Sunday, August 31, 2008

6 unspectacular quirks

OK I was tagged by my friend Dena in her post and asked to post 6 unspectacular quirks about myself before tagging my friends. Not sure exactly why she is doing this to me.. I thought she liked me! Well here it goes.

OK... I don't have any quirks but I am going to try!

1) I can't go to sleep with a dirty kitchen or bathroom! The rest of my house could be dirty dirty but you better bet my kitchen and bathrooms are clean. I spray my shower daily! I try to clean my toilets daily as well. OCD I know......

2) I hate people who put their hands on glass doors. Why do you have to touch the glass when there is a perfectly good door knob or frame around the door! Do not touch glass! Someone has to clean it!

3) I have to make my bed when I get out of it. First it makes your room look clean automaticlly. Second, I just hate to see an unmade bed. I make my kids make their beds as well. Hopefully, they will be better people for it as adults.

4) I leave my shoes at the front door or whatever door I come in. John hates this. He is constantly bringing shoes to me. If you leave them there, I will know where they are when I want to put them on the next time.

5) I talk to my pets as if they were people. I mean we have conversations and they talk back. They will talk to you if you like. I make this funny sounding voice and I will act like they are talking to you or asking you a question. Yes I know I am crazy, I have been diagnosed!

6) Gosh I am not sure... I bet if you asked my friends they would find tons of things I am quirky about.... Just read their comments to this later!

Thanks Dena for tagging me.... The only person I know to tag is Jessica and I don't know how to tag her formally. So Jessica, consider yourself tagged!

Drag Queen Runner

Was today not hilarious with Tamara showing up reaking of the fun she had last night? Well if your dad is reading Tamara, she was drunk still this morning Bert.

Tamara and I made a pack that we would not leave the other on our runs. Well not that I was having a stellar run or anything, but again we are "buddies" for a reason. I couldn't of left her today if I wanted to. I wore flip flops yesterday most of the day and my feet kill me when I run if I have have worn those stupid flip flops the day before. So, we took several walk breaks and potty breaks. Not long walk breaks. But we still had fun. I think she and Kenneth would of made great running partners today. Too bad he wasn't there.

Funniest part of this whole run was all the honking going on by passer bys. I am sure it was me. You know the soaking wet T-shirt I am sure is enough to cause and accident. Yeah right in my dreams! If you could of seen Tamara at one point, she had mascara that had run down her face and she said something about "cuteness or her looking like a drag queen"... I thought I would die! We have decided that we probably could be faster, but we want running to be fun and we are having fun! Too much fun I am sure.

Onto a non-running subject. The move is almost complete. Just a few things left but I am too darn tired to get it finished today. John made me work today. Does he not realize I ran 13 miles this morning? Isn't that work enough? (Yes he reads these, hehe) So I am tired and I am going to rest on the couch now... Yes he is doing stuff. The man cannot let anything sit unfinished! Kills me..... I would live out of boxes for a year. He has to have it all put away today!

Great run today and thanks to all of you who where waiting at the coffee shop! It is so much fun running in to the chears.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Aren't Fridays meant for fun? Shouldn't I be allowed to goof off just a little during work? Should I not be able to come home and have nothing to do? This week has been very, very busy. My boss often wonders what I do, well I hope he figured it out the last 4 days. Thank God for a holiday on Monday.

Today was not fun, heck probably no fun all weekend. We started moving tonight. Can you tell that I am really not doing much of the moving at all. I am a great supervisor. I can tell others what to do really well. So I am sure that John is getting a little tired of me not really making an effort. He and Ricky are doing a fantastic job! We have two bedrooms moved and it is only 9:13 p.m. I think that is going to be it for tonight. I didn't have that much stuff to move anyway. I hate STUFF! So there isn't alot of it to move. Oh and a little secret. I have a really bad temper and am liable to toss something at you if made mad, so I don't have nick nacks either..... HA HA! I know go figure that about me! Who would of thought. Sweet little me, flinging things!

Well back to the moving process, we have all the time in the world to get it all, well not really that place really needs to be rented! But at least the girls are sleeping in their beds tonight and it feels like home again. Weird, for me, it feels like I never left.

I did manage to get my 5 miles in tonight. I am selfish that way. I have a schedule and I am trying my ever loving best to keep it!

