Sunday, August 24, 2008

My stars lined up

Finally, my stars lined up and I had a good run. Who would of thought that after yesterday and the bike ride.

I promised myself I was going to run and not complain. I was not going to tell myself I couldn't or that I was dying during the run. I didn't do either of those, Tamara and I did not talk as much, but yes we did talk and we had a great run. I love our new meeting place knowing there is a reward at the end might help. Rohbust-oh (I am sure I have screwed their name up), but great muffins and coffee. Thanks to Keith I have a snack later!

Party on the couch today. Oh how I wish..... I have back to school shopping and open house at the high school. Only question I have is why do I have to take a Senior to Open House. Does she not know by now what to expect? Cause I sure do. Hard to believe that my child will graduate this year. OK I will not get sad and mushy cause I am feeling way to pumped for all that. I will save it Tuesday when I actually drop them off for school.

Awesome job today gang. See you tomorrow night for the bike ride.


Happyrunningbunny said...

Yeah!! Today's run was awesome. We actually ended up doing about 10:27 pace which is great. I'm glad I didn't point out how fast you were going, then you might have slowed down.

Kay said...

Great job yesterday!!!!!!! I'll be at the park walking tonight so please dont run over me...I promise to get our of your way...We start about 5:30 so will see you on the road