Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free to a good home!

This is the reason I can't run. If you need a little yappy dog that loves to trip people, chew your shoes, eat your socks and underwear, she's your dog. Free to a good home if I can get her away from Ally long enough to bring her to you.....

Oh and don't write me messages about what a sweet face and how cute she is. Don't let those little eyes fool you. I think she is demon possessed!

A Step Backwards

For those of you that are tired of hearing about my foot, you will not want to read this blog. Just another outlet for me to complain on! I was trying to keep this blog upbeat and exciting about my training but my body has seen fit to make it, well my personal bitch session. Training is taking a backseat this week to my stupid ankle and how much it hurts.

Today is a training day and it is the second one I have missed due to the pain. I had an 18 miler on Sunday and now I am missing a tempo run. I don't think you can mimic those two on a stationary bike or by water jogging.

Today my foot started to feel better (especially when I was off of it) and then I had to go to the courthouse. The short walk in and out made the pain come right back. I am not mad at Bryce for making me go, normally he does it, yes it is a part of my job, but darn do you not know my foot hurts! Just kidding..... No not really! I mean so what that the cost of recording goes up tomorrow and we needed to get stuff on record today. Not my problem. My foot hurts!

Last night I went to the Y and water jogged with Tamara and my neighbor Chris. I think I am going to like learning to swim. As long as the little kids don't laugh at me like Tamara and Chris did. It was fun and I made big progress. Although it did not feel the same as actual running, I felt like I did something. Today I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 45 min. There were times during that ride that my foot hurt but not many. A lady on a treadmill started running and I thought I would cry. All I could do was think about what time it was and that my group had taken off for their tempo run and I wasn't there. Then I started thinking when will I be able to go back?

I know this is just another bump in my road but I mean comeon already. God gives us those bumps to teach us things. I thought I told God how important to finish this was for me and I thought we had an understanding. Maybe "I" just found my lesson.

Running group, I hope you had a good night. I miss you guys! Thanks for all the emails and well wishes from everyone. Your support and positive thoughts are helpful and appreciated. Hopefully and prayerfully, I will see you all on Thursday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hate this dog.....

I know many of you know how badly I hate Ally's dog Daisy. Not a real dog. A little yippy mutt is what she is.

On Thursday night I had decided to bring the laptop home and do some work before I went to bed so that I wouldn't be so far behind on Friday. I got my glass of Crystal Light punch, the laptop and my files. Walking up the stairs Daisy was right under me. Tangled up in my feet I twisted my right foot under me. Not bad enough that I dropped anything or even remembered that it would cause an injury. A little while later it started to hurt. I couldn't remember tripping or twisting anything while running so I had no idea why my foot and ankle hurt like it did. I took 4 Advil as usual and went to bed. Friday morning it hurt to put any weight on it. I didn't do any running this weekend to get ready for my long run today. Yesterday morning there was some swelling but not much that again Advil couldn't cure. I took my 4 Advil and felt better.

I got up early this morning for my rituals...Yes COFFEE! I go and meet my group and the run begins. I am aware that I might not make it the complete 17 miles but I am physically and mentally prepared! I feel strong. Finally in my training I feel great. I even mentally feel like I can do this. Then 1 MILE into our run the pain hits my ankle and is searing...... It shoots up my leg and I yell out an explicative. Tamara turns me around for a long lonely walk back. What a lonely mile back. That evil twin was really giving me a time also! She had lots of negative things to say.

I am sad, mad and worried. Sad that I missed my run, because now I am grouchy. Mad that this injury was not caused by me running or biking, but by a stupid dog I don't even like. Nor will I ever like due to this..... I really want to snap her little neck. Yes someone should call doggy DSS! I just told her about the pet cemetery we have and that she has a spot with her name on it! Poor dog! Worried that training is delayed a day or two. Hell it better only be a day or two or someone better call in help for my family! I might go postal!

I hope my group had a great run today. I wish I could of lasted!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Running in the rain

As I am sure all of you know, I am not a fan of running in the rain. I know that I am not going to melt. I might even float the entire way but I am certainly not going to melt! I complain about alot of things but I really complain about running in the rain. I was kindly reminded today that in past OBX races it has rained so this would be good training. So I "man up" and get dressed for the weather. Over dressed maybe.... but I am ready....

