Monday, September 14, 2009

VA Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon

September 6th I ran the VA Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon with some of my great friends. We had set out to train together but schedules were different so we did most of it on our own and just met in VA Beach for the race. We all had goals and most met them, of course, not me! LOL! I was sick and this really wasn't a priority race for me so I did the best I could for that day and will be happy with it. It was fun to be with friends and that is all that matters. I am trying to remember that life is about experiences made and shared with those we love, not the race clock!

In case your wondering about the Rock 'n' Roll race series. I will never do one of their races again. I thought it cost too much for the poorly organized race that it was. I mean all the hype about bands all along the way and the crowd support. Well how about you failed to mention the cow or horse crap smell we had to endure for about oh 3 miles it seemed like. Ok not really but it was a long time! The no show bands and the long strecht of no music or the music we could barely hear while running. Race directors get your crowd support into that race. We shouldn't have to do the cheering for them. Have your cheerleaders scream something other than "We are proud of you, say we are proud of you"! Mix your sport drink properly so that we might actually be able to drink it...... They are really not going to like my race survey and I never fill those things out! I did this time. I won't even mention the lame tech shirt that we got! You know I only race for the shirt! I need a wardrobe! But again, this was not a priority race which we all know is set for November 8th! OBX Marathon training continues. 54 days and counting!

I think I almost forgot how much time it takes to train for a marathon. How quickly we forget the things that are at times painful and then I act shocked that I didn't remember. I have also forgotten what it is like to sleep past 5 a.m. But deep down, I think I enjoy it and I know one day my body is going to thank me for it! BUT WHEN?

This weekend my long run is 17 miles! Thank God I have other crazy friends to knock this out with or I am sure I would be a lazy couch potato....So crazy friends, THANKS! If you have nothing else better to do, we are meeting at the tennis courts at 6 a.m....... Come join us! An invitation I know none of you will want to turn down.