Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marisa Lies

Let me explain. We love Marisa. She is awesome and deep down I would love to be the athlete that she is. But if we are being honest, we probably all want to hit her tonight. Something about "oh this hill repeat is shorter than the one we do at Country Park". Have you lost your mind? In training for the Ironman were you oxygen deprived at some point? Marisa, sweetheart, that hill is twice as long as what we are use too. But we love you anyway. I warned her that the blog tonight was about her. So she should not be surprised!

Yes I realize hills will make me stronger but in what area? Stronger in complaining or running? I think complaining is the answer. I know you all have to hate hearing me sometimes. But, look, I am back heavy. My butt comes a few seconds behind the top half of my body! Hills are hard for this girl. I know, NO MORE EXCUSES. Look, I finished them! But gosh that was tough.

Miss Marisa leaves tomorrow to compete in her Ironman competition. Everyone help me in wishing her the best of luck and safe travels. You will be in our thoughts and prayers over the next few days. We will miss you (well not really but it sounds good, JK) Marisa knows I love her! Someone has to give her grief and I just happen to be the one!

Good luck Marisa, not that you need it your awesome and we are all proud of you!

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Marisa said...

Hahahaha, I love it! I cracked my whip Tuesday night, huh? That hill was longer than I thought, perhaps, it was my Ironman-taper-delusions that convinced me it was shorter??? You Rock...What would I, or the group do without you and your comedy relief?!