We head out today for a good 6-7 mile run. We are given the direction and we get ready to go. Pam kindly ask if she can run with us. We kindly laugh back... sure you can run with us if you want to run slow...LOL! She agrees and we take off, just knowing Pam is going to leave us... She doesn't and we had a great run. Most of the time no rain. God answered my prayer earlier today. It rained some but the wind was horrible.

I hate to say this loudly in case mother nature is listening. Running in the rain was not that bad. Now I understand when I got back I looked like a drag queen where my make up had run down my face but I didn't care. I had a great run, I feel good and I am not going to let anything take that away. It felt good. It was almost a relaxing feeling. I love to hear the rain so it falling on me was not nearly as bad as I thougth it would be.

My vow is to not complain about running in the rain again! One less complaint my group can be happy about!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I really don't think we can be running "buddies"

I thought that I had the perfect running buddy this year. Since I had to find a new one this season. Well, come to find out my new buddy (not mentioning names) is just slumming in the back with me. Although she might boast very little about running track in high school, she failed to tell us how well she ran in high school.

I just happen last night, no I am not a stalker, to be looking for our Salem Lake times and could not get it to come up. Me being somewhat computer illiterate, I put her name in the Google search. So here comes races she has been in the past. Quite a few I might add. Then I look at the times. I was shocked.. I mean 7:?? minute miles! Like what are you thinking being in the slow lane with me. I will never be able to run an 8 minute mile. Heck, I am happy to break 10! Oh well........ it has been fun friend, my fast friend. I sure am glad Jess is having a baby and coming back next year! No harm intended but after having a baby I should be able to keep up with her!

Tonight's hill training was a nice break from the killer hills we normally do. The funny part was us all trying to figure out what hill we were really running. Now I could do without the 15 push ups and core work. Yes I know I need it but man....

I am super excited (my kids say that) about triathlon training with Marisa. I wonder if she attend "Chicken of the Sea" classes with me?

Farewell and good night my loyal blog followers! Until next time........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday is a day of rest

Well deserved rest you can bet on that. I got to go to church today. I have missed going, but am of the belief that I don't have to be in an actual church to practice my faith. Believe me, I pray all Sunday long. LOL! It was nice seeing the friends that I have there! So I am thankful today for being for having today off to go to church with my family.

I wanted to post a couple of pics from the race yesterday. I think I actually still have runners high! What a great day for running and it was a great run for me.

A special thanks to our official photographer Christine Flowe! We would not have these memories if not for you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally I am "legitimate"

As you know from my previous post, today was going to be a true test to my running ability. It was make it or break for me. I ran the longest distance I have ever run 18.6 miles. It was the Salem Lake Trail Race.

I had plenty of reservation and worries about many things this week. As one of my running friends told me "chill out"! I sent my last request for shared knowledge out yesterday and after getting good info, decided to do that very thing. I was either prepared or I wasn't. I ate a huge meal last night, drank 1/2 a beer (yes I am a whimp) and got a good nights sleep and just didn't let it bother me. I got up this morning ate what I usually eat, peanut butter on whole wheet, a water and yes a large cup of coffee from my friends at Mickey D's for the drive. I arrived early for the good parking spot as we had all talked about how far the parking ends up if you don't get there early. I got there, got in line to get my number and T-shirt (I do this for the t-shirt) and John and Pam where there. We had decided to bring our chairs and tailgate before the race since we would have to wait at least an hour before the start. Tamara had her dad drop her off, then the rest of our group showed up and we all had so much fun it took the worry away. I think the race crowd was jealous of our fun. Race time comes and we are ready. I feel good! I am pumped, I am ready to run, I just want to be in the right position for this race. Not in the front and not in the back. We were placed just right. They say ready, set, RUN! Off N Running we are!

Tamara and I are just going along talking about how we were going to use this as our training run for the week. I of course had a time in mind that I wanted to come in at. I am all about times! Why I have no idea but I am. Oh and I never want to be last, although there is nothing wrong with last. Bless everyone for being up and doing it! You know me, I talk to everyone and try to make a friend everywhere I go. Like I don't have enough great friends already. I have truely found that I have the greatest and most supportive friends that a girl could ask for. But I start talking to two girls who are keeping a good pace that I like. Yes it was faster than I would ever be able to keep for 18 miles but I liked the thought of trying. Katherine and Gena end up putting up with me calling out how many miles we have left for 9 miles! We lost them at a potty break! But we had a blast. I think that I found the fun again in running. We took bets on how long before the 10K folks would catch us... We were all wrong... Of course I heckeled the passer byers. That is so much fun for me. I think I am hilarious even if no one else does. Then we decided to rate the guys passing us. 1-10 was the scale and if you were nice to us and smiled and spoke you got extra points. Yes Keith you got a 10+++! It was funny! Then Mr. Perfect passed and we lost all train of thought! LOL! But during this time, we start talking about our Scotty watches a/k/a Garmin Forerunner. Katherine says when she becomes a "legitimate runner" she might get one. Well girl, after today we are "LEGITIMATE"! We warned them they would be on the world wide web!So hope you both enjoy reading......