I am riding bikes with some people tomorrow, 20-25 miles, trying to prepare for next weekend. I can't wait so I hope this gets over with soon. I need to get to bed and REST! Poor John!

Good night and sleep tight ever one!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"This is why I don't come to the gym"

Not my quote but I am using it today because we got such a good laugh from it.
Tamara and I decided to meet at the gym today. It was raining too hard to run outside so we met at Gold's to do our workout. I am not quite sure we got a good workout in, but we tried.

We decided to do our 3 miles on the treadmill. I hate running on a treadmill. It hurts my feet and my shins. We start out with a warm up and then we start running. We of course are catching up (aka talking) since we really hadn't talked since Sunday. Then we both start complaining. "My feet and my shins hurt, I hate running on a treadmill", "I have to use the bathroom", "I hate running on a treadmill", "At 1.5 miles lets go get on the stationary bike". Mile 1.5 we stop and get on the bike. To say the least it gets worse...."this hurts my butt","I am fat, if I would stop eating", "I didn't wear the right shorts for this", "this is why I don't go to gyms, too many mirrors". Someone, I won't mention names, complains the entire time we are at the gym. It is not ME this time..... Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Tamara made me laugh so hard with all her complaining. Today Tamara took over being Amy. All of you who know her or feel like you know her from this blog, know she does not really complain at all. That is what was so funny about it! Thanks friend for the laughs! You make this fun!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Schools In

The day all of us parents wait for but then we regret at the same time. The first day of school...... Well for me it is just that way and I think I feel the same way every year. I say all summer long, "I can't wait for school to start". Then school starts and I cry.

Today I sent my children off. I thought for sure it would be an easy day, they both were excited that school was starting. They got up easy, took their showers, got dressed, ate breakfast, I made their lunches and yes I made them take pictures. I will post those later. Well then it started....they started being "girls". The make-up, the hair, and yes being mean about some of their classmates. I hate this. I hate when kids are picked on. Why do I hate it so much, I did it. I picked on people that were not like me. Well if I could apologize to them now I would. I feel horrible. So I really hate when my kids do it and I thought I taught them better. Oh well.....

We get in the car, we are off to our first day as a SENIOR and EIGHT Grader. Yes the older one reminded all day yesterday she would be senior today. Jordan is a beautiful girl, but strong willed is just the nicest way I know to put it. Ally is the exact opposite, most of the time. The older she gets the more like me she becomes. Watch out world! Ally forgets her lunch! "Mom, can you bring it back to me".... "No you are in the 8th grade, I am not bringing your lunch back", "Mom", "Ally", "I am calling dad"! Boy what a lovely ride to school that was. Yes I took the kids lunch back. I enable my children to be lazy and unaccountable. However, when they got out of the car, I was struck with this is the last 180 days, I will take Jordan to school. Ally told us last night she will take teh first part of drivers education next December. My youngest kid driving a car. Hell I can't afford for one to drive, never the less two of them. Thank God John sells cars.

Where did the time go? Where did my sweet little cuddly babies go? Yes they grew up and did I miss something important? I want them to be independant, but I don't want them to stop needing the love of their mother. To kiss away the hurt, the fear and wipe away the tears. All the things I didn't have as a child, I wanted to give to my kids. I hope I am doing a decent job of it. I find being a parent the hardest thing I have ever done in life, although I am sure when I finish my marathon I might think parenting is easy. I only have one regret, that I would of slowed down the pace of our lives and maybe enjoyed the quiet times more. You don't get them back that is for sure.

OK enough of that, I am going to spend the rest of the day crying!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My stars lined up

Finally, my stars lined up and I had a good run. Who would of thought that after yesterday and the bike ride.

I promised myself I was going to run and not complain. I was not going to tell myself I couldn't or that I was dying during the run. I didn't do either of those, Tamara and I did not talk as much, but yes we did talk and we had a great run. I love our new meeting place knowing there is a reward at the end might help. Rohbust-oh (I am sure I have screwed their name up), but great muffins and coffee. Thanks to Keith I have a snack later!

Party on the couch today. Oh how I wish..... I have back to school shopping and open house at the high school. Only question I have is why do I have to take a Senior to Open House. Does she not know by now what to expect? Cause I sure do. Hard to believe that my child will graduate this year. OK I will not get sad and mushy cause I am feeling way to pumped for all that. I will save it Tuesday when I actually drop them off for school.

