Friday, December 5, 2008

Triad Tri Team

Last night was the Triad Tri Team Christmas party. John and I are new members and we were excited to "meet the team". We have several friends that are new members as well. Keith and Christine Flowe, John and Pam Connor, and Heather Johnson-Dunnings (our recruiter). Of course I know all these folks from my running group. I am not sure whose bright idea it was to do a tri, but I am glad they convinced us to do it. Heather was the one that told us about TTT. I am not sure how many people this girl has introduced to TTT, but I am sure it is alot. She seems very passionate about it.

When I think of athletes I automatically think, skinny, tall, and very fast people. I am not tall or skinny and boy I will never be fast, but I like to consider myself an athlete. As you can see from the picture, we come in all shapes and sizes. As you have heard me say in earlier posts, run your own race! Yes it is a competition but against who? For me I want to learn to race me, myself and I. If I can beat myself most of the time. I think I have made great accomplishment. OK and if I beat John I have done good. He hates when I come in before him, so I had to put that in there.

Best part of this party was being with friends, old and new. I came into the clubhouse and there was a lady there I just knew I that I knew her. So as the night went on, I had to ask if we went to high school together. Sure enough we did. Janet (Woody) Carter. Janet was a cheerleader in school so I could see her doing this with no problem. What you find in running is that at races you see the same people time after time. So faces become very familiar. Nice to see some of those last night.

I think we have made a good decision in joining this group. The calendar is full of exciting events each month. We are sure to learn alot and if not at least have fun. Isn't that what life is all about?

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Carrie said...

That's funny that you met/reunited with Janet last night. She works in childwatch at the Y and Grace and Barrett LOVE her. Small world!