Tamara and I finished and we finished 5 minutes less of the time I had set for us. I said earlier in the run I wanted to finish in 3:30. Then later I said ok 3:45, then later hell I just want to finish and not be last...... Well 3:25..... I am on top of the world tonight.

I am sore but I am excited and I am only 8 more miles away from 26.2! I can do it, I will do it and I will not ever question myself again. OK that was a little much but I am proud of us! I am proud of everyone in the group but I am proud of myself as this was my longest run ever and I did it! YEAH, YIPPY, I hope I did well for my photo opportunity at the end! Thanks to our team photographer, Christine, I will be able to share with you!

Thanks to everyone, for your advise, support and most of all your friendship! Thanks also to our new friends, Gena and Katherine...see you at Cannonball!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel like I have cheated this week

This is a major recovery week. That being the case, I feel like I have not done anything. Yes we ran 5 miles the other night, I walked 2.5 last night, running 2 or 3 today then gearing up for 18.something tomorrow. I feel like I have been cheating and skipping something. I have just been darn lazy this week.

Last night me, Pam, John, Tamara and Kay decided to walk and take it easy before our race on Saturday. We get 1/2 mile into it and I look at Pam and say "I feel like I am cheating". I know we are supposed to recover. I know that it is a very important part of our training and it is important in any ones training. So make sure your taking time to recover so you don't get hurt! But why do I feel so guilty for not running everyday or doing something? I am sure tomorrow I will be glad that I took the time off.

Tomorrow will be my longest mileage ever! I am so full of emotion today that I feel like a zanex would be nice about now...... I am scared, excited, worried, sad, and just a barrel of nerves all over. I am worried about eating right today and tonight so that I am well fueled and I am hoping I sleep tonight, I am sad that my kids could care less about my running because it would require them to get up early, excited to be a part of the 30K group, and just nervous about the whole thing..... Can I finish? I can finish, but I am worried about being last. I don't EVER want to be last at anything I do. Childhood drama I guess brought that on..... I was always the skinny, uncoordinated kid who was never picked to be on any team at school. I hated playing games because they laughed I had no ability. So now I want to succeed so badly that it kills me at the thought of being last. I know there is nothing wrong with it. Believe me, I would rather be last than not able to do it at all. In not wanting to be last, I get so caught up with nerves that I think I mentally block my ability. I am going to repeat all day, I am a runner and I will finish and I won't be last and if I am, it is ok! I DID IT! Once I do this I am only 8 miles away from 26.2..... I am almost there... that is an even scarier thought. I can't even imagine what Nov 8 with be like for me... I might need a whole bottle fo zanex to calm the nerves!

So to anyone reading this with nothing to do tomorrow or with some time to spare, come on over to Salem Lake (8 a.m.) and cheer Team Evolve on! I think almost all of us are running the 10K or 30K.... It will be a blast! Tamara and I will be ones with some form of pink shirts on... So TEAM EVOLVE, I think we should all wear pink! I hear it makes for great photo opportunities.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My lapse in judgement

For those of you who read my running buddies log, already know that I have been called out for "cheating on her". She is a great running buddy and yes I had a slight lapse in judgement when I pulled ahead of her and Christine. For that I am truly sorry. Tamara never leaves me when I am having a bad run, when I complaining I can't go any more, she sends me awesome messages, leaves facebook comments and is just generally a great running partner. I am fortunate to have her since my other running buddy(Jessica) is busy being pregnant and the other (Rod) decided that being a father to twins and staying home helping his beautiful wife was more important. Oh I forgot he "retired" last year as well. Yes I am a very lucky runner that Tamara slums with me in the wild world of running.

