Friday, October 10, 2008

It feels good to run!

Since this "injury" most of you know I have either been not running or taking it easy. Last night was a hill workout, which just means we find a steep hill and run up and down it. I was afraid when I got there. Was it going to hurt me further or just what it would do. My foot did not hurt all day so that is why I was concerned. I thought oh no, is this going to be too much on my leg or what. We were to do as many as we could between 4 and 6. I took the easy out and only did 4 to not push it. Of course we warmed up and had a cool down. I walked my cool down just to not aggravate anything. Overall, I would say it was a good workout. I am feeling it today in my glutes! You would think my butt would be rock solid, NOT!

I did my 4 hill repeats with no trouble except I thought my lungs would explode. I think it is hilarious that I have run and exercised this much and within no time I feel like I just started. Oh well it will come back. I am focused on making this happen. This week I really watched my food intake (except for last night) and am going to over the next few weeks bust it out with cardio and running. Praying all along my foot is heeling.

Tomorrow me, John, Pam, John, and Chris are riding in Tour De Pig in Lexington. I am opting for the 30 mile course with Pam. I am sure the men will be men and pick the 60 miles. Have fun with that..... I need to be able to run on Sunday! Salem Lake here we come! I love running there. I am going to do one lap (7 miles) and see how I feel, if I am feeling good, yes I am going to push for a second lap, at the end of that I will see if I can run 4 more miles to get my 18 in for the week...... I need that 18 really bad. Marathon countdown is underway and I want to be ready.

So to all my praying friends keep me on your list!


Happyrunningbunny said...

I'm glad you were able to run last night! I've missed running with you. I'll at least run the first 7 miles with you on Sunday.

Dena said...

My lungs were ready to explode last night, too. I think the humidity was worse than we realized.

Kay said...

Does this mean I have to give you back to Tamera....It was fun having a buddy again even if it was for only a short time. I'll be back next year so just you wait!

Jessica and Kevin said...

Glad you are healing. Does this mean the dog is off your shitlist? haha! 4 weeks to the big marathon. I'm so proud of you!