Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drag Queen Runner

Was today not hilarious with Tamara showing up reaking of the fun she had last night? Well if your dad is reading Tamara, she was drunk still this morning Bert.

Tamara and I made a pack that we would not leave the other on our runs. Well not that I was having a stellar run or anything, but again we are "buddies" for a reason. I couldn't of left her today if I wanted to. I wore flip flops yesterday most of the day and my feet kill me when I run if I have have worn those stupid flip flops the day before. So, we took several walk breaks and potty breaks. Not long walk breaks. But we still had fun. I think she and Kenneth would of made great running partners today. Too bad he wasn't there.

Funniest part of this whole run was all the honking going on by passer bys. I am sure it was me. You know the soaking wet T-shirt I am sure is enough to cause and accident. Yeah right in my dreams! If you could of seen Tamara at one point, she had mascara that had run down her face and she said something about "cuteness or her looking like a drag queen"... I thought I would die! We have decided that we probably could be faster, but we want running to be fun and we are having fun! Too much fun I am sure.

Onto a non-running subject. The move is almost complete. Just a few things left but I am too darn tired to get it finished today. John made me work today. Does he not realize I ran 13 miles this morning? Isn't that work enough? (Yes he reads these, hehe) So I am tired and I am going to rest on the couch now... Yes he is doing stuff. The man cannot let anything sit unfinished! Kills me..... I would live out of boxes for a year. He has to have it all put away today!

Great run today and thanks to all of you who where waiting at the coffee shop! It is so much fun running in to the chears.

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Happyrunningbunny said...

HAHAHA!!! Yes today was great, I still can't believe I made it though I did come home and pass out! Thanks for sticking with me.