Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not Training Related

I sent my baby to high school this morning. I am sure that the emotion she felt was way different than what I felt. I cannot speak for her feelings, but I was feeling that this is just one more stop in the road of her reaching adulthood and leaving the nest. Being Ally's mom, this is a hard realization. She has always been the child that wanted to be held and loved on. I am just very thankful that she still lets me crawl in bed, cuddle her and kiss her tons! I am sure all of this will be ending but I hope not.

Most of last night and this morning was spent praying for her, her friends, her teachers and the people God will put in her path. I read a book a few years ago "The Power of a Praying Parent". That was one of the best books on parenting I have ever read. The things I didn't even think to pray about. Be assured Ally and Jordan have been covered in pray thanks to this book. There is nothing mom and dads that you can't pray for now for their futures. I promise to not give you a sermon, but we all know this little thing about just because your prayer wasn't answered the way you wanted it to be, doesn't mean it wasn't answered. I use to be the one who would keep praying thinking the outcome would be different. Then I learned to pray and let it go. It was heard...I just had to be prepared for the answer no matter what it was.

Back to today, I asked her if I could follow her into school like I did when she was in kindergarten and she said "NO WAY"! I guess I was lucky to get this one.

I hope and pray that all of you who read who have children that they had a great first day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I miss blogging

Hello blog world..... It has been a long time. This feels like a reunion! I haven't been blogging but I have missed it. So with that said, I have decided that I was going to start it up again.

Since we last talked, nothing much is new in my life. Well lots of things are new and I will share them with you all and I will try to keep it short. I know your shaking your head saying "yeah right Amy, this is you"!

OK here we go. I have completed 4 other sprint triathlons. My swim continues to improve but boy I have a long way to go. I am learning that it is not about everyone else, it is about me. Race myself and stop worrying what the girl or guy next to me is doing. If I improve from race to race that is all that matters. How many people wish they could do do three sports, one right after the other until you cross the finish line. Well I can....so that is all that should matter except for improvement.

I am training again for a marathon. So I have tried to focus on running and cross training. I need to keep the other two sports up so that my hopes of an international length triathlon doesn't go to the back burner because I want to complete a marathon. The running is going good. I am aware once again of my limitations and not pushing them to avoid injury. My coach helps with! She is constantly reeling me in....LOL! Poor Suzanne. I have to be one of the most diffecult clients that she has due to the fact I am a "self coacher" as well. In a few weeks I am heading to Virgina Beach for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon with Jess, Kevin, Jill and John. Now all of us but John have trained so I can't wait to see the outcome and if he finishes before me. Don't be suprised if he comes up missing because I am likely to take him out to the ocean and drown him if he does happen to finish before me. I am just kidding, but that would be par for the course.

We have had alot of "life" happenings lately. I hope that most people know this but let me remind you if you have forgotten. We are not promised that life is going to ever be easy. I don't care how hard you work, how good you think you are or all the good things you do for others. You are guarenteed to be tossed a struggle or two. It is how we handle those struggles and what we learn from it that matters. In March, John and I were told by my oldest daughter that she was pregnant. Of course I wanted to give her the same speaches over and over but I saved those and just ran them through my own head. She had decisions to make that I would not ever, ever had wished for her to have to make at such a young age. She has been thrust into the grown up world very quickly. All I could say as a parent is that I would love her through whatever she decided and we would look to our faith to pull us through. God has provided greatly! Jordan and Adam have decided upon adoption and I have never felt such at ease about decision in my life. I just hope and pray her heart heals quickly knowing that God brought the perfect family for this miracle of life. But as a mother, I am not sure how long that healing process will take. I can once again, just love her through the decision and hope she will accept the love! Jordan is the child that a mother wants to shake and say wake up, let the people around you love you and ask for help if you need it. Oh well, I could write a book on this one. I just pray and ask that my praying friends keep her the adoptive family in your prayers as well. I guess the next biggest event, is that Ally starts High School on Tuesday. Boy were has the time gone. We just looked at pictures of her starting kindergarten the other day. John told her he was going to walk her into high school and take her picture as well. She wasn't buying that idea at all. Time flies by when your having fun doesn't it.

Well I have given you a short and quick run down of what is happening with me not that any of you cared (just kidding), but this has ended up as an outlet for my sanity since the conception of the blog. Sometimes it just helps to pound it out....

Stay tuned.... I am back! Have a great day!