It is always a treat to know at the end of the run that we are going to EAT! I run so that I can eat.....Cause I love food and food loves me.

I have nothing really to say except that I love running with this group of friends. We have so much fun while running together and the plans that we make while out there really shows that running effects the brain. So for those who don't run and are of sound mind, please let this stand as a disclaimer. RUNNING CAN CAUSE YOU TO DO THINGS YOU WOULD OF NEVER EVER SAID YES TO BEFORE! Well spent money due to the friends I have made!

John Connor I think I am going to have to stop running with you! The next I know I am going to be agreeing to that 60 mile bike ride!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hopefully the last time you will have to hear about it

I saw my new dr. this morning. I am impressed! I did not have to wait, they took me right back, I saw his PA then he came in. Very nice and professional. So if you need a good foot/ankle specialist, let me know.

He moved my feet around, looked at my MRI and said.....we have to start from square one....Me being me, stopped him said no we don't. I have been running 5-7 miles a week for about 3 weeks and I think we should stay at that. I know that I am diffecult but come on really.....He gave me steriod to take for 6 days, an anti-inflammatory to take after that, also using anti-inflammatory cream on the foot 4 times a day along with physical therapy 3 times a week for 2 weeks. Said I should be good as new by the time we are done with all this. I do have to get orthotics for my shoes but doesn't every runner we know have those?

Other than all that, I am good for now and if all that doesn't work then I will have to have surgery but he thinks since I am able to run right now I should do just fine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lazy day

I hate rainy days. They make me lazy. Yes lazier than normal. Today I just feel tired. Like I might be fighting a cold or something. So I dreaded swim clinic all day. I also dreaded the fact that the last couple of days the struggle is challenging me mentally. I went anyway......

On Wednesday nights Megan is our coach. She is young and very patient with us. She gets in the water and shows us what we are doing. Very basic and I like it. It came alot easier than I thought it would tonight. The breathing was not the struggle that is has been. So overall it was a great night for us "beginners" and I am actually getting up to go swim in the morning so I don't forget what I learned tonight. I have told John to swim in his lane and I will swim in mine. He is a great swimmer I just don't think spouses should try and teach each other. Makes for a long car ride home. LOL!

Blog is boring tonight but it is late and I am tired. For my loyal "foot followers", I see the new doc in the a.m. I will post a foot update later tomorrow. So far so good in that I have been able to run, granted I am not pushing any great mileage right now, but I will take what I can get. Kay and I are kind of resolved to the fact that our feet will just hurt from now on due to our injuries. "That is my story and I am stickin to it"!

Until tomorrow...... Goodnight

Sunday, December 7, 2008

1 down 9 more to go.....

The first week of Tri training is behind me. That means in 9 weeks I will be ready for my first indoor triathlon. I think I can, I think I can..... I know I can bike and run but this swimming thing might be a problem.

We had our third swim clinic tonight. I don't feel as good about swimming as I did on Wednesday night. I obviously suffer from ADD and can't do two things at one time, because I can't breath and move my arms and legs all at once. There has to be a way of doing one thing at time. If someone can google that, I would appreciate it.

Pam found a sight called www.relaxnswim.com. It shows you how to start in a pot of water breathing. Don't anyone just stop by this week. I might have my head in a pot of water. I think it looks ridiculous but at this point I am willing to try anything.

John the fish is willing to work with me. I am a horrible student, I am concerned he might try to drown me. So if I come up missing, have him questioned first!

It has been a good week. Good part is I am still excited! I am working on my list of Sprint Tri's to do first. Looks like White Lake is going to be it. I at least have until May. Also during this I will be training for my first Marathon as well. Gosh, I am tired just typing it. Sleep is needed..... Goodnight.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Triad Tri Team

Last night was the Triad Tri Team Christmas party. John and I are new members and we were excited to "meet the team". We have several friends that are new members as well. Keith and Christine Flowe, John and Pam Connor, and Heather Johnson-Dunnings (our recruiter). Of course I know all these folks from my running group. I am not sure whose bright idea it was to do a tri, but I am glad they convinced us to do it. Heather was the one that told us about TTT. I am not sure how many people this girl has introduced to TTT, but I am sure it is alot. She seems very passionate about it.

When I think of athletes I automatically think, skinny, tall, and very fast people. I am not tall or skinny and boy I will never be fast, but I like to consider myself an athlete. As you can see from the picture, we come in all shapes and sizes. As you have heard me say in earlier posts, run your own race! Yes it is a competition but against who? For me I want to learn to race me, myself and I. If I can beat myself most of the time. I think I have made great accomplishment. OK and if I beat John I have done good. He hates when I come in before him, so I had to put that in there.

Best part of this party was being with friends, old and new. I came into the clubhouse and there was a lady there I just knew I that I knew her. So as the night went on, I had to ask if we went to high school together. Sure enough we did. Janet (Woody) Carter. Janet was a cheerleader in school so I could see her doing this with no problem. What you find in running is that at races you see the same people time after time. So faces become very familiar. Nice to see some of those last night.

I think we have made a good decision in joining this group. The calendar is full of exciting events each month. We are sure to learn alot and if not at least have fun. Isn't that what life is all about?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swim Clinic #2

You all have gathered by now I am not a swimmer, will not claim to ever be a good swimmer but I have stepped out of my comfort zone and am willing to learn.

Last night was clinic number 2 and I drug myself there in the cold all the while griping and complaining on why was I doing this again. Oh that is right because a Triathlon is Swim Bike Run... Yeah now I remember......

I get there a few minutes early to try and get some extra time to relax and work with my fish like husband. Who just glides through the water I might add. We didn't meet at a pool or beach that is for sure. He would of left as soon as he saw me in the kiddie pool! I borrowed nose clips from Pam and I thought I would see if that helped. Hilton and Suzanne seemed to think it might. So why not. Then when I quit I could say I had tried it all. Much to my surprise it did help. I looked extremely stupid but it helped. I think pictures are needed. That way you get the full effect of this.

We had a different coach last night and she was excited to be working with us "older people" I think she called us. But she gave us some simple things to do like blow bubbles in the water and to breathe out of our mouths not our nose. Good thing mine was plugged! So I did that and then she sent us off to do some strokes. Scared to death at first, but the next thing I knew it, I was SWIMMING! I don't think I even knew it was happening. Then I lift my head I had made it quite a ways down the lane. I had actually been swimming. Everyone clapped and cheered. It was funny and rewarding all at the same time.

I did it! I can't believe it and I am ready to go back again! Have to do it again before Sunday so I don't forget what I just learned.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 4

Today is the 4th day of training. Excitement has not subsided. I am sure as the weeks progress I will be asking myself why the heck I punish my body the way I do. My feet ask me that every morning that I put them on the floor. Surely the rest of my body will do the same.

Last night we had a running clinic. I expected to hear that my form was off, that I needed to do this or that and to try and land on my feet a different way. I got none of that, so I felt better. She just told me to relax my shoulders and pump my arms back and forth more. That would propel me forward. So if you ever see some crazy blond on the Greenway pumping her arms back and forth like crazy, it is me trying to propel my slow behind forward more......LOL!

I warned people in the beginning of this blog that you might one day become subject to being picked on or made fun of in my writing. Today it is going to be John. If any of you have ever watched my husband run, you know it is hilarious. Poor fellow is flat footed and bow legged. If he runs with me, I swear I run in front to not laugh at him. I have told him he expends so much energy moving his arms all around, no wonder he is tired before he ever gets anywhere. I just knew she was going to take all the wind out of his sails when she got to him..... So when it was over and I asked him what she said, he said she just told him to relax his shoulders and bring his arms down. OK that is why I am not a professional. Let me apologize to you here honey! SORRY for making fun of you! Can't wait to run with him now.

Tonight it is back to swimming. Well for some of them it is swimming. I am not really sure what I will do. I have borrowed a nose clip thingy from Pam. Hopefully that will help me! I know you all just can't wait to hear how it goes. So until tomorrow...... Have a great Wednesday.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Serious times ahead

Thanksgiving is over and time to deck the halls. Halls at 104 Farriers Lane are almost decked and we look forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday! We also look forward to getting serious with our triathlon training. John and I have set out to do some indoor and outdoor triathlons this coming year. A great way to spend quality time together.

