Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cross Training Day or 4 mile Run?

Which one shall I do? As I have mentioned before, I do boot camp on Monday and Wednesday. I will be honest, I have missed the last two Mondays. Well we added Friday to it now (to make up for Monday). We discussed this yesterday after that kick ass hill workout and Marisa says that today should be an aerobic workout not anaerobic. OK I am little slow and am just learning the difference, which confuses me (doesn't take much, blond to the root). I have read a couple of articles and talked to people and still don't know that I fully understand the whole concept. So, I went to boot camp anyway. OK my heart rate monitor said 178-180 almost the entire time! I don't listen very well as we have all figured out! It is a great workout even though probably alot more than I should of been doing. Didn't someone say no pain no gain? Well my ass should be rock hard with as sore as it is right now.

Going to take the bike for a little spin tonight as well.... I can't wait for that! My new toy and I am loving it!

Happy Hump Day! See you all tomorrow night.


Jessica and Kevin said...

Hey, You need to figure out your target heart rate and stay within that to lose weight. I have a girlfriend that was always working above her target heart rate and couldn't lose weight (go figure). And once she started doing less (aka staying in her heart rate) she dropped weight like it was butter melting off of her! Seriously!

Happyrunningbunny said...

I'm going to do cross training today. And yes, I agree we are too much alike! I really need to clean my apartment so my cross training might consist of housework and a yoga video. If I put on music and dance while I clean then that should count, right? LOL