Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My body is screaming stop it!

My body is screaming STOP IT! Well maybe not that loudly but boy this week I am feeling it!

Over the weekend I took it somewhat easy. Saturday when I normally run, I didn't. Call me lazy but it was way cold and I just needed a day off. Sunday was swim clinic. That went great. I am slowwwwwwwwwwly getting better. Not where I need to be but progress is progress. Monday being a holiday and having the day off from work, I made big plans for training. I was going to do spin class and power yoga with my coach Suzanne Duncan ( OK well NEVER again will I make plans to do those type of activities with her again... EVER! Maybe never ever is strong but not for a while! I didn't make it to spin class but I did go to power yoga. Yes I loved yoga so much I thought I would give this power thing a try. I think I will stick with just plain yoga. It went very fast and very longgggg.... Today my upper body feels like I got in a fight and someone beat me up with a steel pipe. Literally it hurts that bad. I wanted to stay in bed today so badly. I don't think my boss would appreciate me calling in because I am fat and out of shape! I think the words suck it up have been used before and not just by him.

I am not quitting! I can do this... I am just going to close my eyes take in deep breaths through my nose of course and remind myself I am an athlete and the pain will all be worth it once I cross the finish line!

But until then I am going to complain, cry oh and eat Aleve like it was candy! I probably should make a stock purchase today.I can see the value in Aleve going up.


Jessica and Kevin said...

You sure are whiny. I thought one of your new year's resolutions was to whine less?

robison52 said...

Does sound like you're over-training with all those activities and life stresses, being cranky is also a sign of being over-trained. Listen to your body, if it's tired and sore and wants to rest, then give the body what it needs. We all know you're not fat and unfit!!!