Awesome job today gang. See you tomorrow night for the bike ride.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tour to Tanglewood

John and I decided to participate in the Tour to Tanglewood just a few weeks ago. We thought ok we can do the 20 mile ride each day with no problem and not much time to train. We have ridden our bikes for short distances at a time. By that I mean the first ride was 7 miles and the longest being 15 miles long. Again, not much training.

Tour to Tanglewood is a very organized event. Training rides that lead up to the actual date (Sept 6th and 7th) are offered for several weeks. Of course we missed most of those for several reasons. So today was the last one before the ride. We are nervous that we are going to get there and being the newbies we will be days getting in from this. We have never ridden in a group so that in itself makes me super nervous. So to say the least, NO SLEEP last night. We take showers to try an wake up this morning. We get there, 30 minutes early (you can tell we are new at this). They hand out cue sheets. I am mentally expecting 20 to 25 miles today. Where did I get that number, who the heck knows. The cue sheet says TOTAL 38.4 miles. Can you say I about fell over. We contemplated leaving. There was no way we could ride that far. The only saving grace might be the 3 rest stops. Ok, we meet up the group we are riding with, Wells Fargo Team. John, Vicki and Kelly have participated in several training rides I think. They knew what they were doing anyways. Oh you know me, I had 3 cups of coffee before we leave home and I have to use the bathroom. By this time, the line is out the door. I wait in line, they give the safety speech (I couldn't hear it), everyone leaves. Even our team. So we are the last ones out. In running, you all know I hate hills... I mean I hate hills. Can you say this entire course is hilly and I don't mean a gentle rolling hill, I MEAN A HILL! OK we make it to the first rest stop. Kudos to the Horny Town Fire Dept. You really know how to provide for bikers. It was great. We met up with two guys that are in Johns lodge. He is a Mason and some of the guys are riding in it. So Patrick and Rob say come ride with us. Sure we will......MISTAKE... No not really, we did a great job of keeping up with the men who run marathons and are doing an adventure race in Oct. I was totally shocked at myself. I finished the 38.4 miles, before my husband (not far in front, but in front) and before my team.... YEAH ME! I only say that because I really was going to go home and say bag it, I am riding the 20 miles.

Does my butt hurt? Like a you know what (you can fill in whatever you want). It hurts. But I am pumped and no I am not looking forward to going out in the morning for an 11.5 mile training run. But I will complete it!

Two great things I learned today, don't say I can't do it, and don't be afraid of something new. I might actually be able to succeed at something if I stop telling myself I can't or I am going to die if I do this... I met some really nice people and we gained some folks to ride with. John Y., Kelly and Vicki, thanks for letting us join your team. Thanks Rob and Patrick for helping me push myself beyond my normal limits and for the advice on how to use my new bike. John, thanks for supporting my new madness, it means alot to me to have you by my side.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Am I that out of shape?

Am I slow because I am out of shape? I have no idea why I struggle so some days (ok most days) or why my lungs do not want to seem to carry me through a short stupid 4 miles. Do I not push myself enough? Do I not cross train enough, have I not lost enough weight or body fat, do I eat so poorly that it doesn't fuel the runs? What the heck is the answer here and what am I doing wrong?

This is a recovery week so our mileage has been manageable. Not hard (until Sunday that is 11 miles) and we are supposed to recovering. I am not sure what I am recovering from since my last few attempts at running have sucked eggs royally and I am beginning to feel bad for my running partner as well as myself. I am holding her back and that is obvious by the heavy breathing I am doing, not able to carry a full conversation on, never the less talk much at all. Yet, Tamara is laughing, barely broken a sweat, laughing and of course being the best at mentally pushing me along. I told her leave me, I don't and would not want anyone to stay back with me because they picked me as their running partner. Kudos to her for being that good of a friend! Thanks, I appreciate you! But if you need to leave me, I will be sad and cry, but go on!

Right now I really am wondering what the heck I was thinking when I thought I could run 26.2 miles. I will not give up, but darn I feel so out of shape and it is really getting old and I don't know what else to do about it.

I am feeling a self pity party coming on. Did I really stop drinking for this? I might have to change that. Pity hates a party of one.

