Thursday, January 15, 2009

Transition Time

As you all know, a Triathlon is swim, bike and run. Switching from one sport to the other is called transition. DUHH... I know you all knew that. Well for us newbies seeing what that looked like was important. Suzanne (you know the awesome coach I told you about earlier had a video for us to watch the other night. Of course in this video they have the ELITE atheletes showing us how to do it and giving us tips on making transition times less. Could someone just be at my spot with all my stuff ready to go for me. That is the only way I am gonna save any time.

After watching this video all I can say is I see a broken leg or ankle in my future very soon. Heck maybe even a broken neck. Dr. Bednarz and I are going to be on a first name basis, Blue Cross and Blue Shield will probably cancel our insurance and I will be in a wheelchair. OMG! They got out of the water, ran to their bikes got on their bikes with the shoes already clipped in and they jumped off their bikes with no shoes and ran on pavement. Ouch.... your feet people! What the hell! I am a huge baby and my feet hurt bad enough. I need the skin on the bottom of them. I think??????

Suzanne says she will hold a clinic before White Lake to give us some practice. Oh yeah I am going to need some serious practice. On that day please someone have EMS on standby! If I weren't already scared enough, now I am like ok REFUND! Is there such a thing..... Set-up events, can you please consider refunds to the mentally challenged because somewhere in the process I lost my ability to make cognative decisions. I am sure my doctor will confirm all of this!

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robison52 said...

I'm simply amazed at the discipline of triathloners, I can barely find the time and energy to run, not alone to train with biking and swimming! Yup, running on bare feet during the transition would have me think twice...I wonder if I could swim with shoes on???