Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stretch it out

For the last 8 months I have been really bothered by a very tight hamstring. I would say there are days that it "kills" me. But other days it is just tight. Too stubborn to go see a doctor because I was afraid of what they might say. So I just ignore it and keep taking my 4 advil everyday for good measure. Advil has turned into my "apple a day".

After some very tight days, I decided to schedule a stretching session with one of the new trainers at Michael Broadway's Personal Training gym. (Free plug) here... Chris is new and after missing several days of boot camp, Michael suggested I do this. I am impressed that if you miss a class or two, you get an email or phone call to say we missed you, is something wrong. Tamara and I met with Chris and after about 30 minutes of learning stretches to help, my hamstring is not so tight.

So if you all see Tamara and I doing these after we run, don't laugh... I think it might help out!

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