Friday, July 25, 2008

Clips it is

Purchased: Bike (yes it is girl specific), helmet, riding shorts (aka diaper shorts), shoes, pedals and it is all at home, safe and sound in the garage.

Fellow bloggers and readers, clips won! 3 people in the store said, definitely start with clips, one shook his head no and then of course Keith chimed in with his vote for clips. So clips it is. OK the guy at the store Brett, very helpful and knowledgeable individual, set them on the lowest tension possible for easy kick out I think it is called. I have to learn a new language to go along with my new sport. Then said to go to a very grassy area and practice. I made Keith and Christine promise to visit me in the hospital. He will pass out room number when it is known.

So bike is purchased and I think tomorrow I will head over to Country Park and take a spin. I just got off it from riding around my neighborhood. Fun, Fun, but guess what, I learned that my legs are not as strong as I thought they were. What the hell have I been doing for a year now? I thought for sure I would have no problems! Oh well was I wrong and then when Brett told me I was riding wrong to keep my feet level in the pedal not my toes down, OMG!

I have to learn to ride a bike all over again! This should be fun. I might have to start a blog just for cycling.

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Dena said...

Very non-girly looking. In fact, total badass look. Congrats!