Monday, October 13, 2008

Marathon Training has come to a bitter end

Marathon training is over folks. I just left the office of Dr. Bert Fields and it is official, I am out for the season. The season of running that is. We do not know exactly as of yet, what is wrong, I have an MRI in the morning. But Dr. Fields has said those dreaded words "no running and definitely no marathon". I do not have enough time to recover from this is injury whatever it might be. If it is a ligament like he thinks it is, it will take a minimum of 6 weeks before he would want me to run on it and that does not mean 26.2 miles.

I kind of knew that this morning when I got out of bed and couldn't bear weight on it. But I needed to hear it from the professional. I think Dr. Bert felt just as bad telling me as I did hearing it. I am sick to say the least. Had this of happened in the beginning, it would be different. But I have trained hard. I have given up hours away from family, my kids teachers think I don't exist, all for nothing. Not for nothing I know. I have made new friends and gotten to know old friends better. I have ran farther than I ever thought I would be able to run. So I have accomplished something. Just not the goal I set out for.

There is next year! So for now, I will cheer my friends on from the sidelines and be proud of their accomplishments. I will just refocus on another goal for this year. For now, I am going to take some pain meds and lay down. Then I will try for refunds on all these races I won't be able to compete in!

So blogging Marathon Training 2008 has come to end. Thanks to all who have followed the madness. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as I have had a blast writing it! Funny how putting my feelings on the computer screen have made me feel alot better at times, but now is not one of them. Farewell!


Happyrunningbunny said...

AWWW NOOO, what am I to do without my running buddy???? OK, well we will still get together to run in the water and whatever else you can do until your foot gets better. Don't be too sad (I know that will be hard) And all your hard work was definitely significant so be proud of all that you have accomplished.

So does this mean you won't be writing in your blog anymore?? You should keep it up, you may just have to change subjects for a while.

Jessica and Kevin said...

Don't be sad my friend. You will heal and then be more determined next year!

CHRISTA said...

Don't overlook all that you've accomplished. It is more than many of us could ever dream of doing. You'll be there running next year and for now your friends will have an amazing cheerleader!

Kay said...

THAT REALLY SUCKS BIG ONES~ You have done so well, The sweat, aches, turning right instead of left (HeeHee Marisa) just being the great gal you are. Please know I am thinking about you and understand....NO I DONT, I was sidelined at the get-go...I didnt put in the time and umph you have so I dont understand....I wish I could do something to make that bright smile come back. I cant wait until next year to have you as a running buddy again! Here's to Amy B!!!!!!!

Dena Harris said...

Please consider keeping your blog going. We want to hear about the MRI but running is about more than the race. It's about injuries and coming back from them. I would miss my almost daily Amy blog.