Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Negative Nelly

As if I didn't already know how negative I can be.... Our wonderful Tri Training Coach Suzanne Duncan called me out on it yesterday in a nicely worded email. Thanks to her my hands now hurt from being tapped with her ruler! Disclaimer: She was warned earlier that she could be subject to the blog!

Every two weeks we get our training calendars. With this comes a log that we are to keep and turn in to her. One so she can track our progress and how we feel and two for a prize drawing at the end. You know a prize at the end makes us all want to keep up with it up better. So I being that person who has never won anything will do whatever I can to try and win. Like saying I want to win the lottery but never buying a ticket. I turn my logs in a day early! I thought I was doing a great job of logging how I felt. You know my sarcastic humor and all. I hate a treadmill. I actually call it the dreadmill that is how bad I hate it. I would so much rather run outside in the cold freezing rain than get on that big black machine that takes me nowhere. I love the outdoors! So I explain on my dreadmill days how bad I hate it then on days I ran with my friends I put down how much I loved it. I made a comment about running people down on the expresso bike was hard. I didn't think of any of this as negative thoughts. Well the dreadmill maybe! Mrs. Duncan didn't see any of it that way. Let me share most of the email with you. "I would caution you to stop using the word "dreadmill" and getting bogged down in a little negativity about certain workouts. It's really interesting just reading your comments on the day you ran on the treadmill and the day you ran with your friends. It was like doom and gloom versus bright and cheery. Look at running people down on the Expresso bikes as a challenge versus something that's hard. I tend to do the same thing, even when I feel like I'm joking around. BUT, our minds are powerful, powerful, powerful20things. We are what our minds think we are. Think of yourself as a swimmer, and you will be a swimmer. Think of yourself as a strong cyclist, and you will be a strong cyclist. Think of treadmill running as a necessary part of training because that's where the race is going to be. You are always making yourself more mentally strong when you do a workout you don't necessarily like." Oh I did email her back and tell her how badly my hand hurt!

No really, I have always said I could be my own worst enemy. I think I sometimes try so had to succeed and when I don't feel like I did well, I bang myself up pretty badly. I will make an honest effort to not to do this, I promise.

The thing I am loving about all of this training is what I learn everyday. How I can push myself to limits I never thought of and how hard it is to be consistant with some things. Like my diet! That is for another day though. I am actually keeping a log of that as well. Should prove interesting. I told some family members last night, if I never ever cross a finish a line but learn to swim, it has all been worth it.

Thanks to everyone for your reminders that I can do anything I set my mind too. To my loyal groupies, thanks for following the blog. I LOVE GROUPIES... The more the merrier, so everyone sign up to follow me during this wonderful journey.


Jessica and Kevin said...

Lucky her that she only has to read your log and not run with you :) j/k you know I love ya and I miss terribly your complaints about running hills and the cold and the dark... Soon my friend, soon!

Dena said...

I'm an Amy Groupie! I like Suzanne's e-mail - good reminder to me that the workouts I dislike (think TRACK) make me stronger. You're a good sport in how you're taking the advice too! =)