Friday, January 2, 2009

Better late than never

Our computer at home is acting weird so I couldn't write my New Years Resolution in time......

I did alot of thinking and praying into what I wanted to see change in my life this coming year. 2008 was an interesting year and ended greatly! Lots of changes were made and lots of prayer answered. So this year I am giving it another try.

Unlike the normal resolutions, loose weight, stay more active, I have set goals that should effect my life more meaningful. Or at least I hope they do... so going in order of least importance here are my top 5.....

5. Be not so easy to judge others and situations (I hate to admit this but I am a very judgemental person. I don't mean to be and I have no reason to be this way. My life is full of things that could be judged by someone else, as I am sure it is, but I don't want to be that person. At least not on a daily basis. So I am giving this one a go!) Wish me luck.....

4. Watch my language (yes yes I can have potty mouth very badly, especially if I am mad! Which can be often due to the fact I am the mother of a 17 & 13 year old! Need I say anything else. But it is ignorant to use that kind of language and I am going to clean my act up) I want to be a good example to my children and I think this will be a good start.

3. Enjoy things more (I want to enjoy this life more. I don't want things to pass me by without stopping to smell the roses! I am always so hurry hurry busy busy that I don't seem to enjoy my life or certain areas of it enough)

2. Anger (If you don't know me very well than you would have no idea that I can be very quick to anger! Oh yeah it gets ugly sometimes. I am quick to snap! I always joke, at my house we don't have nic naks because if you make me mad enough you are liable to get hit with them when I throw them at you or in your direction. So sad but so true. I honestly can thank my father for this one. He was very sharp with the tongue and angry when I was small (life reasons I am sure). Thank God he aged out of it so therefore there is hope for me, but I don't want to be remembered that way by my children or my friends.)

1. Pray more (I need to be more diligent in my prayer life. Simple Obedience as our Pastor says. I seem to always remember to pray when I am in need of something, I want to pray when I don't and for others more. I want my friends to know that if they need a prayer lifted, they can call on me because I am faithful in that area of my life and I think if my children see me praying they may be more inclined to remember their own prayer lives. My actions will speak way louder than my words ever will.)

So with those 5 changes in my life, I think the rest will certainly fall into place. Will they make me a 7 min. miler! Heck no! Not that we ever have to worry about that happening, not in my DNA, but I think I have the exercise thing down pretty good. I have set those goals separately. I am making this year about "ME" changes. We will see how they go.

I have at least one friend (Christine) who is going to help keep #4 in check. I have to buy her a cup of coffee for every time she hears me say a certain word. She did say she would go easy on me and it didn't have to be Starbucks! Thank God for that. I might be broke soon......So friends and family, if you would all help me be accountable I would greatly appreciate it!

God Bless you and your families. May you keep your resolutions and may I keep mine. If I keep mine, I will be a much better person, friend, sister, daughter, wife and most importantly MOTHER! I hope that 2009 proves to be an outstanding year for each of you!


Kay said...

OK I'm on board with # 4 too. You buy Chrisine a cup of coffee and I'll pay you half the price of a cup everytime I say something so Christine will be saving two souls.
My number one is to realize each day how truly blessed I am. I think I lost that somewhere along the way. Visiting my mom at Christmas and talking to the rest of the family proved to me how blessed I 81 yr old mom that's in good health, a family that talks and really enjoys being around each other, my health, awesome friends and running buddies, and a kitty that loves me.....what more could I ask for?

Happyrunningbunny said...

Well if anyone wants to buy me anything for keeping them inline then that is okay with me!

I think you need to add, spend more time with my friend Tamara as one of your resolutions. I know you will accomplish all of your goals for the year because you are dedicated and a very hard worker.

Dena said...

Inspiring goals, Amy. I'm confident you'll accomplish progress in all of them. (And hey--that prayer just might make you a 7 minute miler--who knows???)

I could join you on just about all of these. You've got me thinking about them, which is a start, so thank you. And Happy New Year!