Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 5 begins!

I have not been writing a daily post because you would be bored out of your mind! I am sparing you the details but I am keeping a daily journal for me. This is keeping me focused on the goal or at least that is what I tell myself.

Week 5 began on Sunday! Yes I am still excited and now a little nervous on what this all will look like. Can you say tough! Three sports one right after the other! Oh what have I gotten myself into? John says to me last night "thanks for getting me involved in this" I had to laugh and I replied simply "don't thank me yet"!

Last week John and I sucked at following the schedule for workouts. It being the week of Christmas and us being the procrastinator's that we are, there was little time for workouts. So this week I feel like we are going to have to play catch-up. I have several weeks before my first indoor tri but John only has till Jan 11th.

Staying on the program is key and I know that. I learned this week why they say swimming is all about practice. I didn't swim at all last week and on Sunday I felt like I was learning it for the first time. However, our little group of "Chicken of the Sea" are coming along quite well. You should see the progress we have made. Pam especially is showing us all up in the water. She might need to work with me! It is amazing to see people go from not knowing anything about swimming to finally making it down to the end. Now we just have to make it back to the other end.

Last night on our schedule was 45-60 min of cycle or cycle class plus a 15-20 min walk/run. At first I thought no problem, then I got started and was saying no way! That makes your legs very tired! But it was done and we were laughing and smiling at the end. I honestly right now cannot imagine what swim, bike, run looks like all in one day! Should be interesting.......

As the year draws to an end, yes I like everyone else am working on my 2009 resolutions. I am sticking to realistic goals and a plan on how to execute it! More to come before Jan 1st! Stay tuned for what should be interesting. I have some big things to work on next year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.

Thank you for being such great friends and readers. I know most of what I write about, you could probably care less, so for your loyalty, I thank you. This really started out as a way for me to look back on the journey and remember times that would be special only to me. All of you who follow have made it fun and made me accountable for my progress. Progress is definitely being made I promise!

I hope that you and your families have a great Christmas and safe holiday season.
Love and God Bless you all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Important Things

I thought I was an educated runner and knew about the important things. You know like your outfit matching your shoes, layering if it is cold, not increasing your mileage too quickly and oh yeah something about the right shoe. I guess I missed that whole thing. Running in a shoe that fits your foot I found out is very important! Stop saying "oh Amy you know you knew this". Yes I did. But obviously I am not a good judge in what is good for me.

I had my first physical therapy session today. Most of the time was used fitting for my orthotics. The second part was spent prodding at the points that hurt. The third part was a treatment of some sort that is done with electrical current. Now that was weird.

So he tells me to take my shoes and socks off and does his thing. I walk back and forth and he watches. Then he ask to see my running shoes if I have them with me. I was told to bring them so I did. He gets this contorted look about him and says "what group did you say you ran with". I proudly say Off N' Running, 2 years now. The conversation then goes something like "well who fit you for your shoes"? I couldn't remember if it was Scott or John but I know it was one of them. He ask me if they watched me walk or run in them. I said I am sure they did and he says "I am shocked"! That is so not the shoe for you. Then I remember back to when I first tried the New Balance 1223. It was a training run night and if you would wear a pair on your run then you get a free gift after you came back. Well for 6 miles those shoes felt good. Probably because there was a free gift and food afterwards. So guess what... the majority of my problems have come from weak ankles and poor shoes.

I feel like such a dumby! I never thought anything about those shoes not feeling good. I think I have just worn them for so long that I just assumed they were right. He showed me what they make my foot do and that is to make my ankles roll to the outside. Unless I run totally different than I walk, this poor guy is in amazement that I haven't hurt myself sooner.

So due to a bad shoe choice, I get to spend the next 3 weeks 3 days a week being a science project. That electrical shock treatment won't cure plantar facitis, but I should see a 75% improvement. I should be stronger in my ankles and well stretched.

Runners, my plea to you is to take the time to go stop by the shop and have Scott, John or Emily check to make sure the shoe you are wearing is right for you. I thank you, your feet will thank you and I am sure Off N Running will thank you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

You gotta love the little things

We all have those moments when we are learning something new and it just clicks. The excitement you get out of hearing someone say good job, you got it! Last night during swim clinic I got it. I actually swam one length of the pool without stopping. To those of you who know how to swim, yeah you can laugh. I will take whatever small improvement I get. Oh and no nose clip. I forgot it last night so I was forced to do it without one. I did ok. I think I feel safer with it on, so next time I will have it. Our little group, is looking better with every class we take. We sure do have alot of fun if nothing else. But really, we have come a long way since Swim Clinic #1.

