Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Real Run in Weeks

Today was my first real run in weeks. I was worried and maybe scared that it would not turn out as I would hope. But that all went out the window once started.

This will be the shortest blog post ever posted by me. Christine and I rocked that run!

Glad I am back!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sick at the Wrong Time

I came home from Cooper River Bridge Run with what I would call deathly ill symptoms. I think I should of been a man when it comes to being sick. I am a huge baby. So when I started feeling bad, the complaining started as well. Poor Jill, Kate and Josh. They took the brunt of this complaining and I am sorry for it. But the drive home Sunday was not very much fun for me or them. I thought I had a fever but could not verify that as I didn't have a thermometer to check. I came home and went straight to bed.

Monday morning comes and I get up and shower for work. Because as most of you know,I started a job not too long ago and this is a crucial time for us. I hated to miss any time and someone else have to do my job plus theirs. So off I go to High Point. That didn't last long. I ended up at the Dr.'s office laying in a ball on the examination table. My Dr. comes in and says "I don't think in all the years you have been coming here that I have seen you look this bad, you must be sick". HELLO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Most people don't end up in your office for the fun of it. So with all of that said, I end up in bed for two more days and barely able to lift my head I felt so bad and the fever was high (100.5).

For the last 9 days, I have been unable to do anything really. I tried to run the other night but that didn't go as planned. We walked and there is nothing wrong with that. We were moving and that is more than I had been doing. But it made me the realization that a marathon in 25 days would not happen. So we have decided to back down to the half marathon at the Flying Pig.

With that decision, came alot of different feelings. First and foremost, I felt like I had failed. Like I had let myself down. Then I was mad at myself for all the races that I signed up for and pushed my body on. I was mad that alot of training would be wasted. Failure still looms in my mind as my top emotion though.

Then today happened. I woke up with a severe sinus headache and extreme pressure behind my eye. So back to the Dr. With that trip I left with three more prescriptions and some words of advise. NO RUNNING or strenuous activity until all meds are taken and I feel some relief. My lungs are compromised by infection. Really! Your kidding? I know, I am really a smartass, but I knew deep down this was not a typical cold.

I have mailed my form in to drop back to the half marathon and I guess I am glad that the pressure of 26.2 miles is off me. Fall Marathon training look out. I will be much smarter about it and even more determined!

Until then, I am racing for fun!