Training officially started tonight. We had our first swim clinic. Just in case you didn't know,I don't know how to swim. I am afraid. You ask why, as a child I was shipped off to Four H camp for a week during the summer. All country kids were. I guess is was our vacation, since we didn't really have those. Farms don't stop for the beach. So anyway, the first year I was there we go to the pool for swimming. You are told to jump in so they can assess your ability. I told them I didn't know how to and they laughed and said everyone knows how to swim. Well guess what, not everyone knew. I went straight to the bottom and wasn't coming up. They jumped in and pulled me out and I literally think I was almost dead. I couldn't breath, I threw up water and well lets just say that was enough for them to let me out of swimming for the week. I have not swam since. On Friday night we had our Tri Assessment. We met our friends John and Pam, that we run and bike with and set our to get our times. This required you to swim 50 meters and time yourself. Pam and I both are not swimmers so we laughed at this and dog paddled down and back. We are the fast dog paddlers you have seen! Made our way to the bikes and rode for 10 min. then ran on the treadmill for 10 mins. We had a great time and hope our times get better. If mine don't I will save my money and just not ever be an endurance athlete. Ok so back to the swimming. We get there tonight, I put on my swim cap, goggles and jump in the pool. I at least look the part. He tells us to do the breast stroke that is the easiest and we can certainly do that. Well easy enough for this 7 foot Michael Phelps to say! I raise my hand, teacher what do you do if you don't know how to put your face in the water. OK I didn't really say it like that, but might as well have. I think this guy really thought I knew something. He learned quickly he had his work cut out for him. Too many people for one on one. Lets just say I have good strokes but if I can't put my face in the water, I am not getting anywhere quickly. I might be the first dropout. I was deflated to say the least. I had really high hopes of going out there and just swimming. Didn't happen and now I have to work harder on learning to breath slowly. My wonderful husband says Rome wasn't built in a day and I am not going to learn to swim in an hour.
We have to workout 6 days a week and I am looking forward to the results all of this will bring.

Serious times here.....So remind me of that when I want to eat at the buffett!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I have been reflecting on being thankful. Sometimes, we as humans tend to overlook the small things in life that bring us pleasure and we focus on the "big picture".

I would like for each of you that read this to take some time to just think about what you are thankful for. I am actually making a list. I will just give you a sample of what is on my list and this comes in no particular order...... of course my family, but specifically, my husband, my kids, my father, my health. Even my job, yeah I know lame. But I happen to like my job most of the time. In todays economic times, I wouldn't want to be looking for a job so I am glad I have one and one that I actually enjoy. I am thankful for the really good friends I have. I think we often take for granted that our friends and family will live forever for us to tell them how important they are and the impact they had in our lives. I learned a few years back to never ever take this for granted when the one person I loved more than anything passed away. I kept thinking on that day did I tell her enough that I loved her and did she know how much I appreciated her for how she raised me. So, I don't want to be caught in that again! I vowed to be mushy after that...... but only a couple of times a year. So I will save all of you from it happening too often.

I am off now to pick up my pies and then home to start cooking. We will eat lunch with my dad, my stepmom and my brothers family. Then we will come back home and have dinner for us. So I have alot of cooking to do. If your in the neighborhood, stop by. I am sure there will be plenty to eat.

To all of you, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to think about the people in your life that you value and thank them! To my friends and family, I love you and I am thankful for each and every one of you! Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you and your families.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I love a finish line!

Yes post have been few and far between since I am not running or training for anything. Oh I have tons of things I would like to write about, but would anyone care? Probably not! I think I will change the name of the blog though, since I will be venturing into Triatholon training soon. So watchout, a new title may appear or not. Haven't really decided yet......

Early on I had decided that I wanted to see my fellow running club members run their races. So a few weeks ago, Kay, Christine and I set out for Raleigh to see Tamara run. Which of course was wonderful, since I had trained with her for almost the entire time. I am proud of her. Then there was my weekend to run my marathon, which I think I spent in bed crying. No not really but I was sad all weekend. This past weekend, Kay and I went up to Richmond to see Keith, Dena, Chris, Pam, John, Christine and Angel run. Well in making plans, the two injured reserved decided that we were going to run the 8K. Do not ask me if I cleared this with my Dr., you already know the answer. Driving up in the pouring rain, we decide that we are going to bag the race if we wake up and it is raining. No need to hurt ourselves worse by running in the rain. Hilarious coming from the injured girls. So I wake up, look out the window and yes everything is wet and I think OH GOOD, I GET TO GO BACK TO BED! Of course I couldn't sleep, I call Kay's room and she doesn't answer. So I know to get in gear and get dressed. We go to meet my friend Jill who ran with us last year and moved to Richmond. We were going to run with her. Notice I say going.... She left us! We park and get over to our correal. I had no idea what this was until now. I like corrals. Well we start and there are so many people we walk across the start line. We get started and stay with Jill for awhile. She is better trained than us! We run for 20 min., walk for 2 then run for 20 and walk for 2 more. We finish on a downhill. Someone call Off N' Running and suggest this idea to them. Kay and I are stoked by our time. 54:?? min..... clock time was 57:03 (I think). You know I don't even care about the time. I ran, my foot didn't hurt and I finished strong!

After we finished, we walked around awhile. Funny thing is we were looking through the shirts and stuff tossed by runners. Found nothing. We find a street to see Christine and hopefully catch Angel come in on. Kay looked up and there was Angel coming up the street. We cheared and clapped like crazy women. Then Christine and the rest of gang came! That was fun. I wish I was running that kind of mileage and I am sad, but you know, it will happen. In time, I will finish the marathon. Until then, I will focus on learning mutli-sports.

I felt like I was on cloud nine. I had lost some steam but not alot and I finished feeling great! I cannot wait to run again this weekend! I really don't care what anyone says. I am going to run until I can't run anymore! Something about the finish line just makes me happy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People can be down right rude!

I am learning that we live in a society of people who just don't care about their fellow neighbor. I guess this is something I knew but didn't pay much attention to until the recent weeks of having nothing else to do but people watch. I love to people watch by the way.

This past weekend someone stole the water cooler and Gatorade from my running groups stop. That person obviously needed it worse than the runners. Well Mr/Mrs/Miss LOW LIFE, no you didn't. Get off your dead a** and run 20 miles and see how badly you would of needed that water. How stupid of someone to take it in the first place. Was it yours, did you put it out? No it wasn't. Therefore it was not yours to take. This is the second time this has happened to our group. The time before when it was taken it was during very hot and humid weather when our folks really needed it! I just don't understand what people are thinking when they do something so stupid.

Since I can't run, this past weekend I rode my bike in a ride to help feed the homeless in High Point with John and Christine (from my running group). John took off with the cue sheet and me being a smarty thought I knew the way. Well I didn't and Christine and I got lost. Not so lost that we couldn't find our way back but we were not on the same path of the group. It didn't matter we still had a great time together. I think we found those relatively flat roads. On our way back we had the rudest driver you can imagine start yelling at us about getting off the road. Well it was alot worse than what I can write but those who know me, know I did not let him off easily. But to say the least I just have not ever experienced people like this on the road before. I really think if he could of run me over he would of.

Here is my note to the people sitting on their couches being lazy, stealing from others or trying to run them off the road, don't be haters because your fat and out of shape. Do something about it. Get up and go for a walk, run or bike ride, enjoy the outdoors. Maybe it will lighten your spirits and you won't feel the need to steal water from runners or run cyclist off the road. The same road you should by law be sharing!

I guess I should come out from under my rock and join the real world then I would not be so surprised that people do these things!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Finding new ways to workout

I had no idea how hard it would be to find things to do to stay in shape. I thought oh this will be easy. NOT! So I have resorted to water jogging. Which is funny since I am just learning to not be afraid of the water.

Tamara met me last night and we took to the pool! Me, my water belt and a kick board. Can you say I looked ridiculous. People were actually staring and laughing. I had my belt around my waist and the kick board under my chin to keep me afloat. It looked worse than it sounds and it sounds bad I know. Well I got comfortable enough to let the kick board go. It was funny though. I thought I might have to fight some old women doing water aerobics who wanted to stare and laugh.... Yes they were Tamara I don't care what you say! My good friend Jessica (my pregnant on-leave running buddy) is going to start working with me next week with swimming lessons. So hopefully in a few weeks I won't look so funny in the pool. Then when chicken of the sea starts, I will be ahead of the game!

I didn't realize it would be so hard to find other ways to stay in shape. I know what was I thinking with only one good foot. I am determined to not let this get the best of me. I have promised to stop complaining about the time frame it is taking and enjoy the rest. Like my new friend Wendy said, what is a few weeks compared to a lifetime of running! Thanks Wendy! Check out Wendy's blog through the ones I follow. She is inspiring!