Stretch it out

For the last 8 months I have been really bothered by a very tight hamstring. I would say there are days that it "kills" me. But other days it is just tight. Too stubborn to go see a doctor because I was afraid of what they might say. So I just ignore it and keep taking my 4 advil everyday for good measure. Advil has turned into my "apple a day".

After some very tight days, I decided to schedule a stretching session with one of the new trainers at Michael Broadway's Personal Training gym. (Free plug) here... Chris is new and after missing several days of boot camp, Michael suggested I do this. I am impressed that if you miss a class or two, you get an email or phone call to say we missed you, is something wrong. Tamara and I met with Chris and after about 30 minutes of learning stretches to help, my hamstring is not so tight.

So if you all see Tamara and I doing these after we run, don't laugh... I think it might help out!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life Insurance Plot

Today our group met for our normal Tuesday training. We get an email from Marisa that we are doing a fartlek run. OK I have to admit I have read about these but never have I experienced one.

We meet, we greet, we get our instructions and off we go! Tamara and I stop for a potty break on our warm up and then we are off. My faithful friend has the duty of timing our fartleks. We run the first one, yeah it is tough but ok after a 90 second recovery I am doing ok. Or at least I think I am. How many more do we have? She informs we there are 5 of them and the recovery period gets shorter each time. Who the heck thought of that?. Second one down, third down, I am sinking, my breathing becomes more difficult each time. Fourth one, my heart rate is 190 bpm and I am wheezing. OK I can't catch my breath, my arms are tingling..... I need an oxygen mask... I need my inhaler. Oh did I mention, I have asthma? Yes ASTHMA! Vinegar water is not going to help this acute attack! Please someone force air into my lungs. "Tamara you go on without me, I don't want to slow you down". What does my buddy do? She says "no I am not leaving you while you can't breathe". That is a true friend. But then she informs me that we have 2 more to do.... but maybe not in all out sprints. Then I start thinking.... hmmmm... life insurance.... she is trying to kill me and she and John are splitting my life insurance. I get over the fact my new best friend and my husband are trying to knock me off, and we begin the next one....ok I can't stand for anyone to pass me or leave me behind. So I try to run just as fast Tamara. I keep up, and then the last one! Yes we run all out on it. It is the last one so we kick it into high gear. Then Tamara makes the comment that goes something like I have to keep up whether I can't breathe or not. I hate that... I hate being passed and I hate being left. Yes I realize it happens quite often but if I can help it, it won't happen. That is how I got my running buddy and great friend Jessica from last years group. We were running the track and I could see her catching me on the track so I would speed up. Each time she got close I would speed up again, she finally yells to me that she is trying to run with me not pass me. Sure, I will let you run with me, but I won't let you pass me. Now look, Jess and I are great friends and I can't wait for her to run with me again. This only applies to people who run in my time frame... So Keith, Dena, Chris, John and Pam, have no fear......

Great training tonight group! Thanks for teaching me something new Marisa. Your ears won't be burning tonight. Tamara, thanks for staying with me. I will be checking with my insurance guy tomorrow....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Running Rx

I have discovered why it is I torture my body! I run for my sanity. Oh for those of you who think I am crazy, you should of met me before I started running. Then I found running shoes, pavement and fresh air no matter how hot or cold would seem to calm everything down. If only that second voice in my head would go get some shoes. I think I saved Blue Cross a payout. I deserve a discount on the insurance premium. Note to self, call and talk to them about that.

I missed my long run yesterday due to several things. Poor communication being the first (or so I read in someone else's blog), lack of sleep and again self pity of "why me". So for the rest of the day I felt on edge with everyone. The least little bit of extra noise seemed to just make the hair on my neck want to stand up. I needed my run! I needed pavement beneath my feet and the time spent calming the anxiousness inside me. I needed that time to think and clear my head. At the end of that run I would know that everything in my life that seems so turned upside down at times would be A OK if only I could finish. We rode our bikes almost 15 miles, but it just wasn't the same. Something about cars whizzing by that doesn't give you time to clear your thoughts.

