Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My lapse in judgement

For those of you who read my running buddies log, already know that I have been called out for "cheating on her". She is a great running buddy and yes I had a slight lapse in judgement when I pulled ahead of her and Christine. For that I am truly sorry. Tamara never leaves me when I am having a bad run, when I complaining I can't go any more, she sends me awesome messages, leaves facebook comments and is just generally a great running partner. I am fortunate to have her since my other running buddy(Jessica) is busy being pregnant and the other (Rod) decided that being a father to twins and staying home helping his beautiful wife was more important. Oh I forgot he "retired" last year as well. Yes I am a very lucky runner that Tamara slums with me in the wild world of running.

But in all fairness to me, the days I feel that good are few and far between so for me to be able to pull ahead is an accomplishment. With that said, a good running buddy would not slam me in a blog and be happy for me, hoping I bring the same "A" game to the 30K we are running on Saturday! Just kidding, just kidding..... In reality I thought they were behind us because we heard them talking and then I didn't hear them and I asked Nathan to tell me where they were because I can't look behind me and run, I will fall..... Yes I am blond! Can't walk a straight line, never the less run one! I told Nathan we would be in the blog.... not to worry, she would tag us as the headline...I was just trying to keep up with Nathan, like I have to try and keep up with Tamara most runs. So I am going to take the abuse, but you can't take away my good run!

Tamara, my dear and faithful running buddy, I promise to never do this again. I promise to never pull out ahead of you and leave you with a perfectly capable running partner ever again. You are good to me and I love you! Can't wait for Saturday...... It is going to be fun! I hope I find that "A" game that I had last night for this up and coming challenge. So accept my apology please!


Happyrunningbunny said...

Awww - apology accepted!!! I love you too and I'm going to pick up some new shoes tomorrow, I think that's why my leg has been bothering me. We will definitely have a great run on Sat.

Nathan Daughtrey said...

I think I was just referred to as a "lapse in judgment."