Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does my body not realize..

that I have alot going on. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and a little bit of a runny nose. Yes I know I drink vinegar and water every day. I have missed a couple of days. I know that is not the reason I was trying to get sick. Well it became official today. I am sick. My head is stuffy, my body feels like it weighs 400 lbs and I have a cough. Why is this happening to me this week.

John and I are supposed to do Tour to Tanglewood this weekend. I have running to do, I have a job. A boss that hates when I call in sick. Because he would actually have to answer the phone and pick up my slack. I think he is spoiled that the past 8 years I have come to work half dead and still gotten it all done!

So body, here is my note to you! Pack your bags and leave. Move on to the body of someone who does not have so much to do! Someone who likes laying around not able to train for the marathon they are not ever gonna do, someone who doesn't want to ride their bike 90 miles in two days to help find a cure for MS. Mine is taken. There is no room for you and my determination!

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Happyrunningbunny said...

Don't try to be a superwoman though! If you need to take a day to recover then DO THAT. I'd much rather miss one run with you than have you get really sick and have to miss even more. So drink up and get some rest.