Monday, January 5, 2009

I need an update

Not that anyone in blog world is looking for an update, but I know for myself I need one. Yes I am loser and I go back and read these all the time to remember what is happening and if I actually made any progress!

Yes I have made progress. Swimming is coming right along. I am most proud of Pam though. I hope it clicks with me the way it has her. But who would of thought 5 weeks ago I would actually be swimming. NO ONE I AM SURE! This morning we did a brick (cycle/run). Crazy hard on my legs. But when it was over I felt so darn good. I felt energized and ready to go. Nothing extreme, we biked for 40 minutes then we ran for 15 minutes. That is what the schedule called for.

John has his first indoor tri this weekend. I was worried earlier in the week when he fell off of some steps, but after yesterday and seeing him swim then this morning, nope not worried at all. He is going to do great. So Sunday at 10 a.m. if you don't have anything to do come on out to the Ragsdale YMCA and cheer him on!

Well this week I am working on improving my diet. I need to really loose some weight and more importantly body fat! This should be an interesting week. I love food and actually am grouchy when I am hungry! So watch out, you have been warned.

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