Friday, June 4, 2010

Support Trooper J. D. Goodnight

I know this has nothing to do with training. I feel the need to put my feelings down on paper. Isn't that why I started this blog anyway?

On May 23, 2010, we were getting ready to leave our house when I heard alot of sirens and activity on the highway near our house. Not thinking anything about it, for the fact we hear it often, we leave and are off to our destination. We come upon a horrific accident. When I say horrific I mean horrific. You knew that there were fatalities. I said a prayer for those involved and then looked to my right.

To my right was a Highway Patrol car in the woods. My heart sank. Why you might ask would that make your heart sink? My heart had already been shaken by the sight of this accident. But a very dear friend of mine is the Trooper in this area and I knew there was a good possibility that he would be working. Like any good friend, I text him that there is a bad, bad, bad accident at that intersection. I know, why didn't I just call him? Because I am a texter! I got nothing back. We called another Trooper friend who said yes Jay had been in an accident but that it was at 29/70 so I thought thank God he wasn't in that tree. But then later at dinner I got a text from someone saying "OMG have you heard about Jay, he was in an accident. I then found out that it was Jay in that tree and that two people had died in the accident. To clarify 29/70 is Business 85 to most of us.

My first thoughts of this news went straight to praying for those families that God would send peace and comfort as only He can do in times like this. I am sorry for their loss and can't imagine what they are going through. Then my second thought was thank you God for sparing my friend. He has a beautiful wife and family at home and of course he is my friend so I would not want anything to happen to him. Who would I pick on about being a cheerleader? Cheerleader turned Trooper, I love it!

I know Jay, I know that he would not put anyone in harms way intentionally. He is a man very proud of the job he does and respects the laws that he works tirelessly to uphold. The media has decided in my opinion to turn this into "Man with a badge and a fast car, kills two innocent people". Of course anyone who knows me knows I am all over that. I wanted someone to stand up and scream “JAY GOODNIGHT IS THE BEST TROOPER I KNOW, HOW DARE YOU FOR BLAMING HIM”. So I did. I wrote an editorial, that will never see print, I am sure. I tried buddy! LOL!

There are two sides to every story. Trooper J. D. Goodnight's story is limited because of the job he holds and that we live in a sue me world. But the accident report and the independent report,completed by an independent contractor, does tell the story. All should be public record if you would like a copy call the N. C. Highway Patrol and ask for it. But what you will find in that report is a very different story than what the media has told. I am not going to tell you the results for the fear of coming across as heartless for those injured and dead. Read it for yourself if you would like.

I don't want anyone reading this to think that I am a heartless bitch. I am sorry for the loss due to this accident. Their lives cannot be replaced. Grief takes on many faces as we all know. I am sure by the reports that Trooper Goodnight and the State will be sued, their grief has turned to anger. There is no amount of money, justice, I am sorry for you loss, explanation, blame or reports that will bring them back. Only time will heal the wounds of death. Only time will heal what Jay might be going through as well. Is his life any less valuable then theirs? No it is not and I am sure anyone who knows him would agree.

Let us not forget what Trooper Goodnight and every law enforcement officer; EMS work and fire fighter go through every time they go to work. Unlike me sitting at my desk typing this, they put their life in danger and risk not ever seeing their families, friends, co-workers, and neighbors again. To that, I say THANK YOU! Thank you for the selfless act that we call a job, that you call your life.

I am sure there will be many that read this and don’t agree. You are more than welcome to your opinion just as I am to share mine as well. I would ask that for those of you that do support the job that is done by not only Jay but everyone in law enforcement to show your support of them on Support Trooper J. G. Goodnight facebook page.

Thank you and goodnight! (No pun intended)