In three weeks I have gone from being scared to death of water to now swimming (yes my face in the water) one length of the pool. I have a long way to go but I will take this victory and rejoice! I actually would like to stand on top of a mountain and scream but I will refrain from all that until I can swim 2 lengths! LOL!

We have homework and that is to work on laps. I am looking forward to getting to the pool tomorrow and working on laps.

I cannot thank the people enough who encouraged me to not quit in the beginning. Thanks for having faith in me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Negative Nelly

As if I didn't already know how negative I can be.... Our wonderful Tri Training Coach Suzanne Duncan called me out on it yesterday in a nicely worded email. Thanks to her my hands now hurt from being tapped with her ruler! Disclaimer: She was warned earlier that she could be subject to the blog!

Every two weeks we get our training calendars. With this comes a log that we are to keep and turn in to her. One so she can track our progress and how we feel and two for a prize drawing at the end. You know a prize at the end makes us all want to keep up with it up better. So I being that person who has never won anything will do whatever I can to try and win. Like saying I want to win the lottery but never buying a ticket. I turn my logs in a day early! I thought I was doing a great job of logging how I felt. You know my sarcastic humor and all. I hate a treadmill. I actually call it the dreadmill that is how bad I hate it. I would so much rather run outside in the cold freezing rain than get on that big black machine that takes me nowhere. I love the outdoors! So I explain on my dreadmill days how bad I hate it then on days I ran with my friends I put down how much I loved it. I made a comment about running people down on the expresso bike was hard. I didn't think of any of this as negative thoughts. Well the dreadmill maybe! Mrs. Duncan didn't see any of it that way. Let me share most of the email with you. "I would caution you to stop using the word "dreadmill" and getting bogged down in a little negativity about certain workouts. It's really interesting just reading your comments on the day you ran on the treadmill and the day you ran with your friends. It was like doom and gloom versus bright and cheery. Look at running people down on the Expresso bikes as a challenge versus something that's hard. I tend to do the same thing, even when I feel like I'm joking around. BUT, our minds are powerful, powerful, powerful20things. We are what our minds think we are. Think of yourself as a swimmer, and you will be a swimmer. Think of yourself as a strong cyclist, and you will be a strong cyclist. Think of treadmill running as a necessary part of training because that's where the race is going to be. You are always making yourself more mentally strong when you do a workout you don't necessarily like." Oh I did email her back and tell her how badly my hand hurt!

No really, I have always said I could be my own worst enemy. I think I sometimes try so had to succeed and when I don't feel like I did well, I bang myself up pretty badly. I will make an honest effort to not to do this, I promise.

The thing I am loving about all of this training is what I learn everyday. How I can push myself to limits I never thought of and how hard it is to be consistant with some things. Like my diet! That is for another day though. I am actually keeping a log of that as well. Should prove interesting. I told some family members last night, if I never ever cross a finish a line but learn to swim, it has all been worth it.

Thanks to everyone for your reminders that I can do anything I set my mind too. To my loyal groupies, thanks for following the blog. I LOVE GROUPIES... The more the merrier, so everyone sign up to follow me during this wonderful journey.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week 3 begins

Today starts week 3 of Tri Training. As I am sure your aware of by now, we have swim clinic on Sundays. I am slowly getting better. I have a longgggggggg way to go, but each time I make improvements. Which I am so totally excited about. I really never ever thought I would swim.

I am reading a book Triathlon 101. I got up early this morning and have made a commitment to finish this book. But in making that commitment, I made another one. I need to take this more seriously. That means that I need to get up and do my workouts in the morning. I need to stop putting it off until night when I am tired and don't give it the effort I should. So no more sleeping in for me. I have written down the schedule and I am gonna make myself do it. The added benefits are 1) I feel better after I workout in the mornings and 2) I can be at home at night to cook for my family. Now there are some nights, we have to be gone, but I need to be here as much as I can.

Marathon training will kick in soon as well. Which fits in well with the tri training we are doing as well. I will just do my long runs on Saturday. Of course that is if my foot holds up but we are not discussing that.

Just one little note on the foot. The dr. gave me a anti-inflammatory cream to use. I picked up the prescription yesterday. They hand us this huge bag of boxes, 5 to be exact. I thought how am I ever gonna use up all that cream. OK 4 oz. 4 times a day, I think I am gonna need alot. I used it yesterday and today and I think it actually works. Now it might all be in my head, but I did feel some relief. So now, I am off to lather up my feet! Yes I am using it on both. I will ward off any aches or pains before they start.

