Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People can be down right rude!

I am learning that we live in a society of people who just don't care about their fellow neighbor. I guess this is something I knew but didn't pay much attention to until the recent weeks of having nothing else to do but people watch. I love to people watch by the way.

This past weekend someone stole the water cooler and Gatorade from my running groups stop. That person obviously needed it worse than the runners. Well Mr/Mrs/Miss LOW LIFE, no you didn't. Get off your dead a** and run 20 miles and see how badly you would of needed that water. How stupid of someone to take it in the first place. Was it yours, did you put it out? No it wasn't. Therefore it was not yours to take. This is the second time this has happened to our group. The time before when it was taken it was during very hot and humid weather when our folks really needed it! I just don't understand what people are thinking when they do something so stupid.

Since I can't run, this past weekend I rode my bike in a ride to help feed the homeless in High Point with John and Christine (from my running group). John took off with the cue sheet and me being a smarty thought I knew the way. Well I didn't and Christine and I got lost. Not so lost that we couldn't find our way back but we were not on the same path of the group. It didn't matter we still had a great time together. I think we found those relatively flat roads. On our way back we had the rudest driver you can imagine start yelling at us about getting off the road. Well it was alot worse than what I can write but those who know me, know I did not let him off easily. But to say the least I just have not ever experienced people like this on the road before. I really think if he could of run me over he would of.

Here is my note to the people sitting on their couches being lazy, stealing from others or trying to run them off the road, don't be haters because your fat and out of shape. Do something about it. Get up and go for a walk, run or bike ride, enjoy the outdoors. Maybe it will lighten your spirits and you won't feel the need to steal water from runners or run cyclist off the road. The same road you should by law be sharing!

I guess I should come out from under my rock and join the real world then I would not be so surprised that people do these things!


Kay said...

Ya know, what's wrong with people..Do we just not teach our youth to be nice????? I wonder if the creeps that stole the water are the same ones that put mud in it that night I picked it up.Here's to the nice people of the world.

Jessica and Kevin said...

Maybe you should be the protector of the water cooler for the group during their long runs? :)

WendyBird said...

Wow, in my area we wouldn't even consider leaving the water unattended, there is no way it would be there when we got to it! Much as it stinks that they stole your water, enjoy that you live somewhere that it isn't always a given that people will take anything that isn't bolted down.

Dena Harris said...

Personal responsibility. What we put out in our actions and thoughts come back to us. Wish more people understood this.