Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today is a good day

I just left Dr. Bert and I am reminded why I like him so much. OK today I love him. He is my new best friend and I don't care that I had to pay for him. He is just the absolute best! Of course I am only saying those things because I got good news.

Dr. Bert says it is a sprained/torn ligament. He also thinks I have bad ankles, but who cares if I can run. My ankles must be bad, he brought the medical student in to show them how they have space in them. Whatever that means. For the ligament I have a stabilization brace and new inserts for my shoes. I can run 5-7 miles this week at a time. If I need to walk do so, but an easy run and I should be fine. I do have alot of exercises to do but I can and will do that. If I am not feeling alot better by next week I am to return but for now I am very happy with the results of this office visit. Oh and yes I have called the other doctor who said there was nothing wrong with me. Either a phone call or a letter, which should it have been?

Now group, if you have never seen Dr. Bert he is very thorough in his exam as to your overall strength. Guess what, he says I have great core strength. He asked what I do to strengthen my core and I had to give Marisa the credit! So when we are complaining, ok I am complaining, we just need to remember how helpful it is and that is does work.

So I have started doing my happy dance, I will be back tonight! Can't wait! I am dying to run...well not dying actually but really excited to see how it goes....


Kay said...

Great News! Even though Dr Bert sidelined me I too just think he is the best. The doc I went to the first time said I too had "weak ankles" and do some strength exercises. When I went to my "follow up" appt...Dr. Bert said for me to jog down the hall and after three steps said stop....that's enough to see what I need to know and ordered an ultrasound. So anyone with a running injury go to Bert Fields at Family Practice of Moses Cone. Again A....Great News!!

Happyrunningbunny said...

Whooo hooo. I'm glad that you will be able to run! I don't want Kay to get to used to walking with you - she's mine Kay!