Monday, January 12, 2009

Up Dog, Down Dog TIRED DOG

Yesterday was the end to a long and tiring weekend. I need this week to recover. Not happening. Training has kicked into full gear and mental focus is also in full gear.

Saturday morning started out with a short 5 mile run with my group. I chose 5 because my foot had been hurting really bad all week. Weather was great! I so much prefer cold weather running to hot. I know you all won't believe this but I have decided to follow Dr.'s order and only focus on a half marathon for the spring and then a full for the fall. We will see how that works out for me. I have several events lined up for the year but that is another blog topic of course.

Sunday started out early due to our indoor Triathlon series starting. I did not particpate in this one as I am not swimming that well yet. I volunteered instead. Wanted to get an idea of how it worked and what it looked like. Boy was that interesting. John being adventerous particpated though. He did well. I am extremely proud of him. Of course I gave my speach on race yourself. The first time gives you something to work toward and all that..... Did he listen, probably not but I felt better hearing myself give it. So now I know what to expect and what how it flows. That to me is a huge help since I am totally a visual kind of person. After that was over, it was time for a quick lunch then off to the next thing. YOGA FOR ATHELETES at the Y. OK I go on and on about my feet and after being on them for hours they were killing me. I mean pain! I didn't have anything to take either, so I just suffered. We go to Yoga and Suzanne Duncan (our Tri Coach) put my body into all kinds of positions. I thought to myself oh no, I am gonna be so sore afterwards how am I ever gonna swim. Yoga went fine and I honestly want to do more. Because after swimming for an hour and that class besides being dead tired, my body didn't hurt at all. Normally when I get home at night I am taking pills and rubbing anti-inflamatory cream on feet and last night, NOTHING! My feet did not hurt. When the alarm went off this morning I hesitated before putting my feet down because I just knew it was gonna be hard. NOTHING! It was fine. Just like before I started running and got hurt.

Athelets, if you have never done a class like this you should look into it. Check out Suzanne's website. I understand there is a section of upcoming events so I hope she has more YOGA classes. Website is or email her at She is an excellent instructor and coach. Very motivational.

Today no pain at all......So far so good! Only thing I am today is one Tired Dog (wonder if that can be a new pose)!


Happyrunningbunny said...

I'm thinking of doing a Pilates class this week...hopefully that will ease some of my pain. Glad to hear your foot is feeling better!

Dena said...

LOVE yoga. I go to at least 2 classes a week but would like to up that - I can tell, like you, that it makes a huge difference.