I sent my membership in for TTT (Triad Triathlon Team). My goal this coming year to finish a marathon and compete in a Sprint Tri. Gives me something to focus on.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dr. Update

I just left Dr. Bert's office. I love him but those two guys working with him today are not my friends! OK to have students but not when they are pushing and pulling on a foot that doesn't feel that great. Yesterday was a great day. My foot barely hurt at all. Then this morning I woke up and not such a good foot day. So to make matters worse Eric and Kurt got to do their almost Dr. magic on me. I told Dr. Bert to fire Eric. His bedside manner sucked. Something about asking me if that hurt one too many times while tears where welling in my eyes. Of course we are laughing the entire time! I got an A + for my pedicure and in my recovery it calls for pedicures every week until further notice!

The verdict is rest! The only way the tendons will repair is for them to stay put. I guess that is the best way I can describe it. We tried three things, an air cast (oh no that hurt really bad), a walking boot (no relief and awkward) and a good old ace bandage wrap (no relief whatsoever). So I am back to my brace and boot. No cute girl shoes yet. In the next two weeks I am to try moving my foot to the outside and all about. Strengthening is what I am told that will do. See how it feels and that will be a good indication on how it is healing. I can ride the bike (stationary) and I can swim. So I will let those two consume me until the first week of December. Then Jingle Bell Jolt(Dec 13th ?) here I come!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Your MRI is interesting"

When the Dr. starts the conversation out like that, you don't know what to expect. I really expected good news to be honest. I had convinced myself that the pain was all in my head and nothing was really wrong. Because I got up this morning and only had twinges of pain, nothing like earlier in the week and on Sunday. I even contemplated not wearing my lovely new shoe. Maybe I will ask for a matching one next time. Being the fashion diva that I am you know. I wanted to hear him say you can at a minimum 3-5 miles at a time with the brace. That is what I wanted to hear. Not "I have only seen this happen a couple of times in my years of practice"! No fractures or torn ligaments. Two tendons are split right down the middle. Peroneus brevis and Peroneus longus (thanks to Marisa for the terminology). Treatable and will heal, I did hear that. I stopped listening when he said I may need to put you in a cast. Imagine, me, not listening.

It could be worse I know. I could of needed surgery or something crazy like that. But a cast really is not in my plans. Well none of this was in my plans. I cannot learn to swim if I have a cast on or ride my bike. Hell I don't even think I could ride a stationary bike with a cast on. Now I just can't wait until next Tuesday to see what my recovery plan looks like.

So much for my big plans of taking this stupid shoe off!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hurry up and wait

That is what I am doing today. Waiting on the MRI results. I went to have an MRI at 7:15 a.m. Finally they took me back then when I was finished they said your Dr. will have the results tomorrow. I then quickly say "Oh no, not good. I have an appointment at 11 and I think we are expecting the results by then". Well you know how far that got me. Back of the line! Dr. Bert says he will call me as soon as the results are posted. I am guessing that will be tomorrow. What do you all think?

One funny thing did happen. I understood him to say I could ride the bike. Well here I was all excited. I had already made plans to meet a friend and ride this weekend. So I say to Dr. Bert today, at least I can ride my bike. He looks at me funny and says yeah with that boot on. I go how do I ride my bike with this boot, he then tell me, "I didn't mean your bike", I meant a stationary bike. He then said "I see I am going to have to be very specific with you"! Yes you are Dr. Bert! I don't follow rules very well. Just ask anyone who knows me.

So hopefully later today or in the morning we will know something definite! Until then, I am working on adjusting my attitude to this whole new concept of "no running"! Not coming along as good as I would like. But I will continue to try hard to work on it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Marathon Training has come to a bitter end

Marathon training is over folks. I just left the office of Dr. Bert Fields and it is official, I am out for the season. The season of running that is. We do not know exactly as of yet, what is wrong, I have an MRI in the morning. But Dr. Fields has said those dreaded words "no running and definitely no marathon". I do not have enough time to recover from this is injury whatever it might be. If it is a ligament like he thinks it is, it will take a minimum of 6 weeks before he would want me to run on it and that does not mean 26.2 miles.

I kind of knew that this morning when I got out of bed and couldn't bear weight on it. But I needed to hear it from the professional. I think Dr. Bert felt just as bad telling me as I did hearing it. I am sick to say the least. Had this of happened in the beginning, it would be different. But I have trained hard. I have given up hours away from family, my kids teachers think I don't exist, all for nothing. Not for nothing I know. I have made new friends and gotten to know old friends better. I have ran farther than I ever thought I would be able to run. So I have accomplished something. Just not the goal I set out for.

There is next year! So for now, I will cheer my friends on from the sidelines and be proud of their accomplishments. I will just refocus on another goal for this year. For now, I am going to take some pain meds and lay down. Then I will try for refunds on all these races I won't be able to compete in!

So blogging Marathon Training 2008 has come to end. Thanks to all who have followed the madness. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as I have had a blast writing it! Funny how putting my feelings on the computer screen have made me feel alot better at times, but now is not one of them. Farewell!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I might have to rethink a marathon this year!

After a few weeks of injury it has come to be that I might have to rethink running a marathon this year.

I have done exactly what Dr. Bert told me to do and thought I really was on the mend. Then I went out to run today. 3 miles into the run I was stopped by the pain. He said it would hurt but if the pain was too bad to stop as to not further damage it. So that is what I did. We were at Salem Lake and I had planned on running one loop which is 7 miles and then seeing if I could make a second one. Yes I know that was pushing it but that was my plan. My foot had another plan.

Marisa and I have talked and I am going to stay off the foot as much as possible this week, except riding the bike and water jogging then see on Saturday the results. We will make a decision at that point. Is it the end of the world? No to those of you reading but to me yes it is. You might not think to look at me run that I have put my heart and soul into this, but I have. So the pity party started on the 4 mile walk back to the car. There is always next year........

For anyone who ever thought about joining a running group, I cannot tell you enough to go for it. You will get the training you need but more than that you gain a family. Team Evolve your the best! Thanks for all the support and encouragement that you give to everyone. It is an honor to be a part of such a wonderful team!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It feels good to run!

Since this "injury" most of you know I have either been not running or taking it easy. Last night was a hill workout, which just means we find a steep hill and run up and down it. I was afraid when I got there. Was it going to hurt me further or just what it would do. My foot did not hurt all day so that is why I was concerned. I thought oh no, is this going to be too much on my leg or what. We were to do as many as we could between 4 and 6. I took the easy out and only did 4 to not push it. Of course we warmed up and had a cool down. I walked my cool down just to not aggravate anything. Overall, I would say it was a good workout. I am feeling it today in my glutes! You would think my butt would be rock solid, NOT!

I did my 4 hill repeats with no trouble except I thought my lungs would explode. I think it is hilarious that I have run and exercised this much and within no time I feel like I just started. Oh well it will come back. I am focused on making this happen. This week I really watched my food intake (except for last night) and am going to over the next few weeks bust it out with cardio and running. Praying all along my foot is heeling.

Tomorrow me, John, Pam, John, and Chris are riding in Tour De Pig in Lexington. I am opting for the 30 mile course with Pam. I am sure the men will be men and pick the 60 miles. Have fun with that..... I need to be able to run on Sunday! Salem Lake here we come! I love running there. I am going to do one lap (7 miles) and see how I feel, if I am feeling good, yes I am going to push for a second lap, at the end of that I will see if I can run 4 more miles to get my 18 in for the week...... I need that 18 really bad. Marathon countdown is underway and I want to be ready.

So to all my praying friends keep me on your list!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh Yeah, I got to run!

I forgot how good it made me feel to run. Today of course I got the clearance from a good Dr. that with certain limitations I could start to run. Of course I had my running clothes in the car just praying that I got the green light.

There is something about putting on my running shorts, t-shirt and running shoes that just puts a smile on my face. I meet my group, which I have so terribly missed. They are just the greatest group of people you could ever want to meet minus some of my folks from last year (Jessica, Jill and Rod). We are given our instructions to do just a light run. No long, fast miles! Yeah that is just what Dr. Bert told me I could do. Kay and I get ready and we are OFF! Kay is still under Dr. Bert's care as well so we follow her walk/run program. 2 minutes of running and one minute of walking. There were times of twinging pain, but for the most part it felt great. The we incorporate some core work and now I am home. Ready to eat a good dinner which my daughters boyfriend is downstairs cooking and it smells good. So thanks Paul! I just hope he knows how to do dishes......

So unless something crazy and unforseen happens, I AM BACK! Oh and how good that feels. Dr. Bert says I will be able to run my marathon, my time may not be what I want but is it about time or finishing. Right now it is about finishing. This will not be the only one I run. So next time I will focus on time. Like when Tamara and I run the Nike's Womens Marathon next year.