Good night blog world!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why do I get up early on Saturday

Saturday Dec 13th: 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off (hit snooze)
6:05 a.m. hit snooze again
6:10 a.m. hit snooze again (do I really want to do this)
6:15 a.m. I NEED COFFEE, I better get out of bed to get to McD's
before I meet my friends
6:45 a.m. leave the house, with the need for java
7:05 a.m. Coffee in hand, slowly enjoying it
7:30 a.m. Coffee down, friends arrive
7:35 a.m. Run begins......

That is how the morning looked.... I have not slept very well for 2 weeks now and this morning, I really wanted to just go back to sleep! It so helps knowing people are waiting on you. If not for that, I would sleep my Saturdays away. We got in almost 4 miles. It was cold. Took awhile to warm up but the layers came off 30 minutes into the run. It is always a treat to know at the end of the run that we are going to EAT! I run so that I can eat.....Cause I love food and food loves me.

I have nothing really to say except that I love running with this group of friends. We have so much fun while running together and the plans that we make while out there really shows that running effects the brain. So for those who don't run and are of sound mind, please let this stand as a disclaimer. RUNNING CAN CAUSE YOU TO DO THINGS YOU WOULD OF NEVER EVER SAID YES TO BEFORE! Well spent money due to the friends I have made!

John Connor I think I am going to have to stop running with you! The next I know I am going to be agreeing to that 60 mile bike ride!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hopefully the last time you will have to hear about it

I saw my new dr. this morning. I am impressed! I did not have to wait, they took me right back, I saw his PA then he came in. Very nice and professional. So if you need a good foot/ankle specialist, let me know.

He moved my feet around, looked at my MRI and said.....we have to start from square one....Me being me, stopped him said no we don't. I have been running 5-7 miles a week for about 3 weeks and I think we should stay at that. I know that I am diffecult but come on really.....He gave me steriod to take for 6 days, an anti-inflammatory to take after that, also using anti-inflammatory cream on the foot 4 times a day along with physical therapy 3 times a week for 2 weeks. Said I should be good as new by the time we are done with all this. I do have to get orthotics for my shoes but doesn't every runner we know have those?

Other than all that, I am good for now and if all that doesn't work then I will have to have surgery but he thinks since I am able to run right now I should do just fine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lazy day

I hate rainy days. They make me lazy. Yes lazier than normal. Today I just feel tired. Like I might be fighting a cold or something. So I dreaded swim clinic all day. I also dreaded the fact that the last couple of days the struggle is challenging me mentally. I went anyway......

On Wednesday nights Megan is our coach. She is young and very patient with us. She gets in the water and shows us what we are doing. Very basic and I like it. It came alot easier than I thought it would tonight. The breathing was not the struggle that is has been. So overall it was a great night for us "beginners" and I am actually getting up to go swim in the morning so I don't forget what I learned tonight. I have told John to swim in his lane and I will swim in mine. He is a great swimmer I just don't think spouses should try and teach each other. Makes for a long car ride home. LOL!

Blog is boring tonight but it is late and I am tired. For my loyal "foot followers", I see the new doc in the a.m. I will post a foot update later tomorrow. So far so good in that I have been able to run, granted I am not pushing any great mileage right now, but I will take what I can get. Kay and I are kind of resolved to the fact that our feet will just hurt from now on due to our injuries. "That is my story and I am stickin to it"!

Until tomorrow...... Goodnight

Sunday, December 7, 2008

1 down 9 more to go.....

The first week of Tri training is behind me. That means in 9 weeks I will be ready for my first indoor triathlon. I think I can, I think I can..... I know I can bike and run but this swimming thing might be a problem.

We had our third swim clinic tonight. I don't feel as good about swimming as I did on Wednesday night. I obviously suffer from ADD and can't do two things at one time, because I can't breath and move my arms and legs all at once. There has to be a way of doing one thing at time. If someone can google that, I would appreciate it.

Pam found a sight called www.relaxnswim.com. It shows you how to start in a pot of water breathing. Don't anyone just stop by this week. I might have my head in a pot of water. I think it looks ridiculous but at this point I am willing to try anything.

John the fish is willing to work with me. I am a horrible student, I am concerned he might try to drown me. So if I come up missing, have him questioned first!

