Monday, September 15, 2008


I think my body is starting to boycott all these miles. Yesterdays run was supposed to be 17 miles. I was totally mentally prepared for it. I felt good, except for a cough, no big deal. I felt really strong. Well 8.5 miles into the run, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM right into a wall. I thought I was doing a great job of hydrating along the run. Well thinking and doing are two different things. Not to mention all the rash I have from that stupid heart rate monitor. I told John screw wearing that from now, I would know when my heart wasn't beating or at least Tamara would know first!

I am going to blame the weather on this pitiful attempt at calling myself a runner. It was hot and muggy yesterday. Very hot and muggy to be exact. Not to mention I have this problem of sweating. Tamara and I call it "sweating like a stuck pig in a flannel blanket" when running. Everyone around me can by dry and fresh and I am going to look as if I just jumped in a pool. So during this run, my clothes were soaked. I mean my shorts where so wet they just stuck to me and water dripped from them. I had to take my shirt off twice and wring it out because it was so heavy. All the sweating just zapped my fluids I guess because I became dehydrated (so Marisa tells me). We, thank God my running partner is smarter than I, cut our run short by 2 miles due to the way I was feeling and the huge jump in mileage for me. I missed the jump last week due to Tour To Tanglewood. We get back to the coffee shop and I rest a bit, then what...FOOD (I have my priorities). Yes I love coffee and muffins. I decide if I eat I will feel better. Ha, ha, heehee.... My body thought otherwise. By the time I start home, I feel sick and wouldn't you know traffic would be detoured inside. Yes I became violently ill. Linda Blair took over for a while. Needless to say, I did not move much off the couch yesterday.

This week the temperature is supposed to drop and I am praying hard that it does. The 30K we are running on Saturday at Salem Lake should prove to be a test for me. If I can do it then I think I can finish the marathon. If not, I think I might have to find another sport. I cried all morning because I felt so weak and can't imagine finishing 26.2 miles at this point. Oh believe me I want it. I want it bad. But I am not sure my body has the same idea. I am beginning to think my body hates me! Well the feeling is mutual because I hate it right now as well. So there, take that you fat, slow, oh if I weren't writing this for my friends and family to see what I would say about you body!

So here is to hoping for a good week and nice weather! Wishing you all well until tomorrow!



Dena said...

Oh Amy--hang in there. I don't know if it will help or depress you (!) but last year I was throwing up and practically tied in knots after every run over 16 miles. I remember one drive home where I stopped 3x to be sick. Lovely. Although I was about to die yesterday (who are these dry people you refer to in our group? I didn't see them...), I was thrilled that I managed to sit with the group and eat and not be sick after. Milestone! Still... it took me a year to get there. Remember it was LONG and HOT and MUGGY and you were doing a huge mileage increase. Cut yourself some slack. Everyone has an off day. I bet you nail it at Salem on Saturday. Let's just pray for cooler weather.

And you are not allowed to ever stop running. Who will make us laugh at group if you're not there???

Dena said...

p.s. I referred to myself as having "diaper butt" on the run. That's how wet and soggy my shorts were...

Happyrunningbunny said...

I'm glad you decided to do your complaint blog - I'm sure it made you feel at least a little better. You will definitely do well on Sat. I am all registered and ready to go. I felt sick afterwards was just too hot and too much running. But you have to hang in there because I'm not going to stop running and I need my running buddy!