Today is a good day

I just left Dr. Bert and I am reminded why I like him so much. OK today I love him. He is my new best friend and I don't care that I had to pay for him. He is just the absolute best! Of course I am only saying those things because I got good news.

Dr. Bert says it is a sprained/torn ligament. He also thinks I have bad ankles, but who cares if I can run. My ankles must be bad, he brought the medical student in to show them how they have space in them. Whatever that means. For the ligament I have a stabilization brace and new inserts for my shoes. I can run 5-7 miles this week at a time. If I need to walk do so, but an easy run and I should be fine. I do have alot of exercises to do but I can and will do that. If I am not feeling alot better by next week I am to return but for now I am very happy with the results of this office visit. Oh and yes I have called the other doctor who said there was nothing wrong with me. Either a phone call or a letter, which should it have been?

Now group, if you have never seen Dr. Bert he is very thorough in his exam as to your overall strength. Guess what, he says I have great core strength. He asked what I do to strengthen my core and I had to give Marisa the credit! So when we are complaining, ok I am complaining, we just need to remember how helpful it is and that is does work.

So I have started doing my happy dance, I will be back tonight! Can't wait! I am dying to run...well not dying actually but really excited to see how it goes....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A different kind of weekend

Well this is the first weekend since July that I have not had to prepare for a long run. I am not real sure what to do with all this time. I know I should be spending it with my kids doing something, but my kids are too old to want to do anything with me. Of course if I were taking them shopping they would want to go. But I can't walk around to shop. Last night John had to drop me off at the door of the resturaunt and pick me up. Then of course people stare at why are you limping like that. I just want to scream! No really I just want to run. I want my foot to stop hurting so that I can put weight on it and I want to RUN!

So this weekend, I am going to try and enjoy the break and I am going to see if my kids want to see a movie with me...

Team Evolve, I hope you have a great run tomorrow. I will be thinking of you all!


Friday, October 3, 2008

My Dr. is a Jack Ass

I am not sure that I can really say that on a blog, but since I didn't give you his name I think it will be ok......

I finally decided it was time to see someone when I had a hard time walking this morning. I make the appointment and all day I try to stay focused on the goal....

I go to the Dr. and of course wait to see him for no results. I get an x-ray and then wait some more. Of course he spends 2 minutes with me to tell me he thinks nothing is wrong with my foot. It is bruised he thinks. "Listen to my body"... I can bike and do the elliptical.. I knew all of that... but what I don't know is why it kills me to walk on it. That is what I paid you for. I did not take time off from work, hobble into your office for you to tell me what I already know. So should I send you a bill? Yes I am mad. Actually mad as hell.

I have made an appointment with Dr. Bert for Tuesday morning. I know he knows what he is doing! I should of known better! I always try to give this guy the benefit of the doubt..... failed me once again. Thank God he has the best PA in town!

I will not be there on Sunday. I am going to "listen to my body"!

Thanks again everyone for you support and well wishes.

Final decision

I have made the decision to see the Dr. today. I called on my way to work due to the pain when I walk on it. I am trying very hard to stay positive but boy it is hard being that I have a huge negative streak that runs through my brain! So everyone in blog land, cross your finger (only one please), pray, do something that will help the outcome be on my side!

I will let know this afternoon.

Thanks again for all the support and well wishes! It means a great deal to me to have such wonderful friends and family.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not much to post tonight!

As you all know this has not been a productive week as far as running goes due to the ankle issue. It felt great today and I just knew I was going to run like I normally do tonight when I met my group. That is what my heart told me. My mind told me to be smarter. I never follow my heart. Yes I know none of you believe that.

Instead of pushing it, I decided early that I would walk/run with Kay. Kay suffered a stress fracture early in training. She has hung in there though. She still meets the group when she can and walks while we run and comes on Sunday to have coffee with us. All the while you know she wants to rip that brace off and take off! Good for you Kay for following Dr. Bert's orders. So we start of slowly jogging and we do good I thought. Then a twinge of pain here and there but I don't let it stop me all together until the last mile of I don't know probably 3 miles. Then the limp kicks in. Poor Kay, she even offered to come back with her car for me. I am way too prideful for that......Now that I am home and out of my shoes it is not as bad, but still painful. ICE IT! But that hurts also. I hate cold! I don't know how Dena did the ice bath. I think I would rather die....ok maybe not.

Well this just isn't turning out like I had hoped. I am going to keep my chin up and see how I am in the morning. I have promised myself if not better I was going to the dr. So stay posted, I will update you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free to a good home!

This is the reason I can't run. If you need a little yappy dog that loves to trip people, chew your shoes, eat your socks and underwear, she's your dog. Free to a good home if I can get her away from Ally long enough to bring her to you.....

Oh and don't write me messages about what a sweet face and how cute she is. Don't let those little eyes fool you. I think she is demon possessed!

A Step Backwards

For those of you that are tired of hearing about my foot, you will not want to read this blog. Just another outlet for me to complain on! I was trying to keep this blog upbeat and exciting about my training but my body has seen fit to make it, well my personal bitch session. Training is taking a backseat this week to my stupid ankle and how much it hurts.

Today is a training day and it is the second one I have missed due to the pain. I had an 18 miler on Sunday and now I am missing a tempo run. I don't think you can mimic those two on a stationary bike or by water jogging.

Today my foot started to feel better (especially when I was off of it) and then I had to go to the courthouse. The short walk in and out made the pain come right back. I am not mad at Bryce for making me go, normally he does it, yes it is a part of my job, but darn do you not know my foot hurts! Just kidding..... No not really! I mean so what that the cost of recording goes up tomorrow and we needed to get stuff on record today. Not my problem. My foot hurts!

Last night I went to the Y and water jogged with Tamara and my neighbor Chris. I think I am going to like learning to swim. As long as the little kids don't laugh at me like Tamara and Chris did. It was fun and I made big progress. Although it did not feel the same as actual running, I felt like I did something. Today I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 45 min. There were times during that ride that my foot hurt but not many. A lady on a treadmill started running and I thought I would cry. All I could do was think about what time it was and that my group had taken off for their tempo run and I wasn't there. Then I started thinking when will I be able to go back?

I know this is just another bump in my road but I mean comeon already. God gives us those bumps to teach us things. I thought I told God how important to finish this was for me and I thought we had an understanding. Maybe "I" just found my lesson.

Running group, I hope you had a good night. I miss you guys! Thanks for all the emails and well wishes from everyone. Your support and positive thoughts are helpful and appreciated. Hopefully and prayerfully, I will see you all on Thursday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hate this dog.....

I know many of you know how badly I hate Ally's dog Daisy. Not a real dog. A little yippy mutt is what she is.

On Thursday night I had decided to bring the laptop home and do some work before I went to bed so that I wouldn't be so far behind on Friday. I got my glass of Crystal Light punch, the laptop and my files. Walking up the stairs Daisy was right under me. Tangled up in my feet I twisted my right foot under me. Not bad enough that I dropped anything or even remembered that it would cause an injury. A little while later it started to hurt. I couldn't remember tripping or twisting anything while running so I had no idea why my foot and ankle hurt like it did. I took 4 Advil as usual and went to bed. Friday morning it hurt to put any weight on it. I didn't do any running this weekend to get ready for my long run today. Yesterday morning there was some swelling but not much that again Advil couldn't cure. I took my 4 Advil and felt better.

I got up early this morning for my rituals...Yes COFFEE! I go and meet my group and the run begins. I am aware that I might not make it the complete 17 miles but I am physically and mentally prepared! I feel strong. Finally in my training I feel great. I even mentally feel like I can do this. Then 1 MILE into our run the pain hits my ankle and is searing...... It shoots up my leg and I yell out an explicative. Tamara turns me around for a long lonely walk back. What a lonely mile back. That evil twin was really giving me a time also! She had lots of negative things to say.

I am sad, mad and worried. Sad that I missed my run, because now I am grouchy. Mad that this injury was not caused by me running or biking, but by a stupid dog I don't even like. Nor will I ever like due to this..... I really want to snap her little neck. Yes someone should call doggy DSS! I just told her about the pet cemetery we have and that she has a spot with her name on it! Poor dog! Worried that training is delayed a day or two. Hell it better only be a day or two or someone better call in help for my family! I might go postal!

I hope my group had a great run today. I wish I could of lasted!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Running in the rain

As I am sure all of you know, I am not a fan of running in the rain. I know that I am not going to melt. I might even float the entire way but I am certainly not going to melt! I complain about alot of things but I really complain about running in the rain. I was kindly reminded today that in past OBX races it has rained so this would be good training. So I "man up" and get dressed for the weather. Over dressed maybe.... but I am ready....

