Monday, December 22, 2008

The Important Things

I thought I was an educated runner and knew about the important things. You know like your outfit matching your shoes, layering if it is cold, not increasing your mileage too quickly and oh yeah something about the right shoe. I guess I missed that whole thing. Running in a shoe that fits your foot I found out is very important! Stop saying "oh Amy you know you knew this". Yes I did. But obviously I am not a good judge in what is good for me.

I had my first physical therapy session today. Most of the time was used fitting for my orthotics. The second part was spent prodding at the points that hurt. The third part was a treatment of some sort that is done with electrical current. Now that was weird.

So he tells me to take my shoes and socks off and does his thing. I walk back and forth and he watches. Then he ask to see my running shoes if I have them with me. I was told to bring them so I did. He gets this contorted look about him and says "what group did you say you ran with". I proudly say Off N' Running, 2 years now. The conversation then goes something like "well who fit you for your shoes"? I couldn't remember if it was Scott or John but I know it was one of them. He ask me if they watched me walk or run in them. I said I am sure they did and he says "I am shocked"! That is so not the shoe for you. Then I remember back to when I first tried the New Balance 1223. It was a training run night and if you would wear a pair on your run then you get a free gift after you came back. Well for 6 miles those shoes felt good. Probably because there was a free gift and food afterwards. So guess what... the majority of my problems have come from weak ankles and poor shoes.

I feel like such a dumby! I never thought anything about those shoes not feeling good. I think I have just worn them for so long that I just assumed they were right. He showed me what they make my foot do and that is to make my ankles roll to the outside. Unless I run totally different than I walk, this poor guy is in amazement that I haven't hurt myself sooner.

So due to a bad shoe choice, I get to spend the next 3 weeks 3 days a week being a science project. That electrical shock treatment won't cure plantar facitis, but I should see a 75% improvement. I should be stronger in my ankles and well stretched.

Runners, my plea to you is to take the time to go stop by the shop and have Scott, John or Emily check to make sure the shoe you are wearing is right for you. I thank you, your feet will thank you and I am sure Off N Running will thank you!


Kay said...

Let me tell you, I now about having the right shoe....makes your body feel much beter. Now that I have my new red orthodics (that's kinda like getting a new pair of red sneakers when you were a kid) I might need to rethink my shoe bc my body is finally level! Now you notice I didnt say I had a level head! Merry Christmas to all out there in Amy Blog land.

Happyrunningbunny said...

I think I have the right shoes...I let them watch me run and all that good stuff. I'm glad you are well on your way to recovery, and I'll be happy when the group really starts back up because I'm just not seeing enough of you.