Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Indoor Tri of 2010

Well the first for me that is. I chose to skip the first one due to of course, swimming. I wanted to finish the clinic and hopefully feel a little more comfortable in the water. Then the second one was cancelled due to inclement weather hear in the Triad. Today was the day for me to finally see if I could do better than last year. Those of you who really know me, know I am going to try and rope as many friends as I can into my madness. Yes I talked Christine into joining me. This was her first experience in Triathlon. Oh, except for the fact her husband is an IRONMAN. But her first race.

We volunteered the first half of the race because we need them and we love cheering folks on. Then it came our time to get ready. Off we went to the locker room to get ready. We go to the pool and automatically I feel the butterflies. Why I don't know, I have been swimming weekly and putting in lots of laps and drills. I don't think for me that matters. I was still very nervous. I got in the water and did a 100 meter warm up and I felt fine. I laughed, I got some instruction from a wonderful swimmer Laurie Brackett that is in my TTT group. She counts the time down and we are off. I just swam. I did the best I could and yes I had to backstroke some but for the most part I swam free style. I was happy when I got out and they told me I swam 16 laps (400 meters). YAY for me! I know I am so excited over something not so great in the world of swimming. But in my world, I will take it all day long.

We are off to change and on to the bike and run. Yes it was a stationary bike but not like the regular stationary bikes. This bike is meant to mimic road bikes. So not as easy as a stationary bike. I rode 4.48 miles on the bike. I wish I would of done better but oh well. I knew I still had to run so I guess maybe I didn't ride as hard as I could have. I got on the treadmill and wow, my legs felt like rubber. I walked a minute and then the run began. I turned my IPOD on and I was off. I felt good so I covered the screen and ran. Every so often I would bump up the speed knowing I would run it out the last 90 seconds. That is exactly what I did. I ran 2.23 miles in 20 minutes. We both were stoked. For me seeing my friend so excited for completing her first triathlon and for me I finally was happy with my times. That hasn't happened in along time.

We were so excited, we are ready to do it again on March 14th. Come join us at the Ragsdale YMCA! If your reading and yoru interested, go to and you can find the link there.

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Kay said...

I'm so proud of you guys...Maybe I'll volunteer on the 14th