Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Step Backwards

For those of you that are tired of hearing about my foot, you will not want to read this blog. Just another outlet for me to complain on! I was trying to keep this blog upbeat and exciting about my training but my body has seen fit to make it, well my personal bitch session. Training is taking a backseat this week to my stupid ankle and how much it hurts.

Today is a training day and it is the second one I have missed due to the pain. I had an 18 miler on Sunday and now I am missing a tempo run. I don't think you can mimic those two on a stationary bike or by water jogging.

Today my foot started to feel better (especially when I was off of it) and then I had to go to the courthouse. The short walk in and out made the pain come right back. I am not mad at Bryce for making me go, normally he does it, yes it is a part of my job, but darn do you not know my foot hurts! Just kidding..... No not really! I mean so what that the cost of recording goes up tomorrow and we needed to get stuff on record today. Not my problem. My foot hurts!

Last night I went to the Y and water jogged with Tamara and my neighbor Chris. I think I am going to like learning to swim. As long as the little kids don't laugh at me like Tamara and Chris did. It was fun and I made big progress. Although it did not feel the same as actual running, I felt like I did something. Today I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 45 min. There were times during that ride that my foot hurt but not many. A lady on a treadmill started running and I thought I would cry. All I could do was think about what time it was and that my group had taken off for their tempo run and I wasn't there. Then I started thinking when will I be able to go back?

I know this is just another bump in my road but I mean comeon already. God gives us those bumps to teach us things. I thought I told God how important to finish this was for me and I thought we had an understanding. Maybe "I" just found my lesson.

Running group, I hope you had a good night. I miss you guys! Thanks for all the emails and well wishes from everyone. Your support and positive thoughts are helpful and appreciated. Hopefully and prayerfully, I will see you all on Thursday.


Happyrunningbunny said...

Awww....I need you to cheer up! Look on the bright side - at least it happened far enough out from your marathon that you can take a little time off to heal and you will still be on track with your training. We all missed you, especially me but I know you'll be back very soon.

Kay said...

You're in great shape...you'll be back in no time....At least in my case it happened early so I just chalked it up to good people and I'll see you guys in the spring.