But in all fairness to me, the days I feel that good are few and far between so for me to be able to pull ahead is an accomplishment. With that said, a good running buddy would not slam me in a blog and be happy for me, hoping I bring the same "A" game to the 30K we are running on Saturday! Just kidding, just kidding..... In reality I thought they were behind us because we heard them talking and then I didn't hear them and I asked Nathan to tell me where they were because I can't look behind me and run, I will fall..... Yes I am blond! Can't walk a straight line, never the less run one! I told Nathan we would be in the blog.... not to worry, she would tag us as the headline...I was just trying to keep up with Nathan, like I have to try and keep up with Tamara most runs. So I am going to take the abuse, but you can't take away my good run!

Tamara, my dear and faithful running buddy, I promise to never do this again. I promise to never pull out ahead of you and leave you with a perfectly capable running partner ever again. You are good to me and I love you! Can't wait for Saturday...... It is going to be fun! I hope I find that "A" game that I had last night for this up and coming challenge. So accept my apology please!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I think my body is starting to boycott all these miles. Yesterdays run was supposed to be 17 miles. I was totally mentally prepared for it. I felt good, except for a cough, no big deal. I felt really strong. Well 8.5 miles into the run, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM right into a wall. I thought I was doing a great job of hydrating along the run. Well thinking and doing are two different things. Not to mention all the rash I have from that stupid heart rate monitor. I told John screw wearing that from now, I would know when my heart wasn't beating or at least Tamara would know first!

I am going to blame the weather on this pitiful attempt at calling myself a runner. It was hot and muggy yesterday. Very hot and muggy to be exact. Not to mention I have this problem of sweating. Tamara and I call it "sweating like a stuck pig in a flannel blanket" when running. Everyone around me can by dry and fresh and I am going to look as if I just jumped in a pool. So during this run, my clothes were soaked. I mean my shorts where so wet they just stuck to me and water dripped from them. I had to take my shirt off twice and wring it out because it was so heavy. All the sweating just zapped my fluids I guess because I became dehydrated (so Marisa tells me). We, thank God my running partner is smarter than I, cut our run short by 2 miles due to the way I was feeling and the huge jump in mileage for me. I missed the jump last week due to Tour To Tanglewood. We get back to the coffee shop and I rest a bit, then what...FOOD (I have my priorities). Yes I love coffee and muffins. I decide if I eat I will feel better. Ha, ha, heehee.... My body thought otherwise. By the time I start home, I feel sick and wouldn't you know traffic would be detoured inside. Yes I became violently ill. Linda Blair took over for a while. Needless to say, I did not move much off the couch yesterday.

This week the temperature is supposed to drop and I am praying hard that it does. The 30K we are running on Saturday at Salem Lake should prove to be a test for me. If I can do it then I think I can finish the marathon. If not, I think I might have to find another sport. I cried all morning because I felt so weak and can't imagine finishing 26.2 miles at this point. Oh believe me I want it. I want it bad. But I am not sure my body has the same idea. I am beginning to think my body hates me! Well the feeling is mutual because I hate it right now as well. So there, take that you fat, slow, oh if I weren't writing this for my friends and family to see what I would say about you body!

So here is to hoping for a good week and nice weather! Wishing you all well until tomorrow!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday's Run

Yes I am writing on Friday about Thursday's run. I was just tired last night. Some of us went out after the run. I am sure they sat us outside for a very a good reason. What a blast to be with this wonderful group outside of running. You all are fun! We will definitely have to do it more often with more of you attending.

Our run last night was not going to be that difficult or so I thought. Marisa loves the punishment she dishes out. She just laughs and smiles the whole time while giving us our instruction.

We were to run out 30 minutes and on the way back, run faster than we did out. Well my plan was to run out very, very slowly and then any push back would be considered progress. We did run out slowly so we could talk and catch up. Then the 30 minutes was up. We decided to be good, no talk and run faster. Run faster we did. Yes I think if we stop talking we can run faster. Oh I hate to admit that. We run because we like it and want it to be fun. I wonder if running faster will take the fun out it? I think I would like to see what it is we really can do. I am going to give that a try this weekend. So Tamara be ready! No talking on Sunday morning.....I am sure over the 17 miles we will talk some, but not as much as we normally do! My mission on Sunday is less talk, more run! I will have to even wear my shirt!

I told you in a blog earlier that I was learning to be more thankful. So today, I have decided that I am thankful for lower gas prices. Has that hurricane actually hit something as of yet? Just wondering......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes it is not exciting

Sometimes running is not glamorous(maybe never if your really running) or exciting. Tonight was that night.

