Friday, October 3, 2008

My Dr. is a Jack Ass

I am not sure that I can really say that on a blog, but since I didn't give you his name I think it will be ok......

I finally decided it was time to see someone when I had a hard time walking this morning. I make the appointment and all day I try to stay focused on the goal....

I go to the Dr. and of course wait to see him for no results. I get an x-ray and then wait some more. Of course he spends 2 minutes with me to tell me he thinks nothing is wrong with my foot. It is bruised he thinks. "Listen to my body"... I can bike and do the elliptical.. I knew all of that... but what I don't know is why it kills me to walk on it. That is what I paid you for. I did not take time off from work, hobble into your office for you to tell me what I already know. So should I send you a bill? Yes I am mad. Actually mad as hell.

I have made an appointment with Dr. Bert for Tuesday morning. I know he knows what he is doing! I should of known better! I always try to give this guy the benefit of the doubt..... failed me once again. Thank God he has the best PA in town!

I will not be there on Sunday. I am going to "listen to my body"!

Thanks again everyone for you support and well wishes.

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Dena said...

I'm frustrated for you Amy. At least the x-ray didn't show anything horrible. We'll miss you Sunday. Enjoy the time at home and sleep in for a change. =)