Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tour to Tanglewood

John and I decided to participate in the Tour to Tanglewood just a few weeks ago. We thought ok we can do the 20 mile ride each day with no problem and not much time to train. We have ridden our bikes for short distances at a time. By that I mean the first ride was 7 miles and the longest being 15 miles long. Again, not much training.

Tour to Tanglewood is a very organized event. Training rides that lead up to the actual date (Sept 6th and 7th) are offered for several weeks. Of course we missed most of those for several reasons. So today was the last one before the ride. We are nervous that we are going to get there and being the newbies we will be days getting in from this. We have never ridden in a group so that in itself makes me super nervous. So to say the least, NO SLEEP last night. We take showers to try an wake up this morning. We get there, 30 minutes early (you can tell we are new at this). They hand out cue sheets. I am mentally expecting 20 to 25 miles today. Where did I get that number, who the heck knows. The cue sheet says TOTAL 38.4 miles. Can you say I about fell over. We contemplated leaving. There was no way we could ride that far. The only saving grace might be the 3 rest stops. Ok, we meet up the group we are riding with, Wells Fargo Team. John, Vicki and Kelly have participated in several training rides I think. They knew what they were doing anyways. Oh you know me, I had 3 cups of coffee before we leave home and I have to use the bathroom. By this time, the line is out the door. I wait in line, they give the safety speech (I couldn't hear it), everyone leaves. Even our team. So we are the last ones out. In running, you all know I hate hills... I mean I hate hills. Can you say this entire course is hilly and I don't mean a gentle rolling hill, I MEAN A HILL! OK we make it to the first rest stop. Kudos to the Horny Town Fire Dept. You really know how to provide for bikers. It was great. We met up with two guys that are in Johns lodge. He is a Mason and some of the guys are riding in it. So Patrick and Rob say come ride with us. Sure we will......MISTAKE... No not really, we did a great job of keeping up with the men who run marathons and are doing an adventure race in Oct. I was totally shocked at myself. I finished the 38.4 miles, before my husband (not far in front, but in front) and before my team.... YEAH ME! I only say that because I really was going to go home and say bag it, I am riding the 20 miles.

Does my butt hurt? Like a you know what (you can fill in whatever you want). It hurts. But I am pumped and no I am not looking forward to going out in the morning for an 11.5 mile training run. But I will complete it!

Two great things I learned today, don't say I can't do it, and don't be afraid of something new. I might actually be able to succeed at something if I stop telling myself I can't or I am going to die if I do this... I met some really nice people and we gained some folks to ride with. John Y., Kelly and Vicki, thanks for letting us join your team. Thanks Rob and Patrick for helping me push myself beyond my normal limits and for the advice on how to use my new bike. John, thanks for supporting my new madness, it means alot to me to have you by my side.

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