Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hurry up and wait

That is what I am doing today. Waiting on the MRI results. I went to have an MRI at 7:15 a.m. Finally they took me back then when I was finished they said your Dr. will have the results tomorrow. I then quickly say "Oh no, not good. I have an appointment at 11 and I think we are expecting the results by then". Well you know how far that got me. Back of the line! Dr. Bert says he will call me as soon as the results are posted. I am guessing that will be tomorrow. What do you all think?

One funny thing did happen. I understood him to say I could ride the bike. Well here I was all excited. I had already made plans to meet a friend and ride this weekend. So I say to Dr. Bert today, at least I can ride my bike. He looks at me funny and says yeah with that boot on. I go how do I ride my bike with this boot, he then tell me, "I didn't mean your bike", I meant a stationary bike. He then said "I see I am going to have to be very specific with you"! Yes you are Dr. Bert! I don't follow rules very well. Just ask anyone who knows me.

So hopefully later today or in the morning we will know something definite! Until then, I am working on adjusting my attitude to this whole new concept of "no running"! Not coming along as good as I would like. But I will continue to try hard to work on it.


Happyrunningbunny said...

Well you better follow these rules Missy! I want you to get better ASAP so no rule breaking or I will have to come spank you, LOL. LOVE YOU and I'm here for whenever you need to vent.

Lewie Lewie said...

Dear runrgrl2007:
So sorry to hear about your moratorium on running. As I sit here with ice on a bum Achilles tendon, I suffer with the angst you feel. Don't rush it and do substitute work (core, etc.) and I hope we both are back on the trail soon!
Lewie Lewie