Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Indoor Tri of 2010

Well the first for me that is. I chose to skip the first one due to of course, swimming. I wanted to finish the clinic and hopefully feel a little more comfortable in the water. Then the second one was cancelled due to inclement weather hear in the Triad. Today was the day for me to finally see if I could do better than last year. Those of you who really know me, know I am going to try and rope as many friends as I can into my madness. Yes I talked Christine into joining me. This was her first experience in Triathlon. Oh, except for the fact her husband is an IRONMAN. But her first race.

We volunteered the first half of the race because we need them and we love cheering folks on. Then it came our time to get ready. Off we went to the locker room to get ready. We go to the pool and automatically I feel the butterflies. Why I don't know, I have been swimming weekly and putting in lots of laps and drills. I don't think for me that matters. I was still very nervous. I got in the water and did a 100 meter warm up and I felt fine. I laughed, I got some instruction from a wonderful swimmer Laurie Brackett that is in my TTT group. She counts the time down and we are off. I just swam. I did the best I could and yes I had to backstroke some but for the most part I swam free style. I was happy when I got out and they told me I swam 16 laps (400 meters). YAY for me! I know I am so excited over something not so great in the world of swimming. But in my world, I will take it all day long.

We are off to change and on to the bike and run. Yes it was a stationary bike but not like the regular stationary bikes. This bike is meant to mimic road bikes. So not as easy as a stationary bike. I rode 4.48 miles on the bike. I wish I would of done better but oh well. I knew I still had to run so I guess maybe I didn't ride as hard as I could have. I got on the treadmill and wow, my legs felt like rubber. I walked a minute and then the run began. I turned my IPOD on and I was off. I felt good so I covered the screen and ran. Every so often I would bump up the speed knowing I would run it out the last 90 seconds. That is exactly what I did. I ran 2.23 miles in 20 minutes. We both were stoked. For me seeing my friend so excited for completing her first triathlon and for me I finally was happy with my times. That hasn't happened in along time.

We were so excited, we are ready to do it again on March 14th. Come join us at the Ragsdale YMCA! If your reading and yoru interested, go to and you can find the link there.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You need a junk day in your diet!

In trying to eat better and loose some weight, my husband found a new vitamin store, Complete Nutrition. I go to buy a vitamin and protien shake. I talk to them about my schedule and my desire to loose weight. I told them that I eat well, but that I am constantly hungry and I think that is the problem. With that this really cute, thin lady says to me that I need to add a junk day into my diet. That way I will not feel as if I gave anything up. She nailed it right there. I don't feel like I gave anything up? I eat what I want, when I want, obviously!

In looking over my schedule that night, I go to John and say "when am I supposed to add a junk day"? I don't have time for that. I workout almost everyday of the week. Friday is my day off but my long run is on Saturday so I can't eat horrible on Friday because I have to fuel for a run. So when am I supposed to have my junk day?

After running so well today, I think I will just forget the junk day and focus on eating well and maybe the weight will fall right off. (hee hee ha ha)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back on Track

After a few weeks of yucky weather and not really able to run outside, we finally got a nice weekend with sunshine. I so should be out on my bike right now but I have swim clinic to go to and really cannot afford to miss that. I am vowing this week to get back on track with my training for The Flying Pig and the White Lake Sprint II.

In May I have two very important events scheduled. I am not really sure how smart it was to plan them back to back but oh well bought and paid for, so I am going to do my very best at completing them to best of my ability. The first of course is the The Flying Pig Marathon and the following weekend I race in the White Lake Sprint II Triathlon. I really just want to swim better this year than the horrible attempt at it last year. That was my first open water event so I should really cut myself some slack. So as long as it does not take me 49 minutes, I will be very happy.

Due to the weather I have not been as motivated to train like I should. It is cold in the mornings and I have had a hard time getting up like I should. Well that ends NOW!