So for those that work too much, stressed, family trouble or just in general need an outlet, try on a pair of running shoes. Sit on the side of your bed, lace them up and walk out the door, take a deep breath, put one foot in front of the other, and I would bet by the end of that run, you feel a release! Therefore, this is why running has become my Rx for whatever it is that bothers me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Running and Food

OK after tons of "self pity", I had a good run today. I have to admit this and I hate to, we talked less the second half and the run seemed "easier" if there is such a thing. We might have to try this more often. Well maybe not but it is a good thought.

I was up at 5:30 making homemade banana bread this morning because I had promised my faithful friend banana bread french toast. OH IT WAS GOOD! We are going to start rewarding ourselves with food. I really might need to stay in boot camp if I do that. Of course the Pampered Chef Brunch was just a little while later, and we feasted on Spinach, Bacon and Alfredo pizza and for dessert, a Mocha Brownie Truffle.... YUMMY! Thanks to everyone who came, and if you didn't and your interested in placing an order, I will have books with me tomorrow or you can go to and let me know your order and I will place it for you.

Overall, a good day. Only thing I have to do now is deal with that 16 year old of mine and pray my buddy is not sick and can run with me tomorrow. I might need to get her some chicken soup!

See you on the course........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some days are better than others

I wonder what makes today so much harder than lets say Sunday? I am only speaking for myself because I have a wonderful running partner. As I look at what Scotty says on the screen today sucked. I had a hard time! Ok I still didn't run an 11:00 minute mile but not far off. The rest of our group just breezes by us like it is nothing. Tamara and I have talked about this, we are not racing you, we are racing ourselves, so it doesn't matter. But my competive spirit says why can't I be fast like that. Maybe the fat that giggles around my waste and my butt is the reason.... Oh who knows! Can you say disgusted with myself. So boot camp, here I come. I had almost convinced myself that I was doing enough with biking and running. Obvisously not! See you tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. Michael Broadway.

So now I am mad and that is all there is to this post. Right now I hate running and feel like I will never be able to finish 26.2 miles. without dying!

Good night!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The beauty of nature

Tamara and I ran trails today. I forgot what a workout that could be. I don't know if I am more mentally tired from looking at roots or if my body is tired from last night then add today on top of that.

But I forgot how calming trails where. Just the fresh air, the trees, squirrels and oh the family of deer. They were beautiful. Of course I scared them and they ran off but it is just nice being one with nature. The beauty of nature is truly God's way of saying to me enjoy what I have made. We ran at Jamestown Park. It goes around the lake and you end up on the Greenway.

This is new for me, but I am trying to find something everyday I am thankful for. Today I am super thankful that I have a running buddy that doesn't agree with me when I am looking for a way out of running. LIKE THE RAIN! It rained all afternoon at my office so I just knew I would get the day off.... Not happening. Thanks Tamara for saying YEP I am on my way to your house!

Until tomorrow..... 6 mile tempo run. Boy that should be fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cuteness on the hill

Today we were given the choice of running at Country Park (Predict your 5K) or to go with the schedule,hill repeats. 5x for us marathoners. That is 5x up a hill that is about 1/2 mile long verses 3.1 miles around Country Park. A no brainer if you ask me. I will take Country Park anyday. What do I get, bullied into saying yes to hill repeats or I look like the whiner that I truly am. So strong armed into it and where do we end up? You got it Hill Repeats.

Is there such a word as cuteness? There is now. Tamara and I have decided that we have to look cute when we run hills because we are sooooooo sloowwwwww!

We both show up tonight in running skirts and matching tops! No we did not match but our shirts matched our skirts. We are not that lame yet. Next week! Boy we looked good. Too pretty to run that stupid hill. Cars beeped at us a couple of times. We are keeping with the thought that it is because we looked good running up that hill. It was never coming down the hill, where I am sure we looked more schooled in running. When in reality it probably was hurry up girls people are passing you. No excuses we finished! Kudos to all of you who make it look so easy. One day maybe! Wishful thinking on my part I am sure, but who knows!

Hill repeats complete and my legs hurt. Hot shower and advil needed!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't forget the bandaids....

OK this is totally random, but yesterday after we ran our 10 miles at Northeast Park, we had the pleasure and honor of watching one of our own compete in a triathlon along with cheering on the wives of several other group members. Keith Flowe you kicked ass on that course! You made Team Evolve very proud!