We head out today for a good 6-7 mile run. We are given the direction and we get ready to go. Pam kindly ask if she can run with us. We kindly laugh back... sure you can run with us if you want to run slow...LOL! She agrees and we take off, just knowing Pam is going to leave us... She doesn't and we had a great run. Most of the time no rain. God answered my prayer earlier today. It rained some but the wind was horrible.

I hate to say this loudly in case mother nature is listening. Running in the rain was not that bad. Now I understand when I got back I looked like a drag queen where my make up had run down my face but I didn't care. I had a great run, I feel good and I am not going to let anything take that away. It felt good. It was almost a relaxing feeling. I love to hear the rain so it falling on me was not nearly as bad as I thougth it would be.

My vow is to not complain about running in the rain again! One less complaint my group can be happy about!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I really don't think we can be running "buddies"

I thought that I had the perfect running buddy this year. Since I had to find a new one this season. Well, come to find out my new buddy (not mentioning names) is just slumming in the back with me. Although she might boast very little about running track in high school, she failed to tell us how well she ran in high school.

I just happen last night, no I am not a stalker, to be looking for our Salem Lake times and could not get it to come up. Me being somewhat computer illiterate, I put her name in the Google search. So here comes races she has been in the past. Quite a few I might add. Then I look at the times. I was shocked.. I mean 7:?? minute miles! Like what are you thinking being in the slow lane with me. I will never be able to run an 8 minute mile. Heck, I am happy to break 10! Oh well........ it has been fun friend, my fast friend. I sure am glad Jess is having a baby and coming back next year! No harm intended but after having a baby I should be able to keep up with her!

Tonight's hill training was a nice break from the killer hills we normally do. The funny part was us all trying to figure out what hill we were really running. Now I could do without the 15 push ups and core work. Yes I know I need it but man....

I am super excited (my kids say that) about triathlon training with Marisa. I wonder if she attend "Chicken of the Sea" classes with me?

Farewell and good night my loyal blog followers! Until next time........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday is a day of rest

Well deserved rest you can bet on that. I got to go to church today. I have missed going, but am of the belief that I don't have to be in an actual church to practice my faith. Believe me, I pray all Sunday long. LOL! It was nice seeing the friends that I have there! So I am thankful today for being for having today off to go to church with my family.

I wanted to post a couple of pics from the race yesterday. I think I actually still have runners high! What a great day for running and it was a great run for me.

A special thanks to our official photographer Christine Flowe! We would not have these memories if not for you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally I am "legitimate"

As you know from my previous post, today was going to be a true test to my running ability. It was make it or break for me. I ran the longest distance I have ever run 18.6 miles. It was the Salem Lake Trail Race.

I had plenty of reservation and worries about many things this week. As one of my running friends told me "chill out"! I sent my last request for shared knowledge out yesterday and after getting good info, decided to do that very thing. I was either prepared or I wasn't. I ate a huge meal last night, drank 1/2 a beer (yes I am a whimp) and got a good nights sleep and just didn't let it bother me. I got up this morning ate what I usually eat, peanut butter on whole wheet, a water and yes a large cup of coffee from my friends at Mickey D's for the drive. I arrived early for the good parking spot as we had all talked about how far the parking ends up if you don't get there early. I got there, got in line to get my number and T-shirt (I do this for the t-shirt) and John and Pam where there. We had decided to bring our chairs and tailgate before the race since we would have to wait at least an hour before the start. Tamara had her dad drop her off, then the rest of our group showed up and we all had so much fun it took the worry away. I think the race crowd was jealous of our fun. Race time comes and we are ready. I feel good! I am pumped, I am ready to run, I just want to be in the right position for this race. Not in the front and not in the back. We were placed just right. They say ready, set, RUN! Off N Running we are!

Tamara and I are just going along talking about how we were going to use this as our training run for the week. I of course had a time in mind that I wanted to come in at. I am all about times! Why I have no idea but I am. Oh and I never want to be last, although there is nothing wrong with last. Bless everyone for being up and doing it! You know me, I talk to everyone and try to make a friend everywhere I go. Like I don't have enough great friends already. I have truely found that I have the greatest and most supportive friends that a girl could ask for. But I start talking to two girls who are keeping a good pace that I like. Yes it was faster than I would ever be able to keep for 18 miles but I liked the thought of trying. Katherine and Gena end up putting up with me calling out how many miles we have left for 9 miles! We lost them at a potty break! But we had a blast. I think that I found the fun again in running. We took bets on how long before the 10K folks would catch us... We were all wrong... Of course I heckeled the passer byers. That is so much fun for me. I think I am hilarious even if no one else does. Then we decided to rate the guys passing us. 1-10 was the scale and if you were nice to us and smiled and spoke you got extra points. Yes Keith you got a 10+++! It was funny! Then Mr. Perfect passed and we lost all train of thought! LOL! But during this time, we start talking about our Scotty watches a/k/a Garmin Forerunner. Katherine says when she becomes a "legitimate runner" she might get one. Well girl, after today we are "LEGITIMATE"! We warned them they would be on the world wide web!So hope you both enjoy reading......

Tamara and I finished and we finished 5 minutes less of the time I had set for us. I said earlier in the run I wanted to finish in 3:30. Then later I said ok 3:45, then later hell I just want to finish and not be last...... Well 3:25..... I am on top of the world tonight.

I am sore but I am excited and I am only 8 more miles away from 26.2! I can do it, I will do it and I will not ever question myself again. OK that was a little much but I am proud of us! I am proud of everyone in the group but I am proud of myself as this was my longest run ever and I did it! YEAH, YIPPY, I hope I did well for my photo opportunity at the end! Thanks to our team photographer, Christine, I will be able to share with you!

Thanks to everyone, for your advise, support and most of all your friendship! Thanks also to our new friends, Gena and Katherine...see you at Cannonball!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel like I have cheated this week

This is a major recovery week. That being the case, I feel like I have not done anything. Yes we ran 5 miles the other night, I walked 2.5 last night, running 2 or 3 today then gearing up for 18.something tomorrow. I feel like I have been cheating and skipping something. I have just been darn lazy this week.

Last night me, Pam, John, Tamara and Kay decided to walk and take it easy before our race on Saturday. We get 1/2 mile into it and I look at Pam and say "I feel like I am cheating". I know we are supposed to recover. I know that it is a very important part of our training and it is important in any ones training. So make sure your taking time to recover so you don't get hurt! But why do I feel so guilty for not running everyday or doing something? I am sure tomorrow I will be glad that I took the time off.

Tomorrow will be my longest mileage ever! I am so full of emotion today that I feel like a zanex would be nice about now...... I am scared, excited, worried, sad, and just a barrel of nerves all over. I am worried about eating right today and tonight so that I am well fueled and I am hoping I sleep tonight, I am sad that my kids could care less about my running because it would require them to get up early, excited to be a part of the 30K group, and just nervous about the whole thing..... Can I finish? I can finish, but I am worried about being last. I don't EVER want to be last at anything I do. Childhood drama I guess brought that on..... I was always the skinny, uncoordinated kid who was never picked to be on any team at school. I hated playing games because they laughed I had no ability. So now I want to succeed so badly that it kills me at the thought of being last. I know there is nothing wrong with it. Believe me, I would rather be last than not able to do it at all. In not wanting to be last, I get so caught up with nerves that I think I mentally block my ability. I am going to repeat all day, I am a runner and I will finish and I won't be last and if I am, it is ok! I DID IT! Once I do this I am only 8 miles away from 26.2..... I am almost there... that is an even scarier thought. I can't even imagine what Nov 8 with be like for me... I might need a whole bottle fo zanex to calm the nerves!

So to anyone reading this with nothing to do tomorrow or with some time to spare, come on over to Salem Lake (8 a.m.) and cheer Team Evolve on! I think almost all of us are running the 10K or 30K.... It will be a blast! Tamara and I will be ones with some form of pink shirts on... So TEAM EVOLVE, I think we should all wear pink! I hear it makes for great photo opportunities.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My lapse in judgement

For those of you who read my running buddies log, already know that I have been called out for "cheating on her". She is a great running buddy and yes I had a slight lapse in judgement when I pulled ahead of her and Christine. For that I am truly sorry. Tamara never leaves me when I am having a bad run, when I complaining I can't go any more, she sends me awesome messages, leaves facebook comments and is just generally a great running partner. I am fortunate to have her since my other running buddy(Jessica) is busy being pregnant and the other (Rod) decided that being a father to twins and staying home helping his beautiful wife was more important. Oh I forgot he "retired" last year as well. Yes I am a very lucky runner that Tamara slums with me in the wild world of running.