It has been a good week. Good part is I am still excited! I am working on my list of Sprint Tri's to do first. Looks like White Lake is going to be it. I at least have until May. Also during this I will be training for my first Marathon as well. Gosh, I am tired just typing it. Sleep is needed..... Goodnight.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Triad Tri Team

Last night was the Triad Tri Team Christmas party. John and I are new members and we were excited to "meet the team". We have several friends that are new members as well. Keith and Christine Flowe, John and Pam Connor, and Heather Johnson-Dunnings (our recruiter). Of course I know all these folks from my running group. I am not sure whose bright idea it was to do a tri, but I am glad they convinced us to do it. Heather was the one that told us about TTT. I am not sure how many people this girl has introduced to TTT, but I am sure it is alot. She seems very passionate about it.

When I think of athletes I automatically think, skinny, tall, and very fast people. I am not tall or skinny and boy I will never be fast, but I like to consider myself an athlete. As you can see from the picture, we come in all shapes and sizes. As you have heard me say in earlier posts, run your own race! Yes it is a competition but against who? For me I want to learn to race me, myself and I. If I can beat myself most of the time. I think I have made great accomplishment. OK and if I beat John I have done good. He hates when I come in before him, so I had to put that in there.

Best part of this party was being with friends, old and new. I came into the clubhouse and there was a lady there I just knew I that I knew her. So as the night went on, I had to ask if we went to high school together. Sure enough we did. Janet (Woody) Carter. Janet was a cheerleader in school so I could see her doing this with no problem. What you find in running is that at races you see the same people time after time. So faces become very familiar. Nice to see some of those last night.

I think we have made a good decision in joining this group. The calendar is full of exciting events each month. We are sure to learn alot and if not at least have fun. Isn't that what life is all about?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swim Clinic #2

You all have gathered by now I am not a swimmer, will not claim to ever be a good swimmer but I have stepped out of my comfort zone and am willing to learn.

Last night was clinic number 2 and I drug myself there in the cold all the while griping and complaining on why was I doing this again. Oh that is right because a Triathlon is Swim Bike Run... Yeah now I remember......

I get there a few minutes early to try and get some extra time to relax and work with my fish like husband. Who just glides through the water I might add. We didn't meet at a pool or beach that is for sure. He would of left as soon as he saw me in the kiddie pool! I borrowed nose clips from Pam and I thought I would see if that helped. Hilton and Suzanne seemed to think it might. So why not. Then when I quit I could say I had tried it all. Much to my surprise it did help. I looked extremely stupid but it helped. I think pictures are needed. That way you get the full effect of this.

We had a different coach last night and she was excited to be working with us "older people" I think she called us. But she gave us some simple things to do like blow bubbles in the water and to breathe out of our mouths not our nose. Good thing mine was plugged! So I did that and then she sent us off to do some strokes. Scared to death at first, but the next thing I knew it, I was SWIMMING! I don't think I even knew it was happening. Then I lift my head I had made it quite a ways down the lane. I had actually been swimming. Everyone clapped and cheered. It was funny and rewarding all at the same time.

I did it! I can't believe it and I am ready to go back again! Have to do it again before Sunday so I don't forget what I just learned.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 4

Today is the 4th day of training. Excitement has not subsided. I am sure as the weeks progress I will be asking myself why the heck I punish my body the way I do. My feet ask me that every morning that I put them on the floor. Surely the rest of my body will do the same.

Last night we had a running clinic. I expected to hear that my form was off, that I needed to do this or that and to try and land on my feet a different way. I got none of that, so I felt better. She just told me to relax my shoulders and pump my arms back and forth more. That would propel me forward. So if you ever see some crazy blond on the Greenway pumping her arms back and forth like crazy, it is me trying to propel my slow behind forward more......LOL!

I warned people in the beginning of this blog that you might one day become subject to being picked on or made fun of in my writing. Today it is going to be John. If any of you have ever watched my husband run, you know it is hilarious. Poor fellow is flat footed and bow legged. If he runs with me, I swear I run in front to not laugh at him. I have told him he expends so much energy moving his arms all around, no wonder he is tired before he ever gets anywhere. I just knew she was going to take all the wind out of his sails when she got to him..... So when it was over and I asked him what she said, he said she just told him to relax his shoulders and bring his arms down. OK that is why I am not a professional. Let me apologize to you here honey! SORRY for making fun of you! Can't wait to run with him now.

Tonight it is back to swimming. Well for some of them it is swimming. I am not really sure what I will do. I have borrowed a nose clip thingy from Pam. Hopefully that will help me! I know you all just can't wait to hear how it goes. So until tomorrow...... Have a great Wednesday.