Several weeks ago I noticed that Keith had shaved his legs. Of course I had to call him out. He takes it so well. We all got a good laugh about it. Well then I saw my husband later that day and what a surprise, he had shaved his legs as well. What is it with men shaving their legs, I thought? I hope you both bought stock in Gillette. You are going to use alot of razor blades! So today when I was reading my favorite website, they have an article on men who shave.
I got the biggest laugh this morning with this.

Hats off to you all for being serious about your sports and shaving! Don't forget the bandaids....

Happy Monday to you all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Vacation is over and another LSD (Long Slow Distance) completed. I woke up early as I do every Sunday to prepare myself physically and mentally for this run. I was ready mentally! Physically, I failed!

While on vacation I promised myself I would not slack off. I would put in my time running and do the workouts on our training schedule. We took our bikes also. So I thought, heck I will even bike while I am there. I will be in great shape when I come back and Sunday's run will be a piece of cake. Ha Ha Ha Ha. No piece of cake I have ever had. Obviously I was lazy on vacation. But that is what vacation is for right? But, we took our bikes. John and I rode the bikes while there. We did decent mileage as well. One day we rode 9 miles plus we ran 3 miles on the beach. Did none of this count for anything?????? NO IT DID NOT!

Northeast Park is a beautiful place! The 10.2 miles around the outside of the park are HELL! Oh those rolling country hills. I am not sure how many times I personally dropped the "F" bomb but I know it was too many. We were warned about one hill affectionately named "Mount Everest" and we would come up on hills that we thought were pretty steep and long and go "oh I wonder if that is it". No they were not it.... You knew damn good and well when you got there. At the bottom it looked like it would never end! I told Tamara "we are going to own this hill". We own 1/2 of it! It was just too much for me. Yes, I walked! I begged several volunteers for rides back to the park and none of them would take me. What is up with that. I thought Sheriff's served the public? No service to this dying runner today! I had to make the way back and poor Tamara had to suffer with me.

So I have decided, NO VACATIONS EVER DURING TRAINING. I am not mentally strong enough to say no to sleeping late, laying on the beach all day oh and the bar right next to the beach!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Runs....

I forgot how much I love to get up early on my day off and run! NOT!!!!! But thank God I have running partners who will say yes to "do you wanna run"! Tamara and I set off this morning bright and early with the rest of the thousands of people at Battleground Park. Miss Kay ran stairs this morning and I can't imagine that on the day before a long and/or tempo run. We ran our four miles and Scotty says we did pretty darn good.

The best part of the day is we went shopping afterwards. OK maybe it was Biscuitville, but the shopping was fun. I drug Tamara along to all the stores I had to go to before I go on vacation tomorrow. We went to the bike store first. I have her convinced and we picked a bike out. Couldn't get her on it because someone didn't think they could leave without buying it. I love to go shopping after running. People certainly don't bother you or offer to help you! Maybe the lingering odor offends them.

I am doing our long run tomorrow then heading to the beach for the week. Where I have been told the weather is beautiful! I can't wait.... However, the dedicated runner in me is feeling very guility that I will miss two training runs! I promise to run and ride my bike while I am gone....Not that you will care or miss them, but no blogs for a week. Oh whatever will you all do? Just read Tamara's, Dena's and Jessica's. They are sure to keep you entertained in my absense!

Have a great week everyone and do some extra core work for me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wanted: New Running Buddies

I told Kay and Tamara that would be the title of the post for last nights run. But it so far from the truth. It is probably what they would like to write, but sorry girls your stuck with me. I will stalk and hunt you down if you try to leave me.

For those of you who run know how important your running partners are. Well for me, it is make or break the runner that I am. I hate to run alone! I have no one to talk to and that makes for a quitter in me. Derrick told me tonight if I can still talk, I am not running fast enough, this is while he is asking John Conner if I run with him. Yeah right in my dreams maybe! I have my priorities you know.

My running partner last year, Jessica, pushed me through some pretty painful runs and I don't know if I would of made it without her. Kay and Tamara are keeping me on track as well. Kay does anyway, Tamara keeps us laughing so I am not sure what we will do about that... I think we do have too much fun running. I get side stitches from laughing..... So girls my new goal is to not talk so much on one run and see if we do better. I didn't say which one, so don't worry, it won't be on Sundays 10 miler!

TGIF and see you all on Sunday.......