Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 Tour To Tanglewood

I made it! I have completed a half-century ride and I kicked butt at it. Well in my world of kicking butt at something I had not really prepared as well as I should have.

As most of you know (from reading my blog) that the race was altered. We were supposed to ride Saturday and Sunday for a total of 90 miles. Mother Nature had another plan named Hanna. Hanna blew out as quickly as she came in. Today's ride was a total of 50 miles (actually 47.1).

I forgot to cancel our hotel room so John and I decided to use it anyway. We had a great day of relaxation planned. It started out by us eating lunch at Tanglewood and enjoying the festivities that they had planned for Saturday afternoon. Which included a 15 min. massage. That was nice. A few beers later and we were off to Dick's to buy the things we had forgotten at home. Ate a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was nighty night for the two of us. Or so I thought. At 8:30 the neighbor who was watching our dogs called to say that Daisy had escaped and they couldn't find her. This is not my dog and I really don't care for her at all. So I am always saying I wish she would run away. Well now I felt bad for Ally. I knew she would be so sad and upset and blame me because I really am not nice to this dog. So we packed and had our bikes on the car in less than 10 min. Once we hit the highway Jordan calls to tell us that another neighbor has her and brought her home and put her in the house. We were not turning around and unpacking so we just came home! It was funny after the dog was safe. I have never seen John move so fast!

Good nights rest and we are up this morning getting ready. Yes I had to have my 2 cups of coffee and I wanted breakfast. I needed food. Thank goodness they had bread and peanut butter there. There were a ton of riders. I am not sure how many actually showed up today but 1640 registered to ride. It was a beautiful site. They let us go out about 30 people at a time. We actually started about 8:25 and finished at 12:00, that included 3 rest stops. I brought Scotty home and plugged it in and we averaged 15.4 mph. If you think we run hills, come ride the bike on some of those hills out there. OMG! I would just laugh at different points because my thighs burned so badly! I am sure people near me thought I had lost my mind because I was just giggling!

No accidents for me, John had one but was not hurt badly. His shoulder is bruised and his pride is hurt that I finished before him (I think), but otherwise he is ok. I almost bit the dust at the first rest stop, but Rob caught me. I forgot to unclip one foot and started to walk. I really thought they were both unclipped. I just looked stupid falling into him! Thanks for catching me Rob! Although we were on a team some decided to do the 25 mile ride and some of us did the 50 route. John and I had two other friends from the Lodge that we rode with as well. I think they stay with us because they worry if we will make it. They have been riding longer than us.

I ending up riding with David to the finish. We worked in the same building together 8 years ago. Of course I had not seen him since then either. He struck up a conversation with John at the second rest stop and we were looking at each other like don't I know you. I couldn't believe that we remembered each other. He is hilarious so we had a great time talking and laughing the last 20 miles. Yes I talk everywhere I go!

It was a great feeling coming across the finish line, but the best feeling was knowing how much money was raised to help find a cure for MS. My sister-in-law that I love dearly has MS. I would love to see a cure so that she never has to worry about being in a wheelchair again. If you ever had the opportunity to talk to her, she would not once complain about the disease or the disability that comes along with it. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the out. Becky, today we rode for you and were honored to do so!

Thanks to the folks at Wells Fargo (Vicki, Kelly, John and Tracy) for letting us join your team. Patrick and Rob, thanks again for slumming with us. David, thanks for keeping me laughing! What an awersome experience and I can't wait for next year.


Happyrunningbunny said...

YEAH!!! Missed you on the run but I'm glad you enjoyed your ride.

Dena said...

Amy--what an accomplishment--congratulations!! Now you'll have those "hill legs" for our runs. =)

Jessica and Kevin said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!