Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday's Run

Yes I am writing on Friday about Thursday's run. I was just tired last night. Some of us went out after the run. I am sure they sat us outside for a very a good reason. What a blast to be with this wonderful group outside of running. You all are fun! We will definitely have to do it more often with more of you attending.

Our run last night was not going to be that difficult or so I thought. Marisa loves the punishment she dishes out. She just laughs and smiles the whole time while giving us our instruction.

We were to run out 30 minutes and on the way back, run faster than we did out. Well my plan was to run out very, very slowly and then any push back would be considered progress. We did run out slowly so we could talk and catch up. Then the 30 minutes was up. We decided to be good, no talk and run faster. Run faster we did. Yes I think if we stop talking we can run faster. Oh I hate to admit that. We run because we like it and want it to be fun. I wonder if running faster will take the fun out it? I think I would like to see what it is we really can do. I am going to give that a try this weekend. So Tamara be ready! No talking on Sunday morning.....I am sure over the 17 miles we will talk some, but not as much as we normally do! My mission on Sunday is less talk, more run! I will have to even wear my shirt!

I told you in a blog earlier that I was learning to be more thankful. So today, I have decided that I am thankful for lower gas prices. Has that hurricane actually hit something as of yet? Just wondering......

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