Monday, July 28, 2008

We Rocked It!

Yes I know it is Monday morning and I should of posted this yesterday when it was all fresh in my mind. But I spent all day on the lake (forgot my sunscreen) and was too tired when I got home. So to recap my Sunday Long Run.

We started at 7 a.m., I thought when I woke up late that it might be an indication of how bad the day was going to be, but not! I got my coffee and headed to our meeting spot, Battleground Park. We started out for our 7.7 miles and I was thinking to myself how hard this course was going to be since there are so many hills. Surprise, Surprise. Surprise at the end I felt great. Soaking wet due to it being so muggy but hey maybe that meant I lost a pound or two.I made up for it at lunch with a cheeseburger and french fries. I was in a hurry to leave to get to the lake, so yippy I missed core work. No Tamara, I am not doing extra on Tuesday as you have suggested! I worked 38 years to have a core like this one, why would I want to ruin it now? OK,OK so the exciting part is I got home yesterday, hooked my Scotty watch up and downloaded the results. Last Sunday my average pace was 10:58, this Sunday my average pace was 10:38. OK I felt like I had won an Oscar! Yes to those of you who run fast that is sad, but to me who runs slowwwwww, for an almost 8 mile run that is not an easy course, Tamara, Kay and I are Oscar winners.

I am truly dedicated to this training, even so I plan everything around it.I am leaving late for my vacation next week to get my long run in on Sunday! I have great, great, great training partners and that has made the biggest difference. I miss my partners from last year, but they will hopefully be back next year! Jess if I take the cat, you have to promise to be back next year.

Great run group and I know I haven't said this, but you guys are the best. Thanks for all the laughs, advise and friendship! Someone very wise has taught me or he is trying to teach me (BRYCE MAYBERRY) that life is about experiences we share with people,what we learn and take from it! Thank you all for the experiences we take with us each week! I APPRECIATE YOU!


Jill said...

Amy, This blog is AWESOME! I am so proud of you. I miss our runs together. I am running here in Richmond, but it's not the same. I can't wait to read your next post.

Jessica and Kevin said...

What do you mean IF you take the cat :)

Happyrunningbunny said...

Yes we did rock it!!! I was tired afterward though, went home and made a tomato sandwich and then passed out on the couch.

I can't wait for hills on Tuesday! Yeah!! We are going to rock those too.