Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Runs....

I forgot how much I love to get up early on my day off and run! NOT!!!!! But thank God I have running partners who will say yes to "do you wanna run"! Tamara and I set off this morning bright and early with the rest of the thousands of people at Battleground Park. Miss Kay ran stairs this morning and I can't imagine that on the day before a long and/or tempo run. We ran our four miles and Scotty says we did pretty darn good.

The best part of the day is we went shopping afterwards. OK maybe it was Biscuitville, but the shopping was fun. I drug Tamara along to all the stores I had to go to before I go on vacation tomorrow. We went to the bike store first. I have her convinced and we picked a bike out. Couldn't get her on it because someone didn't think they could leave without buying it. I love to go shopping after running. People certainly don't bother you or offer to help you! Maybe the lingering odor offends them.

I am doing our long run tomorrow then heading to the beach for the week. Where I have been told the weather is beautiful! I can't wait.... However, the dedicated runner in me is feeling very guility that I will miss two training runs! I promise to run and ride my bike while I am gone....Not that you will care or miss them, but no blogs for a week. Oh whatever will you all do? Just read Tamara's, Dena's and Jessica's. They are sure to keep you entertained in my absense!

Have a great week everyone and do some extra core work for me.

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