But in all fairness to me, the days I feel that good are few and far between so for me to be able to pull ahead is an accomplishment. With that said, a good running buddy would not slam me in a blog and be happy for me, hoping I bring the same "A" game to the 30K we are running on Saturday! Just kidding, just kidding..... In reality I thought they were behind us because we heard them talking and then I didn't hear them and I asked Nathan to tell me where they were because I can't look behind me and run, I will fall..... Yes I am blond! Can't walk a straight line, never the less run one! I told Nathan we would be in the blog.... not to worry, she would tag us as the headline...I was just trying to keep up with Nathan, like I have to try and keep up with Tamara most runs. So I am going to take the abuse, but you can't take away my good run!

Tamara, my dear and faithful running buddy, I promise to never do this again. I promise to never pull out ahead of you and leave you with a perfectly capable running partner ever again. You are good to me and I love you! Can't wait for Saturday...... It is going to be fun! I hope I find that "A" game that I had last night for this up and coming challenge. So accept my apology please!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I think my body is starting to boycott all these miles. Yesterdays run was supposed to be 17 miles. I was totally mentally prepared for it. I felt good, except for a cough, no big deal. I felt really strong. Well 8.5 miles into the run, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM right into a wall. I thought I was doing a great job of hydrating along the run. Well thinking and doing are two different things. Not to mention all the rash I have from that stupid heart rate monitor. I told John screw wearing that from now, I would know when my heart wasn't beating or at least Tamara would know first!

I am going to blame the weather on this pitiful attempt at calling myself a runner. It was hot and muggy yesterday. Very hot and muggy to be exact. Not to mention I have this problem of sweating. Tamara and I call it "sweating like a stuck pig in a flannel blanket" when running. Everyone around me can by dry and fresh and I am going to look as if I just jumped in a pool. So during this run, my clothes were soaked. I mean my shorts where so wet they just stuck to me and water dripped from them. I had to take my shirt off twice and wring it out because it was so heavy. All the sweating just zapped my fluids I guess because I became dehydrated (so Marisa tells me). We, thank God my running partner is smarter than I, cut our run short by 2 miles due to the way I was feeling and the huge jump in mileage for me. I missed the jump last week due to Tour To Tanglewood. We get back to the coffee shop and I rest a bit, then what...FOOD (I have my priorities). Yes I love coffee and muffins. I decide if I eat I will feel better. Ha, ha, heehee.... My body thought otherwise. By the time I start home, I feel sick and wouldn't you know traffic would be detoured inside. Yes I became violently ill. Linda Blair took over for a while. Needless to say, I did not move much off the couch yesterday.

This week the temperature is supposed to drop and I am praying hard that it does. The 30K we are running on Saturday at Salem Lake should prove to be a test for me. If I can do it then I think I can finish the marathon. If not, I think I might have to find another sport. I cried all morning because I felt so weak and can't imagine finishing 26.2 miles at this point. Oh believe me I want it. I want it bad. But I am not sure my body has the same idea. I am beginning to think my body hates me! Well the feeling is mutual because I hate it right now as well. So there, take that you fat, slow, oh if I weren't writing this for my friends and family to see what I would say about you body!

So here is to hoping for a good week and nice weather! Wishing you all well until tomorrow!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday's Run

Yes I am writing on Friday about Thursday's run. I was just tired last night. Some of us went out after the run. I am sure they sat us outside for a very a good reason. What a blast to be with this wonderful group outside of running. You all are fun! We will definitely have to do it more often with more of you attending.

Our run last night was not going to be that difficult or so I thought. Marisa loves the punishment she dishes out. She just laughs and smiles the whole time while giving us our instruction.

We were to run out 30 minutes and on the way back, run faster than we did out. Well my plan was to run out very, very slowly and then any push back would be considered progress. We did run out slowly so we could talk and catch up. Then the 30 minutes was up. We decided to be good, no talk and run faster. Run faster we did. Yes I think if we stop talking we can run faster. Oh I hate to admit that. We run because we like it and want it to be fun. I wonder if running faster will take the fun out it? I think I would like to see what it is we really can do. I am going to give that a try this weekend. So Tamara be ready! No talking on Sunday morning.....I am sure over the 17 miles we will talk some, but not as much as we normally do! My mission on Sunday is less talk, more run! I will have to even wear my shirt!

I told you in a blog earlier that I was learning to be more thankful. So today, I have decided that I am thankful for lower gas prices. Has that hurricane actually hit something as of yet? Just wondering......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes it is not exciting

Sometimes running is not glamorous(maybe never if your really running) or exciting. Tonight was that night.

Tonight's workout was at the track. 2 mile warm-up and 6 x 800's. That is a rough workout. I ran with Pam and Tamara.... YES I ran with Pam... I feel on top of the world now. I have only once been able to run with her and that was our first long run and she felt sorry for me I am sure. Thanks for pushing us Pam. I know it will pay off in the marathon.

Great job tonight gang and see you all on Thursday.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 Tour To Tanglewood

I made it! I have completed a half-century ride and I kicked butt at it. Well in my world of kicking butt at something I had not really prepared as well as I should have.

As most of you know (from reading my blog) that the race was altered. We were supposed to ride Saturday and Sunday for a total of 90 miles. Mother Nature had another plan named Hanna. Hanna blew out as quickly as she came in. Today's ride was a total of 50 miles (actually 47.1).

I forgot to cancel our hotel room so John and I decided to use it anyway. We had a great day of relaxation planned. It started out by us eating lunch at Tanglewood and enjoying the festivities that they had planned for Saturday afternoon. Which included a 15 min. massage. That was nice. A few beers later and we were off to Dick's to buy the things we had forgotten at home. Ate a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was nighty night for the two of us. Or so I thought. At 8:30 the neighbor who was watching our dogs called to say that Daisy had escaped and they couldn't find her. This is not my dog and I really don't care for her at all. So I am always saying I wish she would run away. Well now I felt bad for Ally. I knew she would be so sad and upset and blame me because I really am not nice to this dog. So we packed and had our bikes on the car in less than 10 min. Once we hit the highway Jordan calls to tell us that another neighbor has her and brought her home and put her in the house. We were not turning around and unpacking so we just came home! It was funny after the dog was safe. I have never seen John move so fast!

Good nights rest and we are up this morning getting ready. Yes I had to have my 2 cups of coffee and I wanted breakfast. I needed food. Thank goodness they had bread and peanut butter there. There were a ton of riders. I am not sure how many actually showed up today but 1640 registered to ride. It was a beautiful site. They let us go out about 30 people at a time. We actually started about 8:25 and finished at 12:00, that included 3 rest stops. I brought Scotty home and plugged it in and we averaged 15.4 mph. If you think we run hills, come ride the bike on some of those hills out there. OMG! I would just laugh at different points because my thighs burned so badly! I am sure people near me thought I had lost my mind because I was just giggling!

No accidents for me, John had one but was not hurt badly. His shoulder is bruised and his pride is hurt that I finished before him (I think), but otherwise he is ok. I almost bit the dust at the first rest stop, but Rob caught me. I forgot to unclip one foot and started to walk. I really thought they were both unclipped. I just looked stupid falling into him! Thanks for catching me Rob! Although we were on a team some decided to do the 25 mile ride and some of us did the 50 route. John and I had two other friends from the Lodge that we rode with as well. I think they stay with us because they worry if we will make it. They have been riding longer than us.

I ending up riding with David to the finish. We worked in the same building together 8 years ago. Of course I had not seen him since then either. He struck up a conversation with John at the second rest stop and we were looking at each other like don't I know you. I couldn't believe that we remembered each other. He is hilarious so we had a great time talking and laughing the last 20 miles. Yes I talk everywhere I go!

It was a great feeling coming across the finish line, but the best feeling was knowing how much money was raised to help find a cure for MS. My sister-in-law that I love dearly has MS. I would love to see a cure so that she never has to worry about being in a wheelchair again. If you ever had the opportunity to talk to her, she would not once complain about the disease or the disability that comes along with it. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the out. Becky, today we rode for you and were honored to do so!

Thanks to the folks at Wells Fargo (Vicki, Kelly, John and Tracy) for letting us join your team. Patrick and Rob, thanks again for slumming with us. David, thanks for keeping me laughing! What an awersome experience and I can't wait for next year.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Plans changed due to rain

I know we need the rain. My water bill would surely love the break..... OMG our water bill was $400.00. John waters the yard daily. Who cares if we have green grass, no one else in this crappy neighborhood does. Oh well... but the rain has caused a major hickup in my weekend.