Tonight's workout was at the track. 2 mile warm-up and 6 x 800's. That is a rough workout. I ran with Pam and Tamara.... YES I ran with Pam... I feel on top of the world now. I have only once been able to run with her and that was our first long run and she felt sorry for me I am sure. Thanks for pushing us Pam. I know it will pay off in the marathon.

Great job tonight gang and see you all on Thursday.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 Tour To Tanglewood

I made it! I have completed a half-century ride and I kicked butt at it. Well in my world of kicking butt at something I had not really prepared as well as I should have.

As most of you know (from reading my blog) that the race was altered. We were supposed to ride Saturday and Sunday for a total of 90 miles. Mother Nature had another plan named Hanna. Hanna blew out as quickly as she came in. Today's ride was a total of 50 miles (actually 47.1).

I forgot to cancel our hotel room so John and I decided to use it anyway. We had a great day of relaxation planned. It started out by us eating lunch at Tanglewood and enjoying the festivities that they had planned for Saturday afternoon. Which included a 15 min. massage. That was nice. A few beers later and we were off to Dick's to buy the things we had forgotten at home. Ate a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was nighty night for the two of us. Or so I thought. At 8:30 the neighbor who was watching our dogs called to say that Daisy had escaped and they couldn't find her. This is not my dog and I really don't care for her at all. So I am always saying I wish she would run away. Well now I felt bad for Ally. I knew she would be so sad and upset and blame me because I really am not nice to this dog. So we packed and had our bikes on the car in less than 10 min. Once we hit the highway Jordan calls to tell us that another neighbor has her and brought her home and put her in the house. We were not turning around and unpacking so we just came home! It was funny after the dog was safe. I have never seen John move so fast!

Good nights rest and we are up this morning getting ready. Yes I had to have my 2 cups of coffee and I wanted breakfast. I needed food. Thank goodness they had bread and peanut butter there. There were a ton of riders. I am not sure how many actually showed up today but 1640 registered to ride. It was a beautiful site. They let us go out about 30 people at a time. We actually started about 8:25 and finished at 12:00, that included 3 rest stops. I brought Scotty home and plugged it in and we averaged 15.4 mph. If you think we run hills, come ride the bike on some of those hills out there. OMG! I would just laugh at different points because my thighs burned so badly! I am sure people near me thought I had lost my mind because I was just giggling!

No accidents for me, John had one but was not hurt badly. His shoulder is bruised and his pride is hurt that I finished before him (I think), but otherwise he is ok. I almost bit the dust at the first rest stop, but Rob caught me. I forgot to unclip one foot and started to walk. I really thought they were both unclipped. I just looked stupid falling into him! Thanks for catching me Rob! Although we were on a team some decided to do the 25 mile ride and some of us did the 50 route. John and I had two other friends from the Lodge that we rode with as well. I think they stay with us because they worry if we will make it. They have been riding longer than us.

I ending up riding with David to the finish. We worked in the same building together 8 years ago. Of course I had not seen him since then either. He struck up a conversation with John at the second rest stop and we were looking at each other like don't I know you. I couldn't believe that we remembered each other. He is hilarious so we had a great time talking and laughing the last 20 miles. Yes I talk everywhere I go!

It was a great feeling coming across the finish line, but the best feeling was knowing how much money was raised to help find a cure for MS. My sister-in-law that I love dearly has MS. I would love to see a cure so that she never has to worry about being in a wheelchair again. If you ever had the opportunity to talk to her, she would not once complain about the disease or the disability that comes along with it. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the out. Becky, today we rode for you and were honored to do so!

Thanks to the folks at Wells Fargo (Vicki, Kelly, John and Tracy) for letting us join your team. Patrick and Rob, thanks again for slumming with us. David, thanks for keeping me laughing! What an awersome experience and I can't wait for next year.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Plans changed due to rain

I know we need the rain. My water bill would surely love the break..... OMG our water bill was $400.00. John waters the yard daily. Who cares if we have green grass, no one else in this crappy neighborhood does. Oh well... but the rain has caused a major hickup in my weekend.

