Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cuteness on the hill

Today we were given the choice of running at Country Park (Predict your 5K) or to go with the schedule,hill repeats. 5x for us marathoners. That is 5x up a hill that is about 1/2 mile long verses 3.1 miles around Country Park. A no brainer if you ask me. I will take Country Park anyday. What do I get, bullied into saying yes to hill repeats or I look like the whiner that I truly am. So strong armed into it and where do we end up? You got it Hill Repeats.

Is there such a word as cuteness? There is now. Tamara and I have decided that we have to look cute when we run hills because we are sooooooo sloowwwwww!

We both show up tonight in running skirts and matching tops! No we did not match but our shirts matched our skirts. We are not that lame yet. Next week! Boy we looked good. Too pretty to run that stupid hill. Cars beeped at us a couple of times. We are keeping with the thought that it is because we looked good running up that hill. It was never coming down the hill, where I am sure we looked more schooled in running. When in reality it probably was hurry up girls people are passing you. No excuses we finished! Kudos to all of you who make it look so easy. One day maybe! Wishful thinking on my part I am sure, but who knows!

Hill repeats complete and my legs hurt. Hot shower and advil needed!

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Happyrunningbunny said...

Oh shoot....we ARE going to have to get matching outfits, LOL. And you have now lost your privilages to make fun of my coordinating running outfits! Can't wait for our trail run tomorrow :)