Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turning 40

I think that I had dreaded turning 40 ever since I turned 30. Why, I have no idea. I think that the thought of saying I was 40 meant I was actually getting older and I could remember thinking people who were 40 were just old. As expected, my line of thinking has changed. I am agreeing that 40 is the "new" 30!

I turned 40 yesterday and I will be honest, I looked forward to it. I feel like I have arrived. My life is just beginning. My love of life is anew. My outlook on things are more positive. I am not settling. I refuse to be defined by a number.

I think for me and my life, the last 10 years have just been depressing. So many things didn't go the way I would of wanted them and do believe and trust that, this is the way God has intended it to be. I may not always like how things turn out but He knows best what is good and needed in my life and on my journey. So these next years of my life I have a feeling are going to be great. I know some of you are saying there is a song about that. Yes there is and Tim McGraw said it best for the next 30 years..... I will take as many as are layed out for me.

Things again, may not be as I expected, but once again, I know that my God has it all planned out and paved the road ahead of me. If I die tomorrow, I know that I have had a great life and am truly blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends.


greentigress said...

so happy that you like yourself at 40, and life!!!!

southofthecliff said...

Happy birthday, and great running yesterday! Sorry we didn't chat more. See you at the next slog.