We got back on track with our mileage yesterday for the The Pig. We ran 11.5 miles and it was good. I had some kind of stomach something hit me Friday and really didn't feel up to running that long yesterday but I knew I had to. The work has to be put in to get the job done on May 2nd. So I pushed through it. I did have to walk for brief periods of time after 8 miles but hey better than not doing it all. I personally hate to have to walk, to me it makes me feel weak and like I failed. Oh well.....That is just my negative other personality talking. I didn't fail. How many other people ran 11.5 miles yesterday? Not many I am sure.

So my vow this week is to get back on track. Be up and out the door to train in the morning. I might need some wake up calls!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turning 40

I think that I had dreaded turning 40 ever since I turned 30. Why, I have no idea. I think that the thought of saying I was 40 meant I was actually getting older and I could remember thinking people who were 40 were just old. As expected, my line of thinking has changed. I am agreeing that 40 is the "new" 30!

I turned 40 yesterday and I will be honest, I looked forward to it. I feel like I have arrived. My life is just beginning. My love of life is anew. My outlook on things are more positive. I am not settling. I refuse to be defined by a number.

I think for me and my life, the last 10 years have just been depressing. So many things didn't go the way I would of wanted them and do believe and trust that, this is the way God has intended it to be. I may not always like how things turn out but He knows best what is good and needed in my life and on my journey. So these next years of my life I have a feeling are going to be great. I know some of you are saying there is a song about that. Yes there is and Tim McGraw said it best for the next 30 years..... I will take as many as are layed out for me.

Things again, may not be as I expected, but once again, I know that my God has it all planned out and paved the road ahead of me. If I die tomorrow, I know that I have had a great life and am truly blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Krispy Kreme Challenge 2010

I am always looking for fun new races to participate in. Not that I don't like my hometown races, but I have and continue to narrow down my list of races that I must do here in town. Krispy Kreme Challenge is my first new race of 2010 and will go on the list of yearly "To Do's".

One of my running partners Christine, did this race last year with her brother and sister and it sounded like a blast, so I thought why not. I just registered John and myself a couple of weeks ago and glad I did, it sold out! The Challenge is that you run 2 miles, you eat 12 doughnuts and run 2 miles back. I love doughnuts so what the heck. No Challenge in that! Yeah whatever! Everyone asked me how in the world I was going to do that and what was I thinking. Had I heard about all the people who get sick and vomit at the end and during the race?. Yes I have heard those stories, but not me! I have the weakest stomach when it comes to vomit! I cannot stand to do it myself nevertheless see anyone or hear anyone do it. It automatically kicks in my gag reflex and here we go.....So don't talk about that part of the race with me.

The weather was what worried me most. I wouldn't be able to wear my tshirt if I couldn't run this race due to weather conditions. I know funny but I love tshirts and I am very serious about not wearing a shirt from a race I didn't do! Well I can rest easy and wear my shirt proudly. I think?

I did not complete the challenge of 12 doughnuts. I ate 3 and I thought I was doing good at that. They were cold, tasted like they were made the night before and just not what I like when eating that many empty calories. Don't tell anyone, but I am a Dunkin Donut girl! Maybe I will write DD a letter and get them started on the program.

We ran our 2 miles which ended up being really 2.25 miles and Christine, my running partner and I decided to share a box. We got our box and started the fun. I ate 3 and she ate 2 and we were on our way. The mileage back was, well to say the least, not as good as getting to the KK Store. I am not sure how to describe what I was feeling, but I was glad I was carrying the box back with the rest of the doughnuts in it instead of them in my stomach.

At the finish line Christine and I crossed together holding hands and laughing. We had so much fun. Mileage according to the Garmin was 4.57 and we finished in 52 minutes which includes the time to eat and try to find the water. We have decided this is definitely one for the list. If your looking for a fun filled race with a twist of adventure, this is it! I am glad C was with me, I just found out my timing chip didn't work so therefore you will not find my time listed. Can't wait for the finish line photo.