Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When we feel the struggles of everyday life

When you think you are struggling with everyday life, just know that someone else has a bigger and deeper struggle out there I am sure.

In the last week while dealing with my own struggles, I have seen two other families experience tragedy that doesn't even come close to what I go through. One family lost their family member and the other came close.

I would ask that you click on the link to a blog I follow and learn a little more about Nicholas. Lisa Richardson, Nicholas' mother is a very dear friend from church. I have sat here this morning crying over how bad I feel for complaining about the struggles I have with my daughter. Nothing compared to what Lisa goes through and I am telling you I have never seen a more shining example of God's love and faithfulness in someone. Lisa is everything I wish I were and more.

Life is precious! Don't take one minute for granted.

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The Richardsons said...

Amy...I love you! You are so kind. I am overwhelmed by your comments and so undeserving. Thank you for caring and praying. As always you are in our prayers as well!! (And you are still my hero!!!!!)