Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 4

Today is the 4th day of training. Excitement has not subsided. I am sure as the weeks progress I will be asking myself why the heck I punish my body the way I do. My feet ask me that every morning that I put them on the floor. Surely the rest of my body will do the same.

Last night we had a running clinic. I expected to hear that my form was off, that I needed to do this or that and to try and land on my feet a different way. I got none of that, so I felt better. She just told me to relax my shoulders and pump my arms back and forth more. That would propel me forward. So if you ever see some crazy blond on the Greenway pumping her arms back and forth like crazy, it is me trying to propel my slow behind forward more......LOL!

I warned people in the beginning of this blog that you might one day become subject to being picked on or made fun of in my writing. Today it is going to be John. If any of you have ever watched my husband run, you know it is hilarious. Poor fellow is flat footed and bow legged. If he runs with me, I swear I run in front to not laugh at him. I have told him he expends so much energy moving his arms all around, no wonder he is tired before he ever gets anywhere. I just knew she was going to take all the wind out of his sails when she got to him..... So when it was over and I asked him what she said, he said she just told him to relax his shoulders and bring his arms down. OK that is why I am not a professional. Let me apologize to you here honey! SORRY for making fun of you! Can't wait to run with him now.

Tonight it is back to swimming. Well for some of them it is swimming. I am not really sure what I will do. I have borrowed a nose clip thingy from Pam. Hopefully that will help me! I know you all just can't wait to hear how it goes. So until tomorrow...... Have a great Wednesday.


Jessica and Kevin said...

Amy, When you are swimming and your face is in the water, just blow out. Take a deep breath and exhale it all underwater. You are pretty good at that when you aren't swimming (Are you ever NOT talking?) so you should do just fine under water :) XOXOXOX

runrgrl2007 said...

I feel the love there Jess..... When you say blow out, do you mean through my mouth or nose?

My Two Boy Circus said...

Hey Amy, I found your blog through your f-book. I also have a blog so you can keep up with me and my family and doing through that!!!! Keeep in touch

My Two Boy Circus said...

Sorry, I guess I should have signed the earlier comment so you would know who it is!!!