Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing really new to report

With nothing exciting to report I just thought I would drop you all a line saying HELLO!

Training is still underway for my first indoor triathlon. Swimming is coming along. Not as fast as I would of hoped but hey I can make it down and back without drowning in the middle somewhere. Of course I am thoroughly disgusted with this but I am going to turn that frown upside down (that was for you Suzanne) and think of it this way, 8 weeks ago, I would of never ever thought I would swim at all. Biking, not a problem... Building strength to get ready to ride with the big boys come spring. Running.... well I love it and am happy I get to continue. I met my group on Saturday and ran 6 miles. It felt great to be running without restrictions. Not that I have done a good job of listening anyway. Time to get some miles in if I am going to run a half marathon in May. That part I am listening to the Dr. on.

Same old stuff I guess..... Happy Tuesday!


Carrie said...

Are you running the NC Marathon (Half) in High Point in May? That's the one I'm going to run. Hopefully my hips and lower back will hang in there!

Evolve Multisport said...

Hey Girl. Glad that you are enjoying triathlon...its more than just a sport or an accomplishment. Its a lifestyle. And a platform. Glad you are enjoying "being present" while running!