Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come back only if needed!

I know I said I wouldn't write about my foot anymore but I had to today. I had my follow up with Dr. Bednarz at Greensboro Orthopedics this morning. He RELEASED me to run! Those were joyous words to hear.

Three weeks of physical therapy, lots of cream, anti-inflammatories and new orthotics and I am like new. OK well maybe not new but I am ready. I do have to have an adjustment made to my orthotics but other than that, I should be good to go.

He did put stipulations on what he wanted me to focus on first. I could train for a half marathon this spring and if all went well a full for the fall. He warned me of over training with the triathlons and marathon on my list of things to do this year. Listen to my body and slow down, rest, stop and come back if needed. He also warned that I would suffer foot pain for the rest of my life due to high arches but if I do the stretching and all that I have learned I should be fine. Just to know it will not 100% go away. OH and remember to get the right kind of shoes! VERY IMPORTANT.

Running group, see you on Saturday. Finally I don't have to worry when I run, what will my Dr. think!


Kay said...

See you Sat but lets not overdo it my dear. We have lots of time....just glad you are back. I've missed you

robison52 said...

"He RELEASED me to run!" Sounds like you were released from prison, and in a way it is, a runner not being able to run is incarceration! You now have your freedom, be a good girl and don't violate the doctor's parole hearing.

Dena said...

Yay! Chicago marathon here you come?

John Kavanagh said...

Great news!