Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life brings sad times

Tonight's blog should be about the great time I had running with my group. It should be about the happy times and what we learn during our time together. Well not tonight my friends.

During my run I had a nagging thought that I needed call one of my best friends. I just had a feeling that something was not right. Well it wasn't. Jeanette's youngest sister had passed away earlier in the day and my wonderful friend found her. I am sad for several reasons. Sad for the mother who will now bury her second child in less than a year, sad for my friend that she has lost her sister, sad that 3 children will never to get to know their mother, sadden for the friends who loved her and accepted her, but sadden even more for how she died. Rebeca has fought drug abuse for many years. She went from being a vibrant, loving mother and wife to a drug abuser who couldn't control her addiction. Rebeca my dear, your fight is over. You no longer will have to fight a fight you may not win. Rest in peace and know that you will be missed by many, but especially by a sister who would of done anything to help you and save you from this.

Yeah I know, deep for me. But to top all this sadness off, I am leaving the home of my friends mother and I get a text that my pet rat Templeton has passed away as well. People would make fun of me because I had a pet rat. Well she was unlike any pet rat you would of ever met. Tempies as we called her, loved people! Loved to be held, loved for you to talk to her, loved gravy biscuits and coffee for breakfast. Most especially loved to nest in the back of my hair. I hope my new haircut didn't kill her! So my sweet little Tempies, rest in peace as well. Thanks for being such a sweet pet, despite what people thought of you!

To all my friends and family, thank you for the special place you hold in my life. If I were to be called home tonight, I have been blessed to know some really great people and even more blessed to call you my friend. I think all too often we wait until it is too late to say what people mean to you. I can't name you individually but you all are important to me, in different ways, but you are special and I love you and appreciate what you bring to my life! God bless you all and goodnight!

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Happyrunningbunny said...

Yes, life does bring sad times, that's why we should be so thankful for the good times!