As most of you know we are riding in Tour To Tanglwood, along with Chris Frandock from our group. Well we won't actually be riding with Chris because he rides like he runs, FAST! So anyway, they cancelled today because of the rain. We will ride 50 miles tomorrow instead. But in all this rearranging of the schedule, someone forgot to cancell the hotel room. Yes that would be me. So I have decided that we are still going to use that room if I have to pay for it. A night without children! Hummmmm... I don't know what that is like. I can tell you it won't be like some you of you are thinking....It will probably go something like this... "wonder what the kids are doing", "do you think we should check on them", "hope their ok", "do you think the dog has been let out by the neighbor"...The life of a parent!

Well wish us luck tomorrow.... This will be my longest ride ever! I am nervous and excited at the same time! Hopefully I can walk on Tuesday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life brings sad times

Tonight's blog should be about the great time I had running with my group. It should be about the happy times and what we learn during our time together. Well not tonight my friends.

During my run I had a nagging thought that I needed call one of my best friends. I just had a feeling that something was not right. Well it wasn't. Jeanette's youngest sister had passed away earlier in the day and my wonderful friend found her. I am sad for several reasons. Sad for the mother who will now bury her second child in less than a year, sad for my friend that she has lost her sister, sad that 3 children will never to get to know their mother, sadden for the friends who loved her and accepted her, but sadden even more for how she died. Rebeca has fought drug abuse for many years. She went from being a vibrant, loving mother and wife to a drug abuser who couldn't control her addiction. Rebeca my dear, your fight is over. You no longer will have to fight a fight you may not win. Rest in peace and know that you will be missed by many, but especially by a sister who would of done anything to help you and save you from this.

Yeah I know, deep for me. But to top all this sadness off, I am leaving the home of my friends mother and I get a text that my pet rat Templeton has passed away as well. People would make fun of me because I had a pet rat. Well she was unlike any pet rat you would of ever met. Tempies as we called her, loved people! Loved to be held, loved for you to talk to her, loved gravy biscuits and coffee for breakfast. Most especially loved to nest in the back of my hair. I hope my new haircut didn't kill her! So my sweet little Tempies, rest in peace as well. Thanks for being such a sweet pet, despite what people thought of you!

To all my friends and family, thank you for the special place you hold in my life. If I were to be called home tonight, I have been blessed to know some really great people and even more blessed to call you my friend. I think all too often we wait until it is too late to say what people mean to you. I can't name you individually but you all are important to me, in different ways, but you are special and I love you and appreciate what you bring to my life! God bless you all and goodnight!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does my body not realize..

that I have alot going on. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and a little bit of a runny nose. Yes I know I drink vinegar and water every day. I have missed a couple of days. I know that is not the reason I was trying to get sick. Well it became official today. I am sick. My head is stuffy, my body feels like it weighs 400 lbs and I have a cough. Why is this happening to me this week.

John and I are supposed to do Tour to Tanglewood this weekend. I have running to do, I have a job. A boss that hates when I call in sick. Because he would actually have to answer the phone and pick up my slack. I think he is spoiled that the past 8 years I have come to work half dead and still gotten it all done!

So body, here is my note to you! Pack your bags and leave. Move on to the body of someone who does not have so much to do! Someone who likes laying around not able to train for the marathon they are not ever gonna do, someone who doesn't want to ride their bike 90 miles in two days to help find a cure for MS. Mine is taken. There is no room for you and my determination!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marisa Lies

Let me explain. We love Marisa. She is awesome and deep down I would love to be the athlete that she is. But if we are being honest, we probably all want to hit her tonight. Something about "oh this hill repeat is shorter than the one we do at Country Park". Have you lost your mind? In training for the Ironman were you oxygen deprived at some point? Marisa, sweetheart, that hill is twice as long as what we are use too. But we love you anyway. I warned her that the blog tonight was about her. So she should not be surprised!

Yes I realize hills will make me stronger but in what area? Stronger in complaining or running? I think complaining is the answer. I know you all have to hate hearing me sometimes. But, look, I am back heavy. My butt comes a few seconds behind the top half of my body! Hills are hard for this girl. I know, NO MORE EXCUSES. Look, I finished them! But gosh that was tough.

Miss Marisa leaves tomorrow to compete in her Ironman competition. Everyone help me in wishing her the best of luck and safe travels. You will be in our thoughts and prayers over the next few days. We will miss you (well not really but it sounds good, JK) Marisa knows I love her! Someone has to give her grief and I just happen to be the one!

Good luck Marisa, not that you need it your awesome and we are all proud of you!