Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't forget the bandaids....

OK this is totally random, but yesterday after we ran our 10 miles at Northeast Park, we had the pleasure and honor of watching one of our own compete in a triathlon along with cheering on the wives of several other group members. Keith Flowe you kicked ass on that course! You made Team Evolve very proud!

Several weeks ago I noticed that Keith had shaved his legs. Of course I had to call him out. He takes it so well. We all got a good laugh about it. Well then I saw my husband later that day and what a surprise, he had shaved his legs as well. What is it with men shaving their legs, I thought? I hope you both bought stock in Gillette. You are going to use alot of razor blades! So today when I was reading my favorite website, they have an article on men who shave.
I got the biggest laugh this morning with this.

Hats off to you all for being serious about your sports and shaving! Don't forget the bandaids....

Happy Monday to you all!

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