As most of you know we are riding in Tour To Tanglwood, along with Chris Frandock from our group. Well we won't actually be riding with Chris because he rides like he runs, FAST! So anyway, they cancelled today because of the rain. We will ride 50 miles tomorrow instead. But in all this rearranging of the schedule, someone forgot to cancell the hotel room. Yes that would be me. So I have decided that we are still going to use that room if I have to pay for it. A night without children! Hummmmm... I don't know what that is like. I can tell you it won't be like some you of you are thinking....It will probably go something like this... "wonder what the kids are doing", "do you think we should check on them", "hope their ok", "do you think the dog has been let out by the neighbor"...The life of a parent!

Well wish us luck tomorrow.... This will be my longest ride ever! I am nervous and excited at the same time! Hopefully I can walk on Tuesday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life brings sad times

Tonight's blog should be about the great time I had running with my group. It should be about the happy times and what we learn during our time together. Well not tonight my friends.

During my run I had a nagging thought that I needed call one of my best friends. I just had a feeling that something was not right. Well it wasn't. Jeanette's youngest sister had passed away earlier in the day and my wonderful friend found her. I am sad for several reasons. Sad for the mother who will now bury her second child in less than a year, sad for my friend that she has lost her sister, sad that 3 children will never to get to know their mother, sadden for the friends who loved her and accepted her, but sadden even more for how she died. Rebeca has fought drug abuse for many years. She went from being a vibrant, loving mother and wife to a drug abuser who couldn't control her addiction. Rebeca my dear, your fight is over. You no longer will have to fight a fight you may not win. Rest in peace and know that you will be missed by many, but especially by a sister who would of done anything to help you and save you from this.

Yeah I know, deep for me. But to top all this sadness off, I am leaving the home of my friends mother and I get a text that my pet rat Templeton has passed away as well. People would make fun of me because I had a pet rat. Well she was unlike any pet rat you would of ever met. Tempies as we called her, loved people! Loved to be held, loved for you to talk to her, loved gravy biscuits and coffee for breakfast. Most especially loved to nest in the back of my hair. I hope my new haircut didn't kill her! So my sweet little Tempies, rest in peace as well. Thanks for being such a sweet pet, despite what people thought of you!

To all my friends and family, thank you for the special place you hold in my life. If I were to be called home tonight, I have been blessed to know some really great people and even more blessed to call you my friend. I think all too often we wait until it is too late to say what people mean to you. I can't name you individually but you all are important to me, in different ways, but you are special and I love you and appreciate what you bring to my life! God bless you all and goodnight!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does my body not realize..

that I have alot going on. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and a little bit of a runny nose. Yes I know I drink vinegar and water every day. I have missed a couple of days. I know that is not the reason I was trying to get sick. Well it became official today. I am sick. My head is stuffy, my body feels like it weighs 400 lbs and I have a cough. Why is this happening to me this week.

John and I are supposed to do Tour to Tanglewood this weekend. I have running to do, I have a job. A boss that hates when I call in sick. Because he would actually have to answer the phone and pick up my slack. I think he is spoiled that the past 8 years I have come to work half dead and still gotten it all done!

So body, here is my note to you! Pack your bags and leave. Move on to the body of someone who does not have so much to do! Someone who likes laying around not able to train for the marathon they are not ever gonna do, someone who doesn't want to ride their bike 90 miles in two days to help find a cure for MS. Mine is taken. There is no room for you and my determination!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marisa Lies

Let me explain. We love Marisa. She is awesome and deep down I would love to be the athlete that she is. But if we are being honest, we probably all want to hit her tonight. Something about "oh this hill repeat is shorter than the one we do at Country Park". Have you lost your mind? In training for the Ironman were you oxygen deprived at some point? Marisa, sweetheart, that hill is twice as long as what we are use too. But we love you anyway. I warned her that the blog tonight was about her. So she should not be surprised!

Yes I realize hills will make me stronger but in what area? Stronger in complaining or running? I think complaining is the answer. I know you all have to hate hearing me sometimes. But, look, I am back heavy. My butt comes a few seconds behind the top half of my body! Hills are hard for this girl. I know, NO MORE EXCUSES. Look, I finished them! But gosh that was tough.

Miss Marisa leaves tomorrow to compete in her Ironman competition. Everyone help me in wishing her the best of luck and safe travels. You will be in our thoughts and prayers over the next few days. We will miss you (well not really but it sounds good, JK) Marisa knows I love her! Someone has to give her grief and I just happen to be the one!

Good luck Marisa, not that you need it your awesome and we are all proud of you!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

6 unspectacular quirks

OK I was tagged by my friend Dena in her post and asked to post 6 unspectacular quirks about myself before tagging my friends. Not sure exactly why she is doing this to me.. I thought she liked me! Well here it goes.

OK... I don't have any quirks but I am going to try!

1) I can't go to sleep with a dirty kitchen or bathroom! The rest of my house could be dirty dirty but you better bet my kitchen and bathrooms are clean. I spray my shower daily! I try to clean my toilets daily as well. OCD I know......

2) I hate people who put their hands on glass doors. Why do you have to touch the glass when there is a perfectly good door knob or frame around the door! Do not touch glass! Someone has to clean it!

3) I have to make my bed when I get out of it. First it makes your room look clean automaticlly. Second, I just hate to see an unmade bed. I make my kids make their beds as well. Hopefully, they will be better people for it as adults.

4) I leave my shoes at the front door or whatever door I come in. John hates this. He is constantly bringing shoes to me. If you leave them there, I will know where they are when I want to put them on the next time.

5) I talk to my pets as if they were people. I mean we have conversations and they talk back. They will talk to you if you like. I make this funny sounding voice and I will act like they are talking to you or asking you a question. Yes I know I am crazy, I have been diagnosed!

6) Gosh I am not sure... I bet if you asked my friends they would find tons of things I am quirky about.... Just read their comments to this later!

Thanks Dena for tagging me.... The only person I know to tag is Jessica and I don't know how to tag her formally. So Jessica, consider yourself tagged!

Drag Queen Runner

Was today not hilarious with Tamara showing up reaking of the fun she had last night? Well if your dad is reading Tamara, she was drunk still this morning Bert.

Tamara and I made a pack that we would not leave the other on our runs. Well not that I was having a stellar run or anything, but again we are "buddies" for a reason. I couldn't of left her today if I wanted to. I wore flip flops yesterday most of the day and my feet kill me when I run if I have have worn those stupid flip flops the day before. So, we took several walk breaks and potty breaks. Not long walk breaks. But we still had fun. I think she and Kenneth would of made great running partners today. Too bad he wasn't there.

Funniest part of this whole run was all the honking going on by passer bys. I am sure it was me. You know the soaking wet T-shirt I am sure is enough to cause and accident. Yeah right in my dreams! If you could of seen Tamara at one point, she had mascara that had run down her face and she said something about "cuteness or her looking like a drag queen"... I thought I would die! We have decided that we probably could be faster, but we want running to be fun and we are having fun! Too much fun I am sure.

Onto a non-running subject. The move is almost complete. Just a few things left but I am too darn tired to get it finished today. John made me work today. Does he not realize I ran 13 miles this morning? Isn't that work enough? (Yes he reads these, hehe) So I am tired and I am going to rest on the couch now... Yes he is doing stuff. The man cannot let anything sit unfinished! Kills me..... I would live out of boxes for a year. He has to have it all put away today!

Great run today and thanks to all of you who where waiting at the coffee shop! It is so much fun running in to the chears.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Aren't Fridays meant for fun? Shouldn't I be allowed to goof off just a little during work? Should I not be able to come home and have nothing to do? This week has been very, very busy. My boss often wonders what I do, well I hope he figured it out the last 4 days. Thank God for a holiday on Monday.

Today was not fun, heck probably no fun all weekend. We started moving tonight. Can you tell that I am really not doing much of the moving at all. I am a great supervisor. I can tell others what to do really well. So I am sure that John is getting a little tired of me not really making an effort. He and Ricky are doing a fantastic job! We have two bedrooms moved and it is only 9:13 p.m. I think that is going to be it for tonight. I didn't have that much stuff to move anyway. I hate STUFF! So there isn't alot of it to move. Oh and a little secret. I have a really bad temper and am liable to toss something at you if made mad, so I don't have nick nacks either..... HA HA! I know go figure that about me! Who would of thought. Sweet little me, flinging things!

Well back to the moving process, we have all the time in the world to get it all, well not really that place really needs to be rented! But at least the girls are sleeping in their beds tonight and it feels like home again. Weird, for me, it feels like I never left.

