Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hate this dog.....

I know many of you know how badly I hate Ally's dog Daisy. Not a real dog. A little yippy mutt is what she is.

On Thursday night I had decided to bring the laptop home and do some work before I went to bed so that I wouldn't be so far behind on Friday. I got my glass of Crystal Light punch, the laptop and my files. Walking up the stairs Daisy was right under me. Tangled up in my feet I twisted my right foot under me. Not bad enough that I dropped anything or even remembered that it would cause an injury. A little while later it started to hurt. I couldn't remember tripping or twisting anything while running so I had no idea why my foot and ankle hurt like it did. I took 4 Advil as usual and went to bed. Friday morning it hurt to put any weight on it. I didn't do any running this weekend to get ready for my long run today. Yesterday morning there was some swelling but not much that again Advil couldn't cure. I took my 4 Advil and felt better.

I got up early this morning for my rituals...Yes COFFEE! I go and meet my group and the run begins. I am aware that I might not make it the complete 17 miles but I am physically and mentally prepared! I feel strong. Finally in my training I feel great. I even mentally feel like I can do this. Then 1 MILE into our run the pain hits my ankle and is searing...... It shoots up my leg and I yell out an explicative. Tamara turns me around for a long lonely walk back. What a lonely mile back. That evil twin was really giving me a time also! She had lots of negative things to say.

I am sad, mad and worried. Sad that I missed my run, because now I am grouchy. Mad that this injury was not caused by me running or biking, but by a stupid dog I don't even like. Nor will I ever like due to this..... I really want to snap her little neck. Yes someone should call doggy DSS! I just told her about the pet cemetery we have and that she has a spot with her name on it! Poor dog! Worried that training is delayed a day or two. Hell it better only be a day or two or someone better call in help for my family! I might go postal!

I hope my group had a great run today. I wish I could of lasted!


Dena Harris said...

Run, Daisy, ruuuuuuuun!!!

I'm sorry about your ankle--that is mentally tough. Just remember that you're so well trained at this point that if you have to take a week or so off to let it heal, you won't drop conditioning. Better to heal properly than push it and do real damage.

Someone stole the water Marisa set out for us at Rite Aid. If you can't run next week, will you be our water watcher? ;)

Happyrunningbunny said...

Awww! I know you didn't want to turn around but it was for the best. Dena is right - you are well trained and your race is over a month away so if you need to take a week off then you take that week. You don't want to cause any real damage to your foot. I want you to be strong so you can accomplish your goal!