Sunday, August 10, 2008


Vacation is over and another LSD (Long Slow Distance) completed. I woke up early as I do every Sunday to prepare myself physically and mentally for this run. I was ready mentally! Physically, I failed!

While on vacation I promised myself I would not slack off. I would put in my time running and do the workouts on our training schedule. We took our bikes also. So I thought, heck I will even bike while I am there. I will be in great shape when I come back and Sunday's run will be a piece of cake. Ha Ha Ha Ha. No piece of cake I have ever had. Obviously I was lazy on vacation. But that is what vacation is for right? But, we took our bikes. John and I rode the bikes while there. We did decent mileage as well. One day we rode 9 miles plus we ran 3 miles on the beach. Did none of this count for anything?????? NO IT DID NOT!

Northeast Park is a beautiful place! The 10.2 miles around the outside of the park are HELL! Oh those rolling country hills. I am not sure how many times I personally dropped the "F" bomb but I know it was too many. We were warned about one hill affectionately named "Mount Everest" and we would come up on hills that we thought were pretty steep and long and go "oh I wonder if that is it". No they were not it.... You knew damn good and well when you got there. At the bottom it looked like it would never end! I told Tamara "we are going to own this hill". We own 1/2 of it! It was just too much for me. Yes, I walked! I begged several volunteers for rides back to the park and none of them would take me. What is up with that. I thought Sheriff's served the public? No service to this dying runner today! I had to make the way back and poor Tamara had to suffer with me.

So I have decided, NO VACATIONS EVER DURING TRAINING. I am not mentally strong enough to say no to sleeping late, laying on the beach all day oh and the bar right next to the beach!


Happyrunningbunny said...

Yes, I more vacations during training! Only because I miss you too much when you are gone. I know you may not have FELT great today but you WERE great, so be proud of yourself, I am!

Jessica and Kevin said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Vacations are for relaxing, putting on a few LBs and then paying for it when you get home :)Be proud that you came back and actually did the long run today. You're doing great!