Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The little kids even laugh at me!

I have been struggling with swimming and yes I am not too proud to admit I am having trouble. I want to be good at it but hey I am human and am not gonna be good at all things. With that said, I seek out some one on one help. Our instructor Jessie Dull is a swim instructor at the Y so I asked her to help me. YEAH Jessie! I like working with her because she is very encouraging and I need all the encouragement I can get right now. Jessie competed this past Sunday in the first indoor triathlon and came in 3rd in the women's group. Maybe she can train me in the rest of it as well.

We met last night and of course I was a nervous Nelly! Why I don't know but I was. We start out with some simple stuff. Breathing! That should just come natural right? Well for all of you in blogworld it might but for me, the crazy curly headed blond just isn't happening so naturally. To quote Jessie "you have great kicks and the strokes are good until you go to breath then you drop your arm" or "your kicks are great until you panic then your feet kick really fast". Ok alot of panic happens!

Remember the post where I said don't just stop by my house because I might have my head in a pot of water practicing to breath. Well guess what? Really don't come by unless you would like to witness this happening. Jessie is sending me some instructions on how to get comfortable with breathing and water near my mouth. Oh this should be interesting and hilariously funny!

So we are in the middle of our lesson and the little kids come for their lessons. Can you say 5 year old kids looked better in the water than I did. I swear they were laughing at me. Not to mention their moms sitting on the side staring at me. I am sure they were wondering just what in the heck I was doing. Jessie says not to worry, she is sure those ladies can't swim at all so for me to be glad I am trying. See isn't she good!

I have swim clinic tonight and then work with her again on Friday night. Wish me luck.... I need it!

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Dena said...

Ignore the laughter and give those 5 year-olds a good shove when no one is looking. =) I am PROUD of you for taking swim lessons. I am a horrible swimmer and am apparently content to just leave it at that. You're actually DOING something about it. Can't wait to cheer you on at your first tri!