I did manage to get my 5 miles in tonight. I am selfish that way. I have a schedule and I am trying my ever loving best to keep it!

I am riding bikes with some people tomorrow, 20-25 miles, trying to prepare for next weekend. I can't wait so I hope this gets over with soon. I need to get to bed and REST! Poor John!

Good night and sleep tight ever one!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"This is why I don't come to the gym"

Not my quote but I am using it today because we got such a good laugh from it.
Tamara and I decided to meet at the gym today. It was raining too hard to run outside so we met at Gold's to do our workout. I am not quite sure we got a good workout in, but we tried.

We decided to do our 3 miles on the treadmill. I hate running on a treadmill. It hurts my feet and my shins. We start out with a warm up and then we start running. We of course are catching up (aka talking) since we really hadn't talked since Sunday. Then we both start complaining. "My feet and my shins hurt, I hate running on a treadmill", "I have to use the bathroom", "I hate running on a treadmill", "At 1.5 miles lets go get on the stationary bike". Mile 1.5 we stop and get on the bike. To say the least it gets worse...."this hurts my butt","I am fat, if I would stop eating", "I didn't wear the right shorts for this", "this is why I don't go to gyms, too many mirrors". Someone, I won't mention names, complains the entire time we are at the gym. It is not ME this time..... Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Tamara made me laugh so hard with all her complaining. Today Tamara took over being Amy. All of you who know her or feel like you know her from this blog, know she does not really complain at all. That is what was so funny about it! Thanks friend for the laughs! You make this fun!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Schools In

The day all of us parents wait for but then we regret at the same time. The first day of school...... Well for me it is just that way and I think I feel the same way every year. I say all summer long, "I can't wait for school to start". Then school starts and I cry.

Today I sent my children off. I thought for sure it would be an easy day, they both were excited that school was starting. They got up easy, took their showers, got dressed, ate breakfast, I made their lunches and yes I made them take pictures. I will post those later. Well then it started....they started being "girls". The make-up, the hair, and yes being mean about some of their classmates. I hate this. I hate when kids are picked on. Why do I hate it so much, I did it. I picked on people that were not like me. Well if I could apologize to them now I would. I feel horrible. So I really hate when my kids do it and I thought I taught them better. Oh well.....

We get in the car, we are off to our first day as a SENIOR and EIGHT Grader. Yes the older one reminded all day yesterday she would be senior today. Jordan is a beautiful girl, but strong willed is just the nicest way I know to put it. Ally is the exact opposite, most of the time. The older she gets the more like me she becomes. Watch out world! Ally forgets her lunch! "Mom, can you bring it back to me".... "No you are in the 8th grade, I am not bringing your lunch back", "Mom", "Ally", "I am calling dad"! Boy what a lovely ride to school that was. Yes I took the kids lunch back. I enable my children to be lazy and unaccountable. However, when they got out of the car, I was struck with this is the last 180 days, I will take Jordan to school. Ally told us last night she will take teh first part of drivers education next December. My youngest kid driving a car. Hell I can't afford for one to drive, never the less two of them. Thank God John sells cars.

Where did the time go? Where did my sweet little cuddly babies go? Yes they grew up and did I miss something important? I want them to be independant, but I don't want them to stop needing the love of their mother. To kiss away the hurt, the fear and wipe away the tears. All the things I didn't have as a child, I wanted to give to my kids. I hope I am doing a decent job of it. I find being a parent the hardest thing I have ever done in life, although I am sure when I finish my marathon I might think parenting is easy. I only have one regret, that I would of slowed down the pace of our lives and maybe enjoyed the quiet times more. You don't get them back that is for sure.

OK enough of that, I am going to spend the rest of the day crying!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My stars lined up

Finally, my stars lined up and I had a good run. Who would of thought that after yesterday and the bike ride.

I promised myself I was going to run and not complain. I was not going to tell myself I couldn't or that I was dying during the run. I didn't do either of those, Tamara and I did not talk as much, but yes we did talk and we had a great run. I love our new meeting place knowing there is a reward at the end might help. Rohbust-oh (I am sure I have screwed their name up), but great muffins and coffee. Thanks to Keith I have a snack later!

Party on the couch today. Oh how I wish..... I have back to school shopping and open house at the high school. Only question I have is why do I have to take a Senior to Open House. Does she not know by now what to expect? Cause I sure do. Hard to believe that my child will graduate this year. OK I will not get sad and mushy cause I am feeling way to pumped for all that. I will save it Tuesday when I actually drop them off for school.

Awesome job today gang. See you tomorrow night for the bike ride.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tour to Tanglewood

John and I decided to participate in the Tour to Tanglewood just a few weeks ago. We thought ok we can do the 20 mile ride each day with no problem and not much time to train. We have ridden our bikes for short distances at a time. By that I mean the first ride was 7 miles and the longest being 15 miles long. Again, not much training.

Tour to Tanglewood is a very organized event. Training rides that lead up to the actual date (Sept 6th and 7th) are offered for several weeks. Of course we missed most of those for several reasons. So today was the last one before the ride. We are nervous that we are going to get there and being the newbies we will be days getting in from this. We have never ridden in a group so that in itself makes me super nervous. So to say the least, NO SLEEP last night. We take showers to try an wake up this morning. We get there, 30 minutes early (you can tell we are new at this). They hand out cue sheets. I am mentally expecting 20 to 25 miles today. Where did I get that number, who the heck knows. The cue sheet says TOTAL 38.4 miles. Can you say I about fell over. We contemplated leaving. There was no way we could ride that far. The only saving grace might be the 3 rest stops. Ok, we meet up the group we are riding with, Wells Fargo Team. John, Vicki and Kelly have participated in several training rides I think. They knew what they were doing anyways. Oh you know me, I had 3 cups of coffee before we leave home and I have to use the bathroom. By this time, the line is out the door. I wait in line, they give the safety speech (I couldn't hear it), everyone leaves. Even our team. So we are the last ones out. In running, you all know I hate hills... I mean I hate hills. Can you say this entire course is hilly and I don't mean a gentle rolling hill, I MEAN A HILL! OK we make it to the first rest stop. Kudos to the Horny Town Fire Dept. You really know how to provide for bikers. It was great. We met up with two guys that are in Johns lodge. He is a Mason and some of the guys are riding in it. So Patrick and Rob say come ride with us. Sure we will......MISTAKE... No not really, we did a great job of keeping up with the men who run marathons and are doing an adventure race in Oct. I was totally shocked at myself. I finished the 38.4 miles, before my husband (not far in front, but in front) and before my team.... YEAH ME! I only say that because I really was going to go home and say bag it, I am riding the 20 miles.

Does my butt hurt? Like a you know what (you can fill in whatever you want). It hurts. But I am pumped and no I am not looking forward to going out in the morning for an 11.5 mile training run. But I will complete it!

Two great things I learned today, don't say I can't do it, and don't be afraid of something new. I might actually be able to succeed at something if I stop telling myself I can't or I am going to die if I do this... I met some really nice people and we gained some folks to ride with. John Y., Kelly and Vicki, thanks for letting us join your team. Thanks Rob and Patrick for helping me push myself beyond my normal limits and for the advice on how to use my new bike. John, thanks for supporting my new madness, it means alot to me to have you by my side.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Am I that out of shape?

Am I slow because I am out of shape? I have no idea why I struggle so some days (ok most days) or why my lungs do not want to seem to carry me through a short stupid 4 miles. Do I not push myself enough? Do I not cross train enough, have I not lost enough weight or body fat, do I eat so poorly that it doesn't fuel the runs? What the heck is the answer here and what am I doing wrong?

This is a recovery week so our mileage has been manageable. Not hard (until Sunday that is 11 miles) and we are supposed to recovering. I am not sure what I am recovering from since my last few attempts at running have sucked eggs royally and I am beginning to feel bad for my running partner as well as myself. I am holding her back and that is obvious by the heavy breathing I am doing, not able to carry a full conversation on, never the less talk much at all. Yet, Tamara is laughing, barely broken a sweat, laughing and of course being the best at mentally pushing me along. I told her leave me, I don't and would not want anyone to stay back with me because they picked me as their running partner. Kudos to her for being that good of a friend! Thanks, I appreciate you! But if you need to leave me, I will be sad and cry, but go on!

Right now I really am wondering what the heck I was thinking when I thought I could run 26.2 miles. I will not give up, but darn I feel so out of shape and it is really getting old and I don't know what else to do about it.

I am feeling a self pity party coming on. Did I really stop drinking for this? I might have